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400/4-Speed: 1968 Pontiac GTO Project

Update 5/14/20 – The seller has dropped their price by $2k but is that enough to find a new home for this GTO? Find the updated listing here on eBay. Thanks go to Ikey H for the tip!

From 9/3/19 – In a radical departure from the sedan-like styling of the first-generation GTO, Pontiac brought this highly-rounded and sporty-looking coupe to market in 1968. Shorter in length and wheelbase (yet somehow 75 lb. heavier), the second-generation GTO set Pontiac up for success in the hot muscle market of the late ’60s. Thanks to wikipedia.org for some details. The seller claims this 1968 Pontiac GTO in Hallandale, Florida retains nearly all of its original equipment including 400 cid (6.6L) V8, four-speed manual transmission, interior, and even paint. I’m no GTO expert, but the $19,500 Buy It Now price here on eBay seems optimistic. Still, if complete and solid, it could make a dandy “Goat.”

If that stick-shift sticking out of the wood-grain console doesn’t get your blood pumping, what are you doing here? Take a walk over to boringcarsfornearlydeadpeople.com. These bucket seats may seem a little flat and slippery compared to today’s sport seats, but acceleration can be applied at any time to sink you into the seat if you start sliding laterally.

While the breaks in the grille inboard of the headlights might suggests this GTO sports the optional hidden headlights, this YouTube video disproves that theory. Hidden headlight cars have noticeably different trim with headlights exposed. Pontiac touted the Endura Bumpers toughness with at least two amusing TV commercials, one featuring Pontiac Man John Z. Delorean and others beating the new bumper with various objects.

We have no pictures of the engine compartment, so how about one of the back seat? This nearly-pristine vinyl bench seat could probably tell some stories but, as the father of two girls, I’ll leave it at that. Green cars aren’t everyone’s favorite, but the black interior gives this Pontiac a resale advantage over a car that’s green inside and out. You might prefer a 1970 with the 455, but this car’s 400 was pretty hot in ’68, and can yield well over 400 HP on pump gas with some work. Any