Four Owner Survivor: 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

Many factors come into play when looking at a survivor grade classic, particularly when we are talking about a Corvette. This 1960 model is described as a survivor with a factory dual quad 283 and a T-10 4 speed manual transmission. Absolutely stunning inside and out, this Corvette almost appears restored, but taking a closer look, there are a few minor flaws that indicate that the car could be a true survivor. There is some documentation, as well as photos, that shed some light on the history of this car. Ready to drive, this American classic is offered for the buy it now price of $72,500. Take a look at this beauty here on eBay out of Bedford, Pennsylvania.

The dual quad 283 V8 is a glorious sight, with minor dirt and corrosion to be seen.  It appears that this ‘Vette has covered 65,669 miles in its lifetime, and from looking at the engine compartment it is easy to see that this is a well-cared for low mileage classic. While in very acceptable condition, there are some minor concerns to make note of. There is worn and chipping paint along the edge of the wiper cowl, which is hidden by a closed hood. Also there appears to be some dirt along where the hood latches. These are petty concerns on a car of this caliber, but still concerns none the less.

From the cockpit view, this bright red interior is mesmerizing. Claimed to be original, this interior appears nearly perfect. There are two small cracks on the steering wheel near one of the spokes, and there is some wear and dirt on the rubber pad on the driver side. Besides those concerns, I doubt that you could find a speck of dust on the inside of this Corvette.

This Chevy is stunning, and the dramatic images taken of it outdoors make it seem more like a famous movie star than a classic car. The seller mentions that this Corvette wears most if not all original paint, and claims the body to be accident free. Shiny and appearing nearly flawless, the back drop and lighting doesn’t offer too much in the way of details. I am sure that there are some minor imperfections from its 57 year lifespan, but as a whole this Chevrolet is gorgeous. Originally born with a red center stripe, it would seem someone added the broader black stripe at a later date. The seller claims to have extensive history on this car, and its 4 previous owners. This ready to drive beauty is rare opportunity for a well optioned late model C1. Can you believe how nice this ‘Vette is after 57 years and 4 owners?


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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    I love it and covet it! Where is that winning lottery ticket when you need it? I hear the theme song of Route 66 playing whenever I see a car like this….

  2. Mark

    I like the pic of the build sheet, $102.25 for the option of a heater. Third most expensive option behind the engine and tranny. I could remortgage the house.

  3. John D

    Cool car, well presented. This seller often has cars on ebay. Makes me wonder what they look like close up when he doesn’t offer all of these pictures, etc. . . . The stripes are ridiculous, and I don’t think the seller claims anywhere that it was born with stripes, because it wasn’t. Just that it was striped over stripes. . .

  4. Duffy Member

    Wow// Absolutely beautiful.

  5. Dick Johnson

    Found a referee about straight axle Corvettes, vs gasser front ends. Feel free to call AJ Foyt. Let me know how it works out. Indy Roadsters forever!

    Beautiful car. Can hear the gearbox whine in my mind’s eye.

  6. Joe Haska

    Beautiful car! I believe the seller and the description of this car and its documentation. Maybe I am just stupid, but I think its the real deal. For me I would much rather have this car than a 100+ point restoration, and I think allot of other people would too.

  7. bassboy99

    I would drive the heck out of it during the summer.

  8. Gary

    Wow and double wow!

    I would love to have this car but that’s about 10 times more than I have to spend on a collector car at this point in my life. Maybe someday.

    The real kicker for me is that this car is only a couple of hours from where I live. I could actually drive it home. Well, if the weather was a lot better, I could drive it home.

  9. Pete Christensen

    Doesn’t get any better than this!

  10. flmikey

    I guess my question would be if I had 72 large would I spend it on this car, or buy the ’68 featured earlier today, with the difference being used to restore it…the 61 year old Mike says the former, and the 21 year old Mike says the latter…

    • Pa Tina

      65 year old Pa Tina says buy a 2018 base Corvette and see the USA in your Chevrolet

  11. dan

    he has 9 vettes on ebay right now

  12. Madmatt

    This is a beauty for sure,but i’m not a fan of the stripe though.
    Always amazing to see a car so original for its age…looks great!
    Unfortunately I would be afraid to drive something this original,and nice.
    Even a small mishap could do a lot of damage to the “original”factor,
    also I’m sure that insurance would be very costly for a car of this value?
    I would be more comfortable driving a primered rat rod Vette,that
    was nice but not too nice to drive often.Awesome car,someone will
    have a really nice Vette for the new year!

    • Racer417

      Good collector car insurance (agreed value) is usually very reasonable if the car isn’t a daily driver.

  13. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    alot of potatos, nice car

  14. Sam

    I’d love to have it, but, I ould rather keep my soul.

  15. Tort Member

    Beautiful car. Leave as it is and drive it sparingly. The only negative is the stripe that would have to stay if the paint is original.

  16. Sid Member

    I’m quite familiar with 58s and 59s.
    I studied these photos closely and this is REALLY a nice car. I especially like all that yellow glue slapped on the weatherstripping.
    The only thing that is oddly missing is some kind of NCRS or Bloomington judging. How could one of the four owners not wanted to get it nit picked.
    What a car!!

  17. ACZ

    The stuff dreams are made of………..

  18. Ric Parrish

    The original seats may look good, but the foam material will be as hard as styrofoam, just brakes when you sit on it. I have the seats out of my 62, the foam literally turned to dust.

  19. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Left door fitment/alignment or is that my glasses ?

    • DRV

      I thought the same but the build quality was just so-so on these, although the gap is huge.

  20. ccrvtt

    I agree with Pa Tina – Buy a new one for the same money.

    Much as I love C1s I know I’d get more enjoyment from a C7 because I could drive it more. And faster.

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      A LOT Faster! And slow down from that speed, too.

  21. Metoo

    Is it just me, or do the taillights seem a bit too far up on this year?

    • Gary

      Maybe that was an early version of the “third brake light”.

  22. Pete

    Me and this car are the same age. LOL. When I was 12 my next door neighbor came home from Vietnam and became a sheriffs deputy. His buddy from bootcamp was KIA in Nam. Before he died though he had bought a white with red 1960 Vet. Which he talked about all the time while in service. So after my neighbor came home, he went to visit his buddies mom to pay his respects. He visited her numerous times and when the time was right he asked her whatever happened to his buddies vette. She said it was just sitting in the barn. So he ambled over and looked it over. Asked her what she planned to do with it. She asked him if he was interested in buying it. $1000 later he brought it home. This was an Ohio car so it required some work after sitting so long. About every other weekend I would go over there and watch him work on it. He was 90% done with it and I heard it run before I had to move to NC. I always wanted to see the finished project. I wonder if he still has it.

  23. JohnD

    So are the stripes original or not? What say ye oh Vette illuminate? Very sharp grey and red combo.

  24. Bill

    I labored over new or old for some time. I finally settled on a new C7 and haven’t looked back. I’ve owned and ridden in old Corvettes and for potting around town, they’re great. For mind blowing long day trips, new is the way to go.

  25. Sid Member

    I’m glad that Sateen Silver got clarified.
    I misread Saleen Silver and thought to myself… hmmm saleen Silver can’t be right… Steve Saleen was only 11 years old in 1960

  26. Kenny

    will trade even up for 1987 Ferrari 328

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