390 V8 Included: 1968 Ford Custom 500

If you wanted a full size Ford in ’68, but didn’t want or need all the unnecessary frills and comforts of the Galaxie, you could buy the Custom 500. It was as basic as you could get with only those things necessary to get you down the road, alright so you could add some creature comforts if you wanted. But for the most part, these were quite spartan, making them the perfect option for building a big go fast Ford! Heck, you could even option one from the factory with a 428 Cobra Jet if you wanted. This example was truly a base car, with a 4 speed and the inline six, but the seller had plans of upgrading and found a 390 GT engine for it. You can find this package deal here on eBay in Country Club Hills, Illinois with an opening bid of $2,995.

Sadly, the 390 V8 isn’t quite ready to be installed in the car. For one, it needs a full rebuild and to be put back together. Secondly, the car has some rust issues that really need to be addressed before you install anything this powerful in it. The original inline six is said to still run, but has a bit of a knock. You might actually be able to get some use out of the original engine though, while you work on fixing the rust and getting the 390 rebuilt.

I haven’t seen too many of these Customs around, most people want the Galaxie or the Torino, but I kind of like the simple looks of these base model cars. As great as the trim looks on the higher model Fords, I like the idea of ditching that extra weight and having something you don’t see often. And once you install the 390, you’ll have one sweet sleeper!

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  1. txchief

    Posting photos with the car sitting on a trailer is always a great way to increase buyer interest and boost the asking price!

    • Jay M

      I see stuff like this on kijiji regularly. Someone is selling an “old car for parts or scrap” and the next day it’s on a trailer for sale for way more money.
      I particularly enjoy some of the outrageous stories the flippers come up with…

      • That AMC guy

        I would not buy a car from a flipper just on general principles, unless perhaps he or she has added value to the vehicle before turning it around.

        If they can’t even be bothered to take it off the trailer for taking pictures, the heck with ’em.

  2. Blyndgesser

    I’d love a four speed with a base straight six, but that looks more like a three speed with an aftermarket floor shifter. Check the steering column…

    • John T

      Brilliant Observation … I too would love the 4-speed with the straight six, It seemed too good to be true.

  3. Steve R

    This is the fourth time in the last month the seller has run the car through an auction on eBay. Same pictures same description, though he has lowered the starting bid from $3,295. Detailed pictures might help his cause, or not, be pending on the severity of the rust.

    Steve R


    I dunno. I once had a 1968 XL fast back with the 428 non Cobra Jet engine. Buckets and console with tach. According to Marti (at the time) Ford made thousands of these cars of all models.

    True, now few are left but even with a 428 engine NOT a road burner. 390 even less. These were heavy cars. Good luck getting that engine to ever run again. Seller will have this a very long time at his price.

  5. Tony S

    Another one of those “it’s easier to take ’em apart than it is to put ’em back together” deals.

  6. Warren

    Straight 6 with a 4 speed? Doubt it. More like a 3 speed on the floor Hurst conversion as the result of the pot metal column shifter giving up the ghost. As mentioned above, looks like a 3 speed shifter bowl on the column. Of course the seller does not show the other side of the column…..

    • Warren

      Yup, 3 speed car, you can just see the column stalk.

  7. Phil

    whats with the Ov-glove under the clutch pedal??

  8. Dave Member

    Not too sure if that’s a 390GT engine…the exhaust manifolds look like the basic ones…

    • Mike

      They’re not GT heads…Gt are 4 bolt per port…

  9. Rich Nepon

    Had a 66 352 4v wagon with fake wood. Moved nicely. Also a 66 fair lane wagon with 390 4V, post and 15″ faux wires like a mustang. Waaay fast. Backed up one day and when I hit the breaks the bench seat fell over backward. Car stopped when it hit a steamroller. Never quite the same after that. Me neither.

  10. z28th1s

    The 428 Cobra Jet wasn’t offered in the full size Ford cars in 1968 or any other year. The 428 that they got was the same 345 HP motor they had offered in the full size cars since 1966.

  11. Ralph Robichaud

    I had a custom 500, mine was a dark blue two door, with a 300cid in line 6 cylinder. It was a good car except for the brakes, hard pedal with little stopping action. I worked the thing hard , even pulling out tree stumps, that engine had loads of torque, kept it for 5 years, then my younger brother had it for another six, still running great until the frame broke just behind the rear axle., body though had no rust perforations, just scabs.. not bad for spending 11 yrs in the rust belt, being anything but pampered.

    • z28th1s

      300 cubic inch in-line 6 cylinder wasn’t offered in the cars, it was a truck motor.

      • Blyndgesser

        The 240 was offered in full size cars as well as trucks, and uses the same block as the 300. Incidentally, it’s unrelated to the 250 used in midsize and compact Fords.

      • Ralph Robichaud

        Sorry-z28th1s- My custom 500 without question had a 300cid engine, I should know. Me & family had it long enough. With the torque it had, I don’t doubt it was also used in trucks.

      • z28th1s

        Here are the engines that were offered in the1968 full size Ford and Mercury cars. No 300 six cylinder was available. If your car had one it was changed after it left the factory.

        Engine Codes

        Code Type
        V 6 Cyl. 240 Cu. In. (1V)
        5 6 Cyl. 240 Cu. In. (1V)*
        E 6 Cyl. 240 Cu. In. (1V)Taxi
        B 6 Cyl. 240 Cu. In. (1V)Police
        F 8 Cyl. 302 Cu. In. (2V)
        6 8 Cyl. 302 Cu. In. (2V)*
        Y 8 Cyl. 390 Cu. In. (2V)
        X 8 Cyl. 390 Cu. In. (2V)(Prem. Fuel)
        Z 8 Cyl. 390 Cu. In. (4V)
        W 8 Cyl. 427 Cu. In. (4V)Hi-Perf.
        Q 8 Cyl. 428 Cu. In. (4V)
        8 8 Cyl. 428 Cu. In. (4V)*
        P 8 Cyl. 428 Cu. In. (4V)Police

        * Low Compression

  12. chad

    may be a 240?
    “…The 240 cu in (3.9 L) six for 1965–1972 full sized cars (continued to 74 in fleet models) and 65–74 trucks or vans…”

  13. Miguel

    I hate it when people rip out the original radio just to rip it out.

    Half the dash is ripped out of this car just to remove whatever radio it had, if it had one.

  14. Ralph Robichaud

    I prefer relying on facts rather than on what may be printed.

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