37 Original Miles: 2002 Chevy Camaro SS 35th Anniversary

When the 2002 Chevy Camaro SS 35th-Anniversary coupe was introduced, there were some lingering questions about what the muscle car landscape would come to be. Would it disappear entirely? Would it be replaced by Honda Insights with extra battery chargers? Thankfully, neither of those theories bore any fruit but that didn’t stop Chevrolet from loading up this Camaro swan song with the good stuff. This one has just 37 original miles and you’ll find it here on Autotrader.com.

Of course, General Motors can’t resist the urge to create a special edition of anything, so it had to have gaudy racing stripes and badges all over the interior. But the cat-back exhaust looked good and the larger wheels were a clean design. Under the hood was what you were paying for, as the Corvette-based LS1 V8 was nestled underneath the ram-air induction hood, packing an impressive 325 b.h.p.

Buyers had the choice between an automatic or six-speed manual; thankfully, the original owner chose the latter. Not that he or she drove it much, with under 40 miles on the clock. Where it gets more interesting is that the listing says the Camaro has “All the SLP Adds” which is likely shorthand for all of the optional add-ons the factory-warranted SLP package offered. This would make the SS even more intriguing, as total output would rise to 345 b.h.p.

SLPs received a high-flow induction system paired to the cat-back exhaust for an additional twenty horsepower, and if all the boxes truly are checked, it should also have a Bilstein sport suspension. The seller references a Hurst shifter as well, so while the options list is a bit hazy as to what’s actually under the hood, there’s little doubt that this Camaro is equipped exactly as many enthusiasts would want it to be – there’s just one problem: with such low mileage, will it ever actually be driven?

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  1. Andre

    Had an 01 (non anniversary, obviously)… equipped the same with all the SLP add-ons and a 6-speed. That was a car that needed to be treated with some respect.. it would quickly bite you in the you-know-what.

    Very raw by modern standards, sort of refreshing in a sea of electronic nanny’s and gizmos.

  2. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I had a ’99 Z/28, loaded with every option, red, 6 Speed. Bought it off the showroom floor for a song because the ’00’s were already arriving.

    My wife and I miss that car, we had to sell it when our first child arrived. So, I’ll look on EBay once in awhile (thinking of a convertible), and there are a ton of these ’02 SS’s with next to no miles, all of them ridiculously overpriced.

    I guess everyone thought that they would become collector’s items since the Camaro name was going away. If I bought one, it would be to drive and enjoy, so I would have to eat some value. But, they certainly aren’t ever going to be collector’s items, and I can’t see paying more for one of these than a brand new one would cost.

    • Andre

      I’m in the same boat I keep an eye out for a 98-02. but with the price of clean/loaded/6-spd examples rivalling the cost of a 5th gen I struggle to rationalize it.

      • foxguy

        Except 5gen’s are so ugly, so I’d just pay for the 98-02.

      • Christine Schaefer

        My son has a 98 Z28 convertible that he is looking to sell. Needs a little bit of love.

      • Josh Mortensen Josh Mortensen Staff

        Hi Christine,
        If you’d like to list your son’s Z28 so everyone see’s it, you can submit it here: https://barnfinds.com/sell/

  3. Pete


    I had to struggle with the fact that nothing is cheap anymore. Good luck on your hunt

  4. Ike Onick

    $42,000 LOL! $38,000, 2015 base Corvette (455 HP) please.

    • Superdessucke

      That’s the trouble with this form of, uh, investing. Unless it’s from a special era, technology is going to move on and the car will become dated. Corvette? Hell. A new base Mustang GT will run circles around this for much less.

  5. Tim S. Member

    Somebody took a bath on this. Should’ve driven it and had some fun. Everybody puts everything away now. In 30 years, the rare vehicles will be the ones nobody saved.

  6. CCFisher

    I’m guessing the original buyer of this car thought he/she had the ultimate version of the ultimate Camaro coupe. He/she was right, until the 2010 Camaro arrived and spoiled his dream of a big payoff.


    Personally I think the TRANS AM is a much better looking car. Never cared for black plastic grill on Camaro. just my opinion

    • Anthony James Poirier

      SLP Made a special grille that had SS on it. It transforms the look of the front. I changed mine over as I hated that plastic one that also bolted the licence plate bracket on it.

  8. Miguel Member

    The price guide I have only adds 5% to the value for the anniversary package, so I am not sure how that translates to this car.

  9. fahrvergnugen

    From the 1/4 view, it looks like a shoe.

    And NOT a shoe-in. More like SHOO, fugly beast.

  10. Mikeymike

    Got an ’89 IROCZ with a 400 hp 355 ci. They will bite u in the rearend if not careful.

  11. Steve

    Check out a 00 Berger. It’ll do way more than this one. I have #14. Every time i just hear that catback exhaust, no way i could sell it.

  12. jcs

    This guy is in an unusual position. The listing states “call to set up a test drive” but a lot of that big asking price is based on 37 original miles. Since every test drive adds miles, doesn’t every test drive also subtract $$?

  13. wuzjeepnowsaab

    40 miles? Sounds like this was more a dealership owner bringing in a car to stash away for investment than a car that was delivered and just parked in a garage.

  14. Clinton

    I’ve owned 2 of these SLP Camaro SS. This claims it has the SLP high flow lid. Neither of mine looked like this they were more smooth and had SLP printed on them.

    • Anthony James Poirier

      This is the special intake from SLP that’s an option. It’s the Blacking intake. It’s part of the dual dual exhaust or the centre mounted exhaust that gives in combination the 345 HP.

      My 2002 SS has the same set up.

    • Ron

      That does have SLP molded into the lid. Strange for sure.

  15. Vin

    I own a 2002 SLP convertible with all SLP OPTIONS but key fob and the ugly grill. My grill is Westwing. Hurst shifter, Auburn rear end, 6 spd, tan leather, 14,500 miles, Trans AM rear power antenna all wired to specs, Kenny Brown subframe connectors, BMR shock tower brace, panhard bar, subframe connectors, retractable lic plate, color white, 325 RWHP dyno, 10 spoke wheels, SLP two speed fan control, I love this bullet looking machine.

  16. DG

    I didn’t think the disco-era Trans Ams and Z28s could bring good money and was proven wrong, so I think there is hope for these LS-powered 4th gens. However that time is not now.

  17. Wrong Way

    I can’t help but say that this car is freaking ugly! Ugly is putting it mildly! It’s that body style that’s ugly! I am not a hater just giving my opinion! Just like the new Mustang it’s ugly too! This is why I have started looking at many other cars mainly imports!

  18. Camaro guy

    I beg to differ FOXGUY

    • Wrong Way

      I think that you eyes are younger than my eyes! Lol

      • Camaro guy

        If 72 iis younger than they are😁😁

  19. mikeh

    I have a 2001 SS coupe, black with the 6-speed, hurst shifter, t-tops and 10 spoke chrome SLP special wheels. I also have the same SS grill on the car pictured above also. That is a challenge in Ohio that requires a front license plate..but oh well. Bought it brand new in July 2001 on a whim after it was announced the camaro name would go away. I had my local dealer scan 3 states for one available and this was it. Mine has less than 4,000 miles as it was at first a ‘bachelor’ car when new, but after getting married my wife hates driving in it. So it is relegated to an occasional jaunt around a few times a summer. I am keeping it around for me and my 12 year old son to enjoy together. Given the color, bright wheels, scoop and now less of the 4th gen camaros around it gets a lot of looks when cruising around.

  20. Lance

    I have a 2002 35th anniversary in silver with t-tops and a v6. It has 25500 miles on it. What would you say it is worth?

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