390 V8 Equipped: 1967 Ford Ranchero

Here is a nice example of a unique vehicle which looks ready for either the local show and shine or sunny summer driving.  A beautiful 1967 Ford Ranchero, located in Simi Valley, California and listed here on Hemmings for $14,950. The seller doesn’t provide much-written information, but the pictures represent the car well. It looks solid and may be an original California car as the current owner is only the second. The paint has a nice shine and although not indicated, it looks to have had a recent two-stage base/clear repaint. The chrome and bedside trim look excellent. The seller seems to be showing minor floor patch repair on the underside pictures, but this ute still looks solid and the work looks to be quality with a replacement patch panel butt welded.

Wedged between the shock towers is a recently rebuilt 390 4bbl. This is either the original engine 390 or original engine type as indicated by the Z-Code of the fifth digit in the VIN. The mileage is listed as 69,000 and could very well be original in which case the engine and transmission were probably refreshed than replaced. It is hard to see from the pictures if the exhaust manifolds bolt on the side, indicating original heads. Interior is a mix of original and tasteful improvements. The big safety 1967 steering wheel has been swapped out. Aftermarket gauges are placed where the radio used to be, and buckets and console are used.

The owner claims to have had it professionally restored and it certainly looks like it, all the aspects of the restoration work together. The aftermarket Cragar SS wheels may not be preferable to everybody, but I like the look and think it gives it a period look, something which could have been profiled in a late ’70s early ’80s reader rides section of Hot Rod or Car Craft magazine.

Some Barn Finds readers may consider it to be priced a little high. The Rancheros don’t seem to have been able to command the same value as similarly equipped hardtops. Regardless, another couldn’t probably be restored to this level at this price. The seller looks to have a Mach 1 and another Ranchero buried and stuffed in a two car garage. This affluent neighborhood may not be all that receptive for a driveway full of vintage Fords, so a little price haggling may be possible. One thing is certain, you wouldn’t see a row of similar cars at a show or cruise event. It would be fun to use it for light duty use, like picking up bulky items at a big box retailer. The only fault I can find is only one friend or family member could enjoy driving it with you.

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  1. justajoe

    Fun. Triggers a memory of a friend-ish (different story) who shoehorned a 413 wedge into a 57 Ranchero. That was a rat. This looks like a hound.

  2. Tirefriar

    Simi is a nice neighborhood but hardly affluent. What it’s famous for providing residency to approximately 6k active and retired LEOs.

    Recently bought a Saleen from a gear head in Simi. Plenty of gear heads living there so having beautiful classics in the driveway is not considered offensive, I’d think.

    This one is intriguing, maybe I can interest the seller ina swap ;-)

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  3. local_sheriff

    I can understand neighbors not being too happy about the local gear head parking all kind of basket cases on his premises. However, this Ranchero could hardly present an eye-sore for ANYONE, I’d more claim it will enrichen any street!
    Always loved the cross-breed between car/truck that 50s-60s Elkys and Rancheros offer.Not too keen about the Cragars but that green color is really sweet! Great little UTE!

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Looks good and would be a great parts hauler (if you wanted to sink that low) but could also take that special one out on a date. Looks like a buy and drive to me, and the price isn’t that bad when you factor in restoring something else.

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  5. Del

    No one seems to know if these came with 390s ???

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    • Michael

      Yes. I had a 1967 Ranchero 500 XL. 390 4 speed Bucket seats counsel factory tack on top of the dash board. , didn’t have front disc brmakes though .

  6. Gaspumpchas

    Del, you could get these with a 390, yes. Sure would be cool if it was a 4 speed. Good luck to the new owner…looks like a turnkey!!


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  7. Huntley Hennessy

    Is that another 67 Ranchero peeking from the garage?

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  8. DayDreamBeliever Member

    One quibble, that I am famous for…

    Why take the photo from the open left door and leave that junk on the passenger side floorboard? Geez.
    The rest of the truck looks great, so that doesn’t make sense.

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  9. Troy s

    I’ve always been lead to believe the stock heads on the ’66-on up 390 were junk, at least on the Fairlanes. I’ve also heard of some gear heads back then replacing them with 390 “truck” heads which breathed better and allowed the 427 factory cast iron headers. Then there was Bob Tasca who put 428 police interceptor heads(low riser) on the 390 on a few of their race cars, which could really move.
    Nice looking car here, like the look with those rims and I hope it stays somewhat a hot rod. Luckily they gave the bumper car steering wheel the heave ho, never liked those at all.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Neat-o…..and priced reasonably for it’s rarity and condition……….

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