396 Big Block: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

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This 1969 Chevelle SS is a nice looking car that underwent a repaint about 6-years-ago. It is not original, but it is still a rather nice car that should provide pretty decent and enjoyable performance. It has spent its life in California, and its general physical condition is fairly typical of cars that have spent their lives in that region. If you would like to park this one in your garage, it is located in San Francisco, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

Apart from the passenger side quarter panel, the Chevelle is said to wear all of its original steel. The floor and frame are claimed to be clean and solid, although there are no photos to verify this. The car underwent a bare-metal repaint in its original Cortez Silver around 6-years-ago, and the majority of the external trim and chrome are also said to be original. Overall, the exterior presentation of the car is quite impressive, and the car looks quite purposeful.

Under the hood, things get a bit confusing. The engine is a 396ci V8, and the original invoice verifies that the car was fitted with the L34 engine option. He does quote a figure of 325hp, but if it is an L34, then the figure should be 350hp. However, it doesn’t appear that this is the original engine, although the date code is correct. The engine has undergone a rebuild to factory specifications, with the exception of the fitting of an Edelbrock aluminum intake and matching carburetor. The original TH400 transmission is present, as is the original 12-bolt Posi rear end. The car is also fitted with power steering and power brakes, and the owner says that the car runs and drives well. The owner provides this YouTube video of the engine starting and running, and it does sound really sweet.

When the car underwent its repaint, the interior was given a freshen-up as well. New seat covers, new carpet, new door trims, and a new dash pad were all part of the refresh. The owner refers to the floor console as “factory style,” which I take as meaning a reproduction item. There are a few details that would need to be attended to if the interior presentation was to be faultless, but these are all pretty minor. The trim around the heater controls looks a bit worn, there are a couple of aftermarket gauges installed under the dash that you could choose to remove or leave, and there is what the owner refers to as a “factory style” tachometer fitted into the dash where the clock would normally live. Whether this would be changed or not would really depend on individual tastes.

There is no doubt that the presentation of this Chevelle is quite impressive, and there will certainly be some people out there who would want this in the driveway or garage. The popularity of these is unquestioned, and this reflects in the prices that they are achieving today. It is also reflected by the fact that at the time of writing, there are 48 people watching the auction. The owner has set a BIN price of $34,999, but the option is there to make an offer. It will be interesting to see whether someone will grab it at that price.

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    I came awfully close to buying a ’69 SS. Somehow my better judgment kicked in and I realized that I’d be hard-pressed to pay for the insurance. I ended up buying a 300 2-door with a 230 and three-speed manual. I remember driving home wondering if I should’ve bit the bullet. But it wasn’t long before I was glad for my decision. As I continue my search for another 300 2-door, I sometimes find myself tempted to bite the bullet again and go for the SS. I sure wouldn’t kick this one off my driveway…

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  2. Arthell64

    I’m a sucker for a 69 SS chevelle. I like this car but I had rather see a stick sticking out of the console.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Yea for 35 large i’d think it would be done up under the hood, and yes it should be a 4 speed. Anyhoo, think its worth the coin?? Good luck to the new owner!!


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  4. Scott

    As I have watched the prices of badged cars go beyond value prices, it occurs to be that there is an ASS for every seat. There is at least one person that did their first burnout or took their date the prom in the 70’s in one of these and probably has the money to get their car back or at least a similar one.
    As many of these that come up, they all sell at some point to someone that has a memory associated with that particular car.
    Agreed it is high but willing to bet that someone throws $30k at the guy and it moves.
    It has good bones and this seems to be the entry number for “decent” Chevelles and Camaro’s that wear an SS badge.
    Don’t get me wrong, I would not pay it but my point is that there is and always will be someone that does as long as a seller is patient.

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  5. Keith

    This was ridden hard and put away wet too many times. Even after all the freshening up, the body panels are not lined up, the bumpers are bent and it sits on an angle.

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  6. Troy s

    The one that stold the GTO’s market, well, kind of. Highly popular car, from the time they were new till this day.
    Unlike some other muscle cars that got lost in time, or weren’t well known even back then.
    The price is what it is these days, seems to be lower than a few years ago, maybe not, its not like these were all that rare.
    Of all the GM factory super cars the Chevelle has always been my favorite, more than goats, 442’s, and Gran Sports. Surely like this one a bunch..nice car.

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  7. Wrong Way

    While I prefer the earlier body style with a 396 crammed under the hood like my buddy has, this is a nice looking car for a bow tie anyway. The price seems a little high, but I am a Ford guy so what the heck do I know? :-)

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  8. James Martin

    Is this barn find or restored car find? Seems like you can’t call it a barn find when it’s all restored and at 350000 plus.

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  9. john adamski

    This is a clone of the 69 I bought new in 1969. Mine didn’t have the stripes and was a 4 speed. Same color. Mine was fast as heck. Cost me a lot of $ in lawyers fees and fines. Traded it in 1971 for a Mercury 4dr slow car before I got married. The car was stolen off the dealers lot the day after it was displayed.

    I loved that car.

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