4 Speed Split Bumper: 1971 Camaro Z28

This split bumper 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is for sale in Springfield, Tennessee. It is clearly a project but, if authentic, it would be a good find at the right price. While the seller will not win any prices for photography, you can see more pictures here on eBay. The car is currently bid to $12,100 with 2 days remaining in the auction. We appreciate Patrick bringing this car to our attention.

Of interest is that the seller does not state anything about the engine. The VIN denotes that it is a 1971 V8 Camaro produced at the Norwood, Ohio plant. The car appears to have headers, aluminum manifold and a MSD ignition box. The car is apparently being sold to settle an estate and the seller clearly states that the buyer needs to verify the originality and condition of the car. The silver paint on the exterior looks acceptable and contrasts well with the black vinyl interior.

The interior is rough put shows the 4 speed shifter protruding through the console. The odometer reads 72,373 miles. The seller believes that the car has very little rust but their are no pictures of the frame. In 1971, Chevrolet replaced the low back bucket seats with new one piece high back bucket seats. This car was probably equipped with the 275 horsepower 350 cubic inch V8 engine versus the LT-1 V8 engine that produced 330 horsepower or the 396 cubic inch V8 engine that produced 300 horsepower.

This car is fitted with the smaller rear spoiler which I thought was only offered in 1970. Please correct me if I am wrong. I think it would be best to go see this one in person. The front suspension looks to have surface rust and the seller states that the car was kept in the garage. Who can share with us how to tell if this is a real deal Z28?


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  1. Steve R

    The only engine available in a 1971 Z28 was the 330 horsepower LT-1.

    Now we know where the short rear spoiler from the 1970 Z28 featured on this site a few hours ago went.

    Steve R

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    • CycloneJeff Jeff Member

      Z28 had the gas pedal mounted to the floor board. Also lower a arm has a spacer for the rubber bumper

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  2. Keith

    The second gen camaro has Z28 or Z28.19 on trim tag under hood near windshield. Z27 was SS model and other models like RS and LT tagged accordingly. Reference NastyZ28.com for correct 2nd gen trim tag identification.

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    • Steve R

      Only Norwood cars can be identified through the trim tag, not Van Nuys built cars.

      Steve R

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  3. 19sixty5 Member

    I believe the 1970 small lip spoiler was also available on the early 71 cars before the changeover to the three piece unit. Personally I love the low spoiler over the three piece, but neither are bad. Seller, go buy a carb!

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  4. Tom Member

    If it is real, this IS the one to buy in my opinion.

    Great year (70-71 best HP years), solid-limited rust apparently, birthright RS & Z28 with originality, 4 speed, Good color combo. Looks like you could get away with a great detail on the exterior. Not sure why the exterior looks so nice and the interior is a disaster? Don’t like the discoloration on the dash board…..water line? New Interior. Go through the drivetrain. Restore the engine bay…..wish I could buy this one.

    I had a 70 1/2 RS but don’t know enough about this GEN to know what is correct or not like the spoiler. Is this NOT the right spoiler for the car?

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    • Steve Douglas Member

      But….is that a…..water line on the dashboard?! In all my wandering, I’ve never seen a crud layout like that, short of a flood.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        As soon as the car was rescued from the muddy water, the carpet should have been pulled & thrown out(hopefully floor still good), & interior wiped down. & I would just spray liquid bleach, wipe again & let dry & air out. 50-50 chance the electricals & gages are ok, tho the simple wiring harnesses should be replaced anyway considering their age. It’s not like it’s a new car with allll those computers, electronics & miles of wire. Hopefully, water did not get into the motor, trans or rear.

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      • Little_Cars

        For those out there not wanting to look through the eBay photo album, here is what all the hub bub is about. A very distinct line of mud/debris about mid dash. Even if this car was extracted quickly from the floor waters, care was not taken to dry out the soft parts and likely the electricals. Expect to install a whole new harness, recalibrate or replace the instruments, install radio, and purchase at least 2/3rds of the interior parts. Wear a mask, save lives!

  5. Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff

    From NastyZ28.com

    1970 – 71: Low 1 piece, 1971 – 81: Tall 3 piece.
    In 1970 and early into 1971 the standard rear spoiler was a low profile, 1 piece spoiler. There was a very limited (COPO 9796) 3 piece spoiler patterned (or “borrowed” from) after the Pontiac Trans Am available in 1970. Few people knew of its availability. There were an estimated 500 Camaros equipped with the copo spoiler.

    This 3 piece rear spoiler became the standard spoiler in mid 1971.

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  6. Anthony in RI

    It has the floor mounted accelerator pedal which was unique to Z-28’s. I had a 70 Camaro back in the day and it had a suspended accelerator pedal….

  7. Bmac777 Member

    This car has been under water.
    I had a Grand Prix that went in the ocean, a few months later I saw it at the junk yard and it had the same crud on the interior surfaces.
    The exteriors can clean up nice especially if it’s fresh water, but the rugs will get that white mold and after it dries, stains and rust will start to randomly pop up all over the place.
    There’s a pic of the rusty vin tag which happens cause all of the moisture under the dash rises through those areas in condensation for a long time.
    No pics of the underside either. I bet it a crusty mess

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  8. Little_Cars

    Springfield, Tennessee is upriver from Nashville and the Cumberland River flooded in 2010 with many buildings and cars underwater. This could be one of those cars. I too am disturbed by the condition of the interior considering how great the outside looks.

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  9. Lynn Member

    Motor had an aluminum intake from factory. As stated only one Motor for Z/28.

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  10. 200mph

    This was the standard spoiler on all 1971 Z28s, with the correct cast emblem.

    For 1971, the RPO D80 optional spoiler package included the one-piece front air dam (in black), the three piece high rear spoiler, and an adhesive mylar emblem.

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  11. Bruce Johnson Bruce Johnson Staff

    Thanks Guys. This extra information is very helpful.

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  12. Gary MacDonald

    It looks to be a torker /tarantula intake . Definitely not a chevy intake .

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  13. Lounge

    I’m pretty sure the Z28 had a full front bumper from the factory on these gen 2’s. The RS option was the split front bumper.

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    • Steve R

      The two options were often combined one was a performance package, the other was an appearance package.

      Steve R

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  14. ronald d martin

    I bought a new Z28 in Plattsburg New York.The front & 3 piece spoiler were an option . The one piece spoiler was standard .this was a 72 car.

  15. Troy s

    Looks a bit crusty rusty. That’s a darn shame too as the early 2nd gen Camaros make a bold statement, especially with those round taillights, RS treatment up front, the big stripes,etc.etc…those wheels are really sharp.
    I believe for ’71 the LT1 was quicker than the SS 396 Camaro which doesn’t really surprise me.
    Too bad this one possibly went fishing.

  16. TimM

    Lots of potential here!! It would be nice if someone could decode the vin so we knew what options were on this car!!

    • Steve R

      The VIN won’t help. It doesn’t contain any information about what options the car came with. Even the trim plate, which gives more information, won’t be very helpful beyond verifying it’s a Z28 and color of the interior and exterior. Neither will tell you if the car left the factory with the Rally Sport option since the Z28 or Z27 (SS) took priority in the trim plate.

      Steve R

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