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4-Speed Barn Find: 1965 Chevrolet Impala

It seems like a strange choice on the seller’s part to make the first image of their Impala be of the interior, but once you see the outside, it makes more sense. They state it needs a little fender work, some work to the floor pans and the engine hasn’t been started in several years, but it doesn’t need all that much to make it nice. Sadly, I think it needs a lot more than a little work to be a nice driver, but on the plus side, it does have a 4 speed. You can find this Impala here on eBay in a barn in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


  1. Rod

    It’s amazing how some people have no idea on how to sell a car. Very little information or pics that will help you make a decision such as engine a size. A little effort might help sell this car but as it is now I don’t think he will get much action.

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  2. whippeteer

    V8, needs floors, have another fender, sideswiped on passenger side, no pics of front or driver’s side. What more do you need to know??? {sarcasm on}

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  3. JW

    It’s on the high side already with no bids.

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  4. Mr. Bond

    Just the “No Title” part.

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  5. JW454

    The pictures are very poor but, it appears the glove box door has the Super Sport emblem. It’s not mentioned in the advertisement if the car is an SS or not. This seller needs to improve the listing to obtain top dollar in my opinion.
    Just based on what we can see, I think the starting bid is pretty near the top of it’s current worth.

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  6. Larry K

    I agree with the comments above, but a 65 Imp is a must have. I don’t care about a few wrinkles, I’d drive that.

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    • Danno

      Chev really got it right in ’65. My perfect barn find will be a ’65 with no chance of ever being a “numbers matching” car, so I can justify dropping a modern drivetrain into it. Sweet, sweet metal.

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  7. RoughDiamond

    Running and driving when? I’d say around 1965.

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  8. Joe had a 65 SS

    It’s a SS. Unless someone put a SS interior into a plain Impala. Only SS had bucket seats and bright trim on bottom of dash. SS badge was only on door which this car has and on the console. All 65’s weather it was an Impala or SS had Impala on glove box. Plain Impala’s had fake dark wood trim.

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  9. Leylandtr6

    Keep in mind, this may look like a glorified parts car but in 1965 you still could get the 409 V8, the 396 V8 was just entering the scene after February of 1965 and this is a 4-speed Counsel car with buckets,the price seems pretty reasonable to me. Yes, I know most likely it’s a 283 car but you never know.!

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    • David Montanbeau

      Here was my 65 SS convertible 409-400 4 speed that I bought for 400.00 in 1968 in Detroit. I was 16 in the 10th grade. 396-325-425 came out in mid-Feb and the big W was dropped. Mine probably was the rarest production 409 produced. Even rarer than the 63 Z11 or the 61 409-360 cars.

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      • Woodie Man


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      • JW

        Beautiful car.

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      • Joe Howell

        I came across the double of your car (lacking the 409 of course) returning to the earth in a private mountain junk yard. With only the mangled top bows remaining it was a sorry sight for 65 fan like myself.

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      • Tyler

        Gorgeous! Drool factor of 10! A 65 Impala convertible is my bucket list car.

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    • Rocco in Florida Member

      The ad does say it’s a 283ci

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  10. Adam T45 Staff

    You really have to wonder whether this person really wants to sell this, or has a wife/partner/significant other who has said “why don’t you advertise that thing in the shed and see if you can sell it?”

    I notice that the ad says that it’s a 283, so no big hp engines here folks.

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  11. Tracy

    No Title, It’s time consuming and costly, almost impossible,to get a title issued in Virginia with a bill of sale only. Why do sellers think someone will jump at it and not be able to drive it without a huge hassle.

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  12. Woodie Man

    When I see ads like this I wonder if the seller completed high school.

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  13. jmuder

    the first 4 numbers of the vin will tell, base car, or ss

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  14. CowboyChris

    No matter how nice the car is it’s hard to buy from a dummy

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  15. jimjim

    Looks like he’s in the business given the other impalas and parts he has for sale. Too bad it’s a 283. Could you get an SS with a 283? Also wondering if interior is original. Kind of surprised that the steering wheel appears to be a different color than the steering column. Makes me wonder if interior is original or pieced together.

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  16. WLB

    In 1965 you could get an Impala SS with a 6 cylinder.

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  17. DLM

    Had a 65 Impala SS, bought it in 1973 from a guy in Philadelphia for $150.00. Light metallic blue/blue, power glide, super clean inside and out. I asked why he was selling so cheap, he said he was going into a psychiatric hospital. Yikes. I always thought the 65 SS’s were a beautiful body style.

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  18. Joe Howell

    My dad had a little sporting blood in his veins, he bought an Ermine White 65 Impala Sport Coupe with the 396/325 horse engine, 4 speed and posi-traction. With a black interior and bench seat it was a cool family car. He turned me loose in that thing at age 16, no wonder he went gray.
    As Super Sports lacked the chrome strip on the rockers I’m going with this one being a real Super Sport. Save your money on this one and buy a decent one, cheaper and better in the long run.

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  19. JCW Jr. Member

    Re minds me of the 65 SS i had in 73 and 75 sold it voth times for $500 which was 3 or 4 times more than I paid for it. First time traded a 65 Fury 3 that was given to me all I did was paint it. Traded because the guy wanted something that ran and the 65 had engine and trans out. Second tkme kid I sold it to blew engi e so bought it for $130. Put a 327 with as many pieces of a 302 that I could save and painted it. Drove till I bought a 70 Rebel Machine with 4000 mile on it. Should have kept them both then I would be in hog heaven today.

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  20. Ozzie Osman

    Great Impala to drive.I have more smiles per mile then you should be allowed. I have done a frame off on this ’65 SS. 396/325 4 speed factory air car. 27 years of fun for me so far.

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