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4-Speed Full-Size: 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS

1968 Chevrolet Impala SS

When you think of Impalas, you probably envision big cruisers with powerful engines and automatic transmissions. Well, you’d be right for the most part, but Chevrolet did offer many drive-train options in their full-size. You could get an anemic inline-six all the way up to a fire-breathing 427! Multiple transmissions were offered too including the prerequisite automatics and even a couple of manuals.You can read more about all the options here on Hemmings. This particular Impala may not have a big block, but the 327 found under the hood was nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, when attached to a 4-speed Muncie, like it is here, it was actually a lot of fun to drive. This one is located in Independence, Ohio and is listed here on eBay. From the questions and answers section I get the feeling that the seller thinks they may have struck gold, so it will be interesting to see if bidding even hits the reserve. Either way, this is one cool full-size!


  1. Blindmarc

    Not much horsepower for a big car, but a nice start. It will be over bid, up to $15k is my bet.

  2. car39

    A friend’s dad had a 67 company car with a 4 cylinder motor. It was a fleet order. It looked like there was room for 2 more motors under the hood. I think this one might be a little faster

    • JW

      car39 sure you don’t mean a 6 cylinder as I’m sure that was the smallest motor available in the Impala.

  3. JW454

    Wondering why the front bucket seats are on the wrong sides. Hummm.. Why would you do that?
    Oh well…. it would be a nice one to have but I think the bidding is going to go too high to be realistic.

    • JB

      Seats were probably changed because the driver’s seat had broken… It still looks like it’s bent back a lot. Also, the whole car looks like it’s had very poor care, rusty, beat up and full of worn out surprises. Not worth what it’s even reached now.

  4. randy

    My stepfather bought my sister a ’68 Impala SS, it did not have the original engine, but was a 327. It had electric windows, bucket seats, 8 track player, (we burned up a golden earing moontan 8track), automatic and a tilt steering wheel. When we were in high school she’d tilt the steering wheel all the way up, slouch down in her seat and watch the road through the small gap between the raised steering wheel and the dash! It’s amazing we never crashed it. It was also the perfect size for deflating the tires a little and driving on the railroad tracks. I am not sure what happened to it, but it got sold for like $100.00 and that is when she got her Lemans sport.

  5. Nova Scotian

    This thing is in really sad condition. Total rebuild. I actually owned one, and rebuilt nearly the whole thing while my kids were growing up. Farmed out engine and trans for the rebuilds. (not cheap). It was a barn find too! The chasis, like this one, was in sad shape, all rusty and dry rotted rubber…I transplanted a mint chasis from a 68 Pontiac Strato-Chief…4 door! It was so simple! Bolted right up. When we finally got driving the thing…(with new gas tank), and craggers, it was pretty cool…until my son turned 16 and wanted to drive it…I sold it so he wouldn’t wrap it around a pole. This seller is hoping there is someone gullable enough to believe this car just needs a wash and dry to take to the streets…not worth much more than $1000.00 in my estimation.

  6. William H

    Boy, this car brings back memories. My father and I rebuilt a ’67 SS together as my first car. We bought it from my ag teacher’s mother who bought it new. It had the 327/Auto drive train. Out of all the cars I’ve owned this is probably the one I wish I’d kept the most. I’ve always kept my eye out for another but I rarely see them. As a matter of fact, I’ve only seen 2 in person in the last 25 to 30 years.

  7. jim s

    car needs a very good PI of the underside, looking real close at the frame. car will be real nice when it is restored but i think there is a lot work needed. great find.

  8. Rocco Member

    @ Jessie,
    Just my observation, but being a tranny guy, I think the 4-speed here is a Saginaw(underside pic) probably since it is a lower HP 327 (250hp).
    It is still a neat car. It’s something about a full body Chevy with a 327 and it’s torque.

  9. FRL2

    If it was a good Southern car I would probably go that high. But since it is from the NACL Nation, I think I will pass.

  10. John Heeg

    I took my road test on my Dad’s 1969 Chevy Impala, 4 door hardtop, 327 and 3 on the tree. Did great one wheel burn outs. The 327 was a 2bbl and I believe 235 hp.
    Fun car to drive. Miss that car.

  11. curt wichman

    he will get his price, when was the last time you seen a triple black 4-spd Impala SS with only 59,000 original miles?? geez, the fender skirts are still in the trunk!!!! are you kidding?? this is a dream find, even with only a 327. the ONLY thing that could make this any better would be MORE factory options, A/C, power window, etc. I would absolutely LOVE to own this car, I would NOT paint it, just a top to bottom show detailing is all she needs.

  12. skibum2

    Look at the 59…. not on line, means it has rolled once for sure..

  13. randy

    Or rolled backwards with a drill, I’ve heard.

  14. DENIS

    I really think people get too worked-up about odometer numbers not being totally aligned….I’ve owned many collectibles and it’s not that unusual that they are a little off…I’ve seen it on cars that I knew had correct miles…the reality is, we’re buying for the condition of the car and unless it is super-low and we’re paying lots extra due to mileage, do ya reeeeeally care?

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