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396/4-Speed: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS

1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Don’t let the multicolored body panels fool you. This is the one you want if you are on the hunt for an early Camaro. It’s a first year car and is equipped with the SS package, L78 396 V8, and 4-speed transmission! If you can’t tell, that all adds up to a whole lotta of fun. It needs a lot of work, but is listed here on eBay where the bidding ends later tonight!

L78 396 V8

The L78 engine was the higher output 396 option. It produced 375 horsepower – about 50 more than the than the base big block! It was the most potent engine you could get in your ’67 Camaro, but unfortunately that’s not the original lump in there. It’s a CE warranty replacement block.

Camaro Interior

The transmission is currently out of the car and dissembled because of some bad gears. My first thought was that the car may have been fitted with a M22 and that the owner mistook the “rock crusher” sounds those trannys are famous for as bad gears. I think this would have come with the M21 though, so that’s probably not the case. This thing needs a lot of help, but the seller mentions in the listing that the sale includes over $3k worth of new parts and a bunch of rust-free sheet metal.

Scruffy Camaro

There are some parts missing, but it does sound like most of big block specific bits are here and accounted for. Let’s just hope that the seller is being realistic with their reserve. It was already bid up to over $9k once and this time we are over $10k with the reserve still on. This Camaro could be awesome someday, but both the seller and the buyers need to realize that it’s still going to take a lot of money to make this one right.


  1. sparkster

    No power brakes , no power steering , with a big block. Oh my , this is a point and pray type of ride.

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    • james hall

      wouldn’t that make it more fun though?

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      • Joe64NYWF

        Not going down steep mountains with those 4 wheel drum brakes would it, let alone goin thru deep water. lol
        I have enough problems with a much lighter 250- strait 6 under the hood. & avoid mountains at all costs!

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  2. Angrymike

    I’d love this beast, but I’d make sure it’s an original L-78 before committing big bucks to the project, there weren’t very many L-78’s built the in 68 and 69, let alone a first year Camaro that, correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t have a big block till mid year ! But it looks very restorable……..

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  3. Dan

    An L-78 engine should have an aluminum intake.

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    • 68 custom

      plus rectangle port heads! Holley carb…

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  4. Jeff V

    My motorhead great uncle had a ’67 SSRS 427 turbo 400 that he bought new, his buddy worked at a Chevy dealership in eastern Ohio. He took me to CA & back (WI) in ’71 in it, a ride I’ll take to the grave.

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    • Jeff V

      I kicked the dog & beat up my sisters bf when I was 16 and just got my License and learned old great unc traded it in for the new Ford Mustang II in ’74, unc was getting senile! lol ;)

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    • Marty Parker

      Could not get a 427 engine in any Camaro new.

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      • Kevin Reid

        Ever hear of L-88

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      • Marty Parker

        L88 was a Corvette engine option. Not available in any Camaro.

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      • Joey Enlowe

        Nickey, Motion, Etc……

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  5. jeff6599

    From the information given, I cannot identify the block. But the intake is a cast iron oval port unit and therefore the heads are oval port units, neither of which came on an L 78. Deliberately misleading a buyer borders on fraud, you know.

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    • Al8apex

      The body tag is THE important piece here. It is coded correctly for an L78

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      The listing clearly states that the engine is not original.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    I’m no expert on these, but if the intake / heads problem doesn’t kill the value of the car too much, then this car could be worth much more than the current bid.

    I couldn’t find a current value for this particular car’s build, and the SCM Guide doesn’t list this specific build for the ’67 Camaro, but it gives a median auction sale price of about $32K for the ’67 Camaro V8 Coupe (142,242 built), and a median auction price paid of $112K for the ’67 (non-RS) Z28 (602 built).

    But it looks like you really need an expert to value these, since the high auction price recently paid for a 1967 Camaro V8 Coupe was $324K, and it looks like that wasn’t a Z28.

    Anyway, maybe those numbers mean that this car might be worth a lot more than the current bid of about $10K with 7 hours to go.

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  7. 68 custom

    I call BS since there is no 12 bolt rear end or radius rod thingy like on 67 Firebirds. what the deal with all these claims that the 12 bolt has been replaced? these rear ends are durable. the guy with 7 rusted hulks in KC has the same story on 6 of 7 SS Camaros (yeah right) in a recent post on this site. 12 bolt is mandatory on all SS Camaros except 69 SS/350 equipped with powerglide.
    Not a real SS!

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  8. Doug Towsley

    Well on one hand looks like a super fun package to me. Im not that invested in Camaros and back in the day they were far too common, today not so much but still………..

    Conversely, I agree about the lack of power brakes and PS, It would be mighty unpleasant to drive. If it were mine they would be must haves.
    Also, while thats a potent package, go big or go home. The feel and handling of a BB compared to a small block is night and day. Why bother with the 396? 427 or 454 and put 396 decals on it. I enjoyed my brief foray of Big Block ownership but give me a well built mouse motor ANYDAY!!!! We toyed with the idea of BB in my wifes Chevelle but SB and Muncie is the way we are going.

    If we were doing a show car it would be different but we just want a cool hot rod like what we grew up with. Dont have time for the rivet counters or Anally retentive bolt polishers. Ride em dont hide em !!!!!!!!!

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    • scooter8

      no power steering/brakes??? wimp.

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  9. joseph enlowe

    Not an L 78 engine

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  10. Big Ed

    Gentlemen and gentlewomen, my 67 Camaro is still available!

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  11. woody

    I worked for dominos pizza in the early 70’s and one of the phone girls had a red 67 camaro with a 327 and a 2 speed automatic. I was getting the cash together to buy her baby when she comes into work and tells me her brother wrecked that wonderful machine. The price dropped to $50.00. I pulled the money out of my jeans. The restoration was on. My buddies helped me get the car to my place and needless to say. I ended up selling the whole project when I enlisted in the U.S.A.F. Don’t know who is driving their dream but I have the old registration with the VIN. I might get bored someday and research the title.

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