36 Corvette Barn Finds To Be Given Away!!!

Way back in 2014, we featured this massive stash of Corvettes that had been discovered in a Manhattan parking garage, you can read our original article here! It was a heck of a story that involved VH1, a nationwide… more»

A Gaggle Of Gravelys And What Else?

If you aren’t familiar with the Gravely two-wheeled tractor, where have you been for the past 80 plus years? Starting in 1936 with the Model L, these two-wheeled all-purpose farm machines have been a mainstay of small and hobby… more»

Limovette? Corvesine? 1994 Corvette Limo

So you always wanted a Corvette, but couldn’t justify having a car that could only seat two people? Here’s the answer! Listed for sale here on craigslist and located in Mesa, Arizona, this longest C4 Corvette ever (okay, prove me wrong,… more»

Dual Quad Carport Find: 1961 Corvette

After sitting in a carport for the past 39 years, it’s amazing this Corvette isn’t in worse condition. It’s clearly been modified by a previous owner, it features custom ’70s style paint and rims, but the current seller states… more»

Barn Finds