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$3,995 Limo: 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood 75


This too-old-for-Uber 1986 Cadillac 75 is in Monterey Park, California, about 8 miles east of Los Angeles. It’s on Craigslist for $3,995. This is another one of those I have no clue what I’d use it for but I would love to have it vehicles.


Back in 1987 I rented a new Cadillac Sedan de Ville and it was quite a step up from my LeBaron convertible; so smooth and quiet and powerful, especially compared to my 2.6 Mitsubishi-powered K-Car with chrome (what I called the LeBaron). I paid $700 for a month of rental while my car was in the body shop being repaired after someone ran a stop sign and t-boned the LeBaron in the passenger door. I realize now that I paid the equivalent of 40% of the price of this Cadillac limo for that one month of rental. Wow, what a waste. But, enough reminiscing.. back to this beauty! The trunk isn’t huge but it should be enough for some luggage for a nice road trip. I would rather have a black car, if you’re going to go limo, why not just go all out.


This car looks like it’s in perfect condition, but I’m not sure why there are different tires on the front, other than of course they’ve been replaced. But, why not replace them with white walls to match the rear tires? Why, seller, why?! Tires aren’t cheap and, being the kind of person that I am, I couldn’t live with those front skins and would have to spend another $400 on tires. Or, most likely I would have to put gold-wall tires on this car! The seller says that this car has new front brakes and maybe when the shop did that they sold them on a new set of front tires at the same time. This Fleetwood 75 only has 52,200 miles on it so maybe they were the first new tires that it’s had in thirty years. This front-wheel-drive Fleetwood 75 is stretched about two-feet, but it was still almost two feet shorter than the rear-wheel-drive Cadillac Fleetwood limos that we all think of when we think of Cadillac limousines.


Here’s where Jeeves and his assistant will sit. You have to love this ’80s velour upholstery! The interior looks as perfect as the exterior does. But, the rear is where it’s happening. You could say that there’s a decent amount of legroom here. There are two jump seats that fold down so you can carry 5 of your closest friends in the back, and you will if you get this car because you’ll always be the designated driver. Other than the front tires not being white walls, I don’t really see any flaws in this car at all. This was officially an 8-passenger limousine, so who gets that awkward middle spot in the front seat?


This is Cadillac’s aluminum-block, “high-technology” HT-4100, 249 cubic-inch, transverse-mounted V8 with a mere 135 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque. Luckily this was a relatively light car, weighing in at just two tons, less than a lot of SUVs that folks commute with every day. But still, 235 hp would be better. These engine were known for having trouble with the intake manifold gaskets “due to scrubbing of the bi-metal interface, aluminum oil pump failure, cam bearing displacement, weak aluminum block castings and bolts pulling the aluminum threads from the block.” Ouch! Well, maybe that $3,995 price doesn’t seem that hot now. But, maybe this engine has been fixed over the years and it’ll last another 52,000 miles before it has to be worked on. (crickets)..  I would love to have a car like this for hauling friends around in. Has anyone owned a sixth-generation Cadillac with the transverse-mounted V8? If so, what has your experience been with it?


  1. Avatar photo Rabbit

    This car just SCREAMS to have Vogue Tyres on it. Nothing says “Class” quite like the wide white & narrow yellow of Vogues.

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  2. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

    NICE Car!

    Have no particular use for it either, and parking might be an issue in some locations….

    But as a higher level of cool for a DD, well, why not?

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  3. Avatar photo motoring mo

    Ok so no uber. SAD.

    But Lyft?
    Need to know before I buy and put her to work.

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  4. Avatar photo ccrvtt

    I can’t explain, but I love this car. The color, the velour upholstery, the look, the size. What a bargain! Nice find.

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  5. Avatar photo roselandpete

    I have an 84 Seville with the 4100 and no problems with the motor but acceleration is “leisurely” at best. I’m not sure this limo could pull 8 passengers. I sure wouldn’t try It on a Chicago on-ramp where you’d already better be doing 60 MPH by the time you run out of ramp.

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    • Avatar photo Andy

      An 84 4.1L is a completely different animal than an 87 & not only am I a former Caddy tech I have an 83 & an 85 Eldorado. Caddys like ours are better in my opinion but I’d probably make a spot for any year limo especially one this clean.

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  6. Avatar photo boxdin

    Years ago when I drove imos part time I was assigned a car just like this one stretched 4 ft supposedly originally built for the Chock Full of Nuts family new.
    The drive train was typical GM but it fit in my garage which means I rarely had to wash it like a car that sat outside.
    This small limo was a real highway star cruising like a train at high speeds.
    I went to Chinlee AZ to pick up Russel Means one day to bring him to the ABQ airport. Long drive fighting sleep esp when he did not want radio on and he wanted the divider down. Real stoic guy.

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  7. Avatar photo Mechman

    It might just be the angle, but it looks like that’s not much legroom with those jump seats in place.

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  8. Avatar photo David Miraglia

    Great for a limo fleet. A taste of the 1980’s

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  9. Avatar photo SunbeamerStu

    Mmmm, years of soaked-in party barf. Those velour seats….

    Nice time warp machine.

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  10. Avatar photo Eddie

    Nice Car ,I Just Need A Driver Now !

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  11. Avatar photo NewportBill

    No party barf stains……

    Based on the seating, this is a funeral limo, not a party or transport limo. As was told to me (so it may not be true) funeral cars always have seats facing forward, and never toward each other as passengers are in mourning. All others would have the jump seats facing the rear passengers.

    Probably explains the nice condition and limited miles.

    But, all that being said, I still would rather have a large RWD Fleetwood or late 70’s Lincoln if I was thinking of a limo…

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  12. Avatar photo Chris

    I have a 1989 DeVille with only 96,000 miles on the 4.5 V-8. This is such a great car to drive, and there is plenty of power on tap. Mine has red cloth interior that’s in fantastic condition, although the headliner is starting to sag.

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  13. Avatar photo Poppy

    The “Jesus Fish” is a nice touch. Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode…

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