383 Equipped! 1969 Dodge D100 Pickup

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Ford F150 and Chevrolet Action Line (’67-’72) pickup trucks have certainly come into their own and received their due from a collectibility perspective. What about the third leg of the Detroit Three, Dodge? Not so much so. But that will probably change too and today T.J. has found us a Dodge entry in the form of a 1969 D100. This example packs a punch under its hood and is said to be mostly original, so let’s give it a once-over. Residing in Delta, Colorado, this very aqua, long-bed pickup is available, here on eBay for an opening bid of $9,100.

Considered a good, dependable driver, the seller states, “The paint is original including lots of patina (including the very rare optioned textured vinyl top look white cab top!)“. What paint is there, a sort of hospital ward green, looks surprisingly strong, at least in places where it hasn’t either rubbed off or has been overtaken by rust, such as the rocker panels. There are no images of the cargo bed but there is one of the floor in the cab and rust has pretty well taken out the steel surrounding what looks like a frame attachment bolt. Beyond these items, the body is reasonably straight and is representative of a truck that has worked its entire life.

Powering this rig is an 81K mile 258 gross HP, 383 CI V8 engine that is connected to a TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The seller tells us that this is an original factory big-block truck but it does not contain the born-with motor – apparently, it’s a warranty swap that occurred in 1970. It is claimed, “This is the easiest starting big block Mopar I have ever been around in 50 years of owning them. It runs very hard with no valvetrain noise or smoke“.

We’re told by the seller, “Just had the seat reupholstered with some mild customization of colors and extra foam at a cost of $1300.”  OK, well, the reupholstering job looks well executed but…a clash of colors maybe? (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so I’m told).  The seller mentions that the speedo is on the fritz and the wipers aren’t quite up to snuff so some things will require attention.

Styling is subjective. I keep telling myself that, but preference sneaks into the personal observation. If you look at GM’s C/K series trucks from ’67 to ’72, they nailed it in the styling department – and their popularity today has to have something to do with that. As for the Ford F-series, their fifth generation, coincidentally also offered from ’67 to ’72, is right there with their GM competitors, or certainly close. This Dodge D100? It’s a bit gangly and dated looking in my estimation though the follow-on third generation, which commenced in 1972, was a big improvement. This truck’s notable selling feature is likely its engine, the largest available in ’69, according to the seller. The problem seems to be the bid floor, we’re five days in and no one has anted up the $9,100 minimum. Sounds like the seller is going to need to rethink this Dodge’s market value, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Yblocker

    First I must correct the writer, 67-72 Fords were F-100s, not F-150s.
    Now to this Dodge, let’s not go overboard with the 383 hoopla, it’s a “truckized” 383, not quite a Road Runner 383. As far as styling, Dodges were a little “different “, but Chrysler was always known for being a different, but I never minded these trucks, although I prefer the earlier years. But I think you’re pretty much at the mercy of salvage yards for parts, I’m not aware any reproductions. May not sell at this price, but who knows. And that’s my story

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  2. eyes4color62@gmail.com CooterMember

    I once saw an Armadillo wait for one of these to pass so a Chevy could run over him!

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  3. RalphP

    IMHO, after the 56-59 “Forward Look”, Chrysler lost its footing seemed to remain 1 or 2 steps behind the General and Ford and remained so until the K-Car years and the corresponding Caravan/Voyager/Town & Country sounded the death knell for the station wagon.

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  4. T.W. Day

    Probably the biggest issue with this truck is the body repair. There are no major body parts reproduced for these Dodges. From 1972 up you can find some. But with everything having to be fabricated in the body shop by hand and not many salvage parts available, I think the reserve is way too far out there. This is one of those situations where the seller is seeing other “old” trucks going for high money. As an auctioneer I’d have a hard time moving this truck across the block with that reserve.

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    • gary

      The sills/rocker panels and floor pans are available so fixing this truck is no big deal. I’ve owned Chevys and Fords and always come back to the Sweptline Dodges, their styling is different than the run of the mill trucks. My uncle had a 67 shortbed he bought new, in 70 he bought a rolled over 440/6 four speed Road Runner and put the engine/trans/Dana in it. The rides he gave me it it back in the day really made a impression on me.

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  5. Geo

    Nice one, first thing I’d do is replace that brake pedal with a full width one……..so you can easily brake with the left foot. Did that immediately with my ’79 B100.

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  6. kevin asbell

    I had a 68 and a 70 version of these trucks. Wore the road out with the 68 going to college and then work on my 70 mile per day round trip. Many great memories.
    Interesting note on these trucks: the hood will raise completely straight up in the air leaving plenty of room to pull the engine without removing the hood!

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