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390 Four-Speed GT! 1967 Ford Fairlane Project

Fans of garage sale jigsaw puzzles and classic muscle should definitely check out this red Ford. The 1967 Ford Fairlane GT in Decatur, Mississippi promises hours of entertainment and mystery for the new buyer. Simply click Buy It Now here on eBay and, $7500, and some unspecified hours later, you may be rewarded with a nearly complete classic muscle car! Though currently in pieces, the seller retains possession of the GT-specific hood, original 390 motor, four-speed manual transmission, and more.

Gather the missing puzzle pieces and let the fun begin! Surface rust abounds, but this Fairlane shows healthy metal down to the frame rails. More pictures of the underside would be handy, but we’ve seen far worse starting points. The VIN decodes to a Fairlane 500 GT with the S-code 390 cid (6.4L) four-barrel V8. In 1966 the GT obligated a 390, but for ’67 other motors could be paired with the GT package. Thanks to tpocr for some details.

Here are some of the interlocking parts that belong in the previous picture. Are they all there? Your guess is as good as mine! The 390 made a healthy 335 HP and 427 lb-ft of torque, according to HorsepowerMemories.

The correct-looking four-speed console is a plus. One item not included in the sale is the transmission shifter, but that should be easy to replace. Ford built this body style for two years, 1966-67, and a 390-equipped four-speed could turn the quarter-mile faster than the automatic-equipped GT’s 15.2 seconds, recorded with ’60s-era tires.

The bright trim bar extends through the tail lights for ’67, replacing the vertically bisected tail lights of the 1966 Fairlane. This generation ranks high on my list of wish-list cars, and I tend to picture them in the vein of Mario Andretti’s racing version.

The stacked headlights make a somewhat menacing mug, echoing the larger Galaxie’s face during the same era. For anyone with a family or friends, this Fairlane makes a nice-sized package, able to transport rear-seat passengers of a stature that precludes the Mustang, yet light enough to make the most of its horsepower. What’s your favorite Fairlane?


  1. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    Todd, that was a great line!! ‘…hours of entertainment and mystery…’ I love it!

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  2. Avatar photo Gord

    I believe Ford rated the 1967 S code in the Fairlane at 320 hp – not 335 like the 1966 version.

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  3. Avatar photo Mr.BZ

    My favorite Fairlane? My aunt Nancy’s red 66 GT. I was 6 when she got it new and I was in awe, comparing it to my mom’s steady stream of station wagons. So lucky to grow up when I did!

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  4. Avatar photo Troy s

    Favorite Fairlane? The primer red black interior ’67 428 powered street/strip car that scared me half to death back in late ’84,,,at the age of seventeen. I dont really remember now, could have been a ’66. GTA badges, 427 callouts that obviously were added later, 428 short block the rest read like a what’s what of 427 hardware.
    This car here, despite being a bit torn down, hits hard on my memories. I don’t know, the S code 390 is okay, but a larger FE would really get this moving in a hurry, just dont miss third.

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  5. Avatar photo Steve Sikora

    Is that period correct Old Spice on the fender?

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  6. Avatar photo Morley Member

    Welll this is a better deal than most of the clapped out Mopars.

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  7. Avatar photo KNJ

    $7500! WHOA! With all of the work plus money to refurbish this Fairlane, $1500 top money!

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  8. Avatar photo Johnny

    The last I looked. A fairlane in this shape was about $3,500 . I noticed when you looked in the trunk. On the right is a gap where you can see through it . The floor has rusted through the floor near the drivers seat,but alot better shape then these over priced Chrysler products. Its funny-if you have it,. Its not worth much,but when they have it its worth alot more. I have a 66 GT in alot better shape then this one and I don,t think it worth $7,500. When you can,nt start it and test driver it–I can,nt see paying that kind of money. When you can look around and find nicer cars and they run. Question ? Should I put another 390 back in it or a 429——or a 289 for the gas mileage ?

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    • Avatar photo Troy s

      Definitely not a 289, Johnny, unless its built to the hilt. 390 with different heads cam intake could be interesting, when you say 429 I’m thinking a heavier big engine 385 series, stout for sure but will absolutely suck fuel at a rapid pace, or a 428 those can really make an animal out of the Fairlane GT, then there’s the ultra expensive 427 for a tribute, another approach would be a larger Windsor like a 331, 347, or stock bore 351 maybe push it up to 366, you’ve got me thinking,,, there’s so many ways to create a wicked Ford street machine outta these…..drag car too but yes,
      These Fords must’ve vanished or been hidden away as they are overwhelmingly outnumbered, hardly see em. Out priced too.

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  9. Avatar photo PatrickM

    Wow! $7,500.00 and the power train is in pieces. Not to mention the rest of the car. $2,500.00 tops. That’s all I’m saying. Too many other cars have the same owner.

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  10. Avatar photo James Honn

    i had the 66 ford fairlane gta with the 390 with a rv 350 roller cam and 4:12 rear end. i paid $2,500 for it in “88”. This car isn’t not worth more then $1,500. the woork and time and parts to put into this car would cost half as much as i would get out of it when i;m done. maybe break even. this is a great car and i regret selling mine.

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