396 V8 Project: 1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport

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The popular Impala Super Sport was in its third year as a series of its own in 1966. More than 119,000 of them were delivered that year, but that was way off the pace of 181,000 in 1965. So why the drop? Chevy had introduced the luxurious Caprice in 1965 and that stole some of the Super Sport’s thunder. This example is numbers matching and has the potent 396 cubic inch V8 with a 4-speed. It’s going to take a lot to restore the car, including replacing some rust-eaten sheet metal. Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, this project is available here on eBay for $8,000 (or you can make an offer).

In 1961, Chevy built only 453 copies of the Impala SS, but it was positioned strictly as a muscle car at the start. The strategy changed in 1962 and the car was more about style than performance (you could even get one with a 6-cylinder). It worked and more than 99,000 editions left a variety of Chevrolet factories. Demand continued to pick up so Chevy promoted the car to series status in 1964. By the car’s final year in 1969, the automobile had come full circle and was only sold as the SS 427 at under 2,500 units.

We’re told this ’66 Impala SS has been off the road for 26 years, or since 1997. It currently resides in a wooden area that the car shares with a 1967-68 Ford Mustang and a 1968 Plymouth Satellite. With the driver’s side window down, the Chevy is exposed to both Mother Nature and small woodland creatures, but we don’t know how long that’s been the case. If the car was acquired for a restoration that never took place, that’s not stated.

On the good side, the car checks a lot of boxes. Factory 396 V8 (325 hp?), 4-speed transmission, 12-bolt rear-end with posi-traction and factory air conditioning. But on the bad side, the floor and trunk pans have rusted through although the seller says the frame is solid. There is also some rust on exterior surfaces like around the driver’s side rear window molding. The interior may be complete, but it’s all going to need redoing, too. As a restoration project that would eventually be worthwhile, is $8,000 the right entry point just for the car itself?

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  1. sakingsbury20

    8K, no way…..Its a parts car…Id like to have the interior for my bench seat/column shift ’66 but to restore this car, unless you were a body man and did all the work yourself, you’ll be way underwater in the end of restoration. About that frame, mine looked the same as this one, I thought, great, its decent….till I pulled the body off, all the body mounts except the two you can see from under the hood were rusted out, but I think ’65 thru ’69 frames are the same. I ended up finding a good one for $200. Being a 2 yr body style things like doors will have to be sourced from a salvage yard as there are no aftermarket doors or skins….I’m sure after the seller has had a yr ( according to the ebay ad )to check out his options has come to the conclusion to “send it down the road “

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    • Kevin Kendall

      Beautiful car(around 1970)

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  2. PaulG

    Seller also has the 68 RR listed for 6500, plus a 62 Caddy convertible.
    Too bad they’re all so far gone…

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  3. DON

    Sitting in the woods with no glass in Connecticut ? Parts cars at best. I’ve seen hundreds just like these all my life -You think it looks rough now ? wait until you start tearing it down !!

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  4. Maggy

    My bad I meant a Muncie 4 speed in questionable condition not a th400.

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  5. John M Stecz

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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  6. James Harrington

    It ain’t worth $800 dollars, I don’t know why people get sooo tore up about these stupid impalas, I’d rather have that Plymouth behind it. Even if it’s in rough shape, it’s still worth more!!!!

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    • ImpalaSS

      James,James, James. Me and my ’66 Impala SS convertible are deeply hurt. (g)
      I agree, this one is nowhere near this kind of ‘stupid’ money.
      And I also like Mopars too if that helps any.

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    • maggy

      Please enlighten me to why Impalas are stupid?

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      • Joseph Bartolotta

        To me Impalas had a great history of style, just cant afford them .

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    • Gray Wolf

      The same reason you like those stupid Plymouths!

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    • Donnie L Sears

      I have never understood how people get so tore up about those rusted out mopars on here. I have owned many mopars and liked them. But I have only owned two mopars newer than 71.

