4 Door Mark Series: 1980 Continental Mark VI

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In 1980 when it was time for a downsized Lincoln and a downsized Continental Mark VI, the accounting guys apparently put in their two cents worth and decided both models needed to use the Panther platform that the LTD and Marquis had used to downsize in 1979. It was more of a stop gap for the Continental Mark VI, even though this body style lasted four years. Previously there were only 2 door Marks, but with this body style, it made sense to include a four-door as well. Even though it would compete with the Continental/Town Car, the four-door model still used features that were associated with the Mark series such as concealed headlights, spare tire hump, and oval opera windows. Here is a 1980 Continental Mark VI 4 door sedan for sale here on Classics on Autotrader in Pomona, California.

The four-door Mark VI actually outsold the 2 door models in 1983 and 1984. Not much information is given about this particular car. We can see that the vinyl rear roof seems to be in good condition. There appears to be a piece of molding missing on the right side of the car, but it is not too distracting. The car has lacy spoke aluminum wheels. The Mark VI was further distinguished from the Continental/Town Car with the wide chrome rocker molding.

Judging from the interior pictures, this is probably one of the Designer Series models, I’m guessing Pucci. This includes twin comfort lounge leather seats, 18-ounce carpeting, and six-way power seat. Other interior features are a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, power windows, power mini-vent windows, and power door locks.

No engine picture is included. The engine is the optional 351 cubic inch V-8. The car has a new fuel pump, new brakes, new shocks, new battery, and a recent tune-up. The Mark VI has 132,351 miles. The white insert in the front bumper protective molding is disintegrating, but the car appears to be in good condition considering the mileage. The seller is asking $2,850 in the Autotrader ad, reduced from $4,995 in the ad here for his business. These cars are a bit boxier than the seventies Continentals and Mark series but would make a nice classic car for someone out there looking for a Lincoln product.

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  1. Superdessucke

    I remember when I was a kid we would get those Edmunds paperback new car price guides from the grocery store, and I would build cars and dream.

    I remember this car from the guide specifically in 1980 and marveling iver how a new car could cost more than $20,000, which this car did with the Signature Series and options. The new bustleback Seville was another one which crested that mark.

    That’s about $61,000 today, which is actually somewhat moderate for a luxury car or SUV. But back then, it was a huge deal.

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    • Mark

      You can’t compare this car for quality and comfort- luxuries to new junks on the road
      This is a Ametican car

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  2. Neal Stampley

    Never did like the rectangle shape of this car

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    The 80s was a lost decade for car design. Say something nice: pass.

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  4. Keith D.

    The epitome of class, style, comfort and total luxury back then in the 80’s. It’s unfortunate the Mark VI only lasted till 1983 not 1984. The Mark VII was introduced in 1984, but the cousin Town Car remained in that same class of luxury till 1989. The digital instrument panel was extremely innovative for the beginning of a new decade as well as the unique keyless entry push button door design only Ford introduced as well. GM/Cadillac never thought of the idea. The Mark VI and the Town Car were a great example of 80’s American car excellence.

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  5. CJM

    Designer series cars were all 2 doors until 1983. This is not a Pucci, but a standard 4 door with the interior upgrade package (I forget what they called it but about 90% of them had it). The designer series cars used the same Sew style seats.

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  6. Djs

    If it has been maintained the 130,00 on it is low if you figure its 38 years old thats what 4,000 miles a year, looks great to me hope itcinds a new home the price seem farre for a first time buyer to take to shows and it has all the bells to go withi.

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  7. FitzMember

    Had one in the late 80’s. Not fast, but a competent highway cruiser @ 20 mpg….

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  8. Wrong Way

    My bosses wife had one exactly like this one except white! I drove it around all the time! Very nice ride! Not quick by any means, but a nice car! I drove her around everywhere in it too! Usually when I took her home she would just tell me to take it home with me! She could drive, but I guess that since I was on the payroll she could use me for whatever! Other employees hated me for it! Didn’t bother me one bit because I was making more with that big Brown nose than they were! Besides that if you have to get your nose brown why not with a very attractive bosses wife! LOL, no, no hanky panky I always have respected a married woman and never dreamed of it! Besides that my boss always took care of me pretty good!

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  9. Jasper

    I had an ‘82 Mk VI in red poly with a black top and interior. Not a metallic or cranberry but red…like a fire engine. Had the cool alloy wire wheels too. The funny thing was the digital dash with an 8 track player and built in CB. Unique and flashy car. I hope it’s still out there somewhere and not been derbied.

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  10. Miguel

    I was always struck by how small the headlight looked behind those huge doors.

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