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36,000 Mile Original: 1982 Audi Coupé GT


This all original 1982 Audi Coupé GT is listed here on eBay and is located in Cologne, Minnesota. The current bid price is $4,000 but the reserve isn’t met. There are five days left on the auction; I’m guessing at least $6,000 on this nice car.


According to the seller, who is only the second owner, this car was owned by a Wisconsin woman who never used it in the winter, and the photos show the great condition that this GT is in. My 2002 Audi TT ALMS coupe has never been driven in the winter so I can see what the original owner’s mindset was. I can see a little possible road rash by the rear wheel in one photo, but it looks solid. The wheels look perfect.


There’s the money shot on these cars. Or, I think it is, of course you already know that I like unusual cars. This may look like a hatchback, but this car has a trunk/boot, and it’s as clean as the rest of the car is. The Coupé GT was made between 1980 and 1988 and they were sort of similar, somewhat, to the famous Audi Quattro, but the Coupé was front-wheel-drive and this is a non-turbo car. The Quattro is a halo car for a lot of collectors and the prices reflect that. I found this car on a failed Craigslist link for $7,000 or best offer, so I’m guessing that the seller’s reserve is around that price.


What a great interior! And, not just the superior condition, but that classic, German plaid upholstery. As you would expect by now, everything here is perfect. Or, almost perfect – the seller says that the FM radio button doesn’t stay depressed (probably because of the quality of current FM radio choices) (sorry), so only the AM radio currently works. And, the fan motor doesn’t work. They mention that it could be a fuse or it could be the fan motor. We all know that it being a fuse is too easy and I literally can’t believe that a $2 fuse wasn’t tried before listing the car. You never, ever want something as cheap as a fuse to put a black mark on your sales ad by listing it as having an inoperable fan motor. I would just plan on a new fan motor.


This car runs and drives great, according to the seller, and it sure looks great under the hood! Although, some of you may be wondering where the engine is under that mass of wires and hoses. This is Audi’s 1.9L inline-five cylinder with around 115 hp. This is about a 2,500 pound car which is fairly light and it will no doubt be a super fun car to drive. Although, the 0-60 time is about the same as my Prius is, sooooo.. But, there is no question which car I’d rather drive 40,000 miles a year – if I could trust it, this Audi Coupé GT!

I know that this car, or Audis in general, may not fit in too well with what a lot of the Barn Finds fans are interested in, but it’s an all-original, low-mileage interesting car that’s 34-years old and is no doubt a future collectible. And, as they say, always buy the best example that you can find, and I bet that you will be hard pressed to finder a nicer example of an Audi Coupé GT. Are any of you fans of these European GT cars? What do you think this one will sell for?


  1. Todd Zuercher

    I like it! A real nice example so hard to find today.

  2. carguy

    I had a 1986 4000s and honestly it ran for ever I had achieved over 500,000 kms on it, and it still ran great. Traded it in and I still see it around town.
    I am now on my 4th audi and honestly I love these cars, as long as you spend the money to maintain them, I can get 500,000 k no problem. ( that is 310,000 + miles for our American cousins). I love this styling, always liked the German build quality, solid driving feel.

  3. Rando

    “…Could be a fuse or the fan motor…” Or a whole multitude of other things electrical in an Audi. Beautiful car. But I would be afraid of it. Electrical is like Lucas, IMO. Apparently the engineers had some wonderful ideas, but had to cram it all into about HALF of what they needed electrically. I had a 79 Fox and it was awful electrically. Would stop running for no reason while driving. Fuel pump wiring. THe AC would blow thru the dash vents and heat on your feet. Have no idea. Blew the trans out on the day I made the FIRST payment. Brake issues eventually too. It was a fun car for maybe 7 days out of 30. the rest of the time it was a matter of figuring out what was wrong now. .

    I bought mine used the next day after it was traded – it was 6 years old, so the PO maintenance may have been the problem and the trans may have been the reason for the trade in. The dealer may have slipped it some trans medic and moved it on. IDK. But the electrical? How does one keep that maintained?

    That experience has scarred me for life from Audis and VWs. Still, it’s a beautiful car.

  4. james hall

    I much prefer the look of the early style headlights on this one compared to the later larger unit.
    I have a soft spot for the coupes and have owned a few Im currently trying to buy another but its one of they ” im going to restore it ” owners.

    My daily is an old 1996 A4 Avant 1.9tdi quattro which is just shy of 200k which is nothing for them.

    Like 1
  5. Alan (Michigan)

    The “fan”???
    Which one? The blower for the heat/AC? (not critical)
    Or, the one which moves air through the radiator? (very critical)

    Yea, if the seller really wants top dollar for the car, whichever one is defective should be repaired or replaced immediately. Never apologize for anything if you truly want the last buck. DIY guys will always look for a bargain, and not buy unless they see savings via their own sweat and knowledge.

  6. Ed Kress

    This is a classic German car. Solid build, classic styling. If my garage was not already full, I would be bidding.

  7. Ron

    Hmmm, wonder if they fixed the A/C since there is no mention in the eBay listing.

  8. Dennis

    That Coupe is very nice.

    I wouldn’t mind owning your 96 A4 Quattro TDI!!

  9. Tom Driscoll

    Fun cars, quirky, I keep waiting for an Audi fox to showup somewhere…?

  10. Marc D

    Wow, nice car, my first coupe was a 81, 60k original miles, my car and this one do share one problem that was resolved in 83, bad fuse box design, it did not like high amperage accessories, like the fuel pump, cooling fan…. this car for sale is rarer then most coupes, it has no sunroof, that means more headroom. BTW, the motor is a 2.1 liter rated at 100hp, the 1.9 was Europe only and it wasn’t fuel injected, the motor in the later build 84 Coupe GT has 110hp and its a 2.2, yes, besides having the 81 coupe, I had a 84 and currently a 85 coupe gt (will be up for sale soon) as well as a 85 4000s quattro.

    • Scotty Staff

      Thanks for the great info, Marc D!

  11. Steven C

    Finally a Coupe GT on here. This is the best looking early one I have seen in forever, love these cars. I daily drive a 1987.5 special build(2.3L, more hp, 4 wheel discs, digi dash from quattro), the last ones they made. It is bulletproof reliable and an absolute blast to drive. The sound of an Audi 5cyl will keep you from turning on the stereo. It has been my dream car since childhood, sadly might have to sell it soon though :(

  12. Right

    I woud chose to keep the Audi in the barn and chose the Alfa Romeo GTV6! The GTV6 is a better to drive car, great drive line and has the Busso V6. A car with charisma! The Audi is like a fridge.

    • Steven C

      If you think a Coupe GT is like a fridge you have never driven one and/or you have some kind of really awesome fridge that does cool stuff I am not used to them doing.

  13. Mepo

    Wow. I used to love these, but they just look so dated. Step dad had a black 85 that i drove and IMO wasn’t fast, wasn’t quick handled OK.

    Nice to see one again, not to many around where I come from.

  14. RickyM

    Nice Audi – but I prefer the European bumpers and lights!

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