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  7. GTO MAN

    awsome car but DEEP POCKETS ARE NEEDED

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    • Robert Holt

      Yeah, deep pockets and a WELL equipped shop, this one’s going to take more than just a little body work. I cringe when I think about all the wiring, rubber and plastic parts that mother nature has been feeding on for what, 26 years? Yeesh… but I’d love to see what someone like Kindig Customs would do with it. Probly bring a tear to your eye.

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  8. Kevin Kendall

    Wow and my cousin passed on a 66SS396 4spd for less than 5 grand & the kicker was it was originally a Nevada car(99.9 % solid as a rock (as we say in the south)he’s tighter than bark on a tree

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  9. Marshall Belcher

    Engine block will be no good this is a piece of rotted out junk.200.00 for parts would be good. If it don’t fall into half from rot off the trailer.. buyer should have their head examined.

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    • maggy

      If it had water in it yep but…we don’t know that until we inspect.65-70 b body 12 bolt bare housings are worth more then that. I wish you owned it , I’d give you 200 on the spot.

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  10. Jim Muise

    $8000? The buyer meant $80 right! It’s a very rough chev to get back on the road but if someone will give him 8 big bills what the heck! A chev man with bottomless pockets will grab it up!lol

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  11. ACZ

    My brother-in-law’s first car. Almost. His was a Caprice coupe with buckets/console, TH400 and a 325/396 and A/C. I found it for $40 with a broken front lower control arm. Ran good. It took him about three weeks to blow the planetaries out of the trans. He really managed to make hamburger out of it. This was back in the early 70s.

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  12. MTBorst

    I’ll take the mustang or the Chrysler product

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    I had a running driving 65 ss convertible 327 impala and it was similarly rotten. Parts prices are ridiculous so I moved it on. Beautiful cars IMO and very comfortable ride, even shot! I think around 1999 I paid 1500, rebuilt the auto trans, and sold it for 3500.

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  14. PRA4SNW

    Sale must have fallen through. The same seller now has it relisted.

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  15. Pnuts

    Being an SS would probably get a 360hp in 66 which came with a Holley in 66 only. Even the 327 275HP Impala had a Holley. 1 year only. However, this car has an original “looking” orange intake and a dual line Holley. I can’t see the carb in this one pic but do see the gas line. If it’s a factory dual line it’s a 375 L78. Still a piece of crap but that makes it interesting.

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    • sakingsbury20

      360hp 396 only came in the Chevelle that one yr, 1966….had Holley carb on cast iron intake…..if this is the original intake, someone either put a spread bore Holley on the q-jet intake or changed the intake to a sq bore as I don’t see any adapter plate to mount a sq flange Holley

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    • David Bowman

      8K no way if it was a solid car it would have been moved soon as it came up for sale it serves as good parts car.

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  16. Pnuts

    Yea, I only saw that set up on Chevelles, but wasn’t sure. Didn’t see many SS 396 Impalas. After looking at another pic on FB I can see that’s an aftermarket Holley. The electric choke is not factory and I don’t see the secondary vacuum canister. If so it’s a mechanical “double pumper”. I think they did make a double pump spreadbore. And you’re right about the no adapter which is why I was leaning OE.

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  17. Jacob C.

    Looks like by the intake manifold design it’s a 360 hp engine.

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  18. fred

    8,000 pennies is too much for this. Far too much…

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  19. Mike

    That’s one rusted out old rag. Engine is all that cars worth unless it’s cylinders are rusted out beyond the max bore

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  20. Rick R

    It looks like the only love this car is getting is from the seller thinking it’s worth $8K

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  21. Lon kearl

    8grand you can buy a turn key 396 4sd in low 40grand range any more with labor rate parts and misc you will be in it maybe more than that if you have a shop and the knowledge to fix it right pass on it can’t count the number of post of barn finds owner wants more for them than what there worth

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    • Randy jones

      66 cars are desirable for sure..hard to believe it was a..a/c car..it’s a 325 car for sure..I m sure the car is rusty badly..someone will buy it.

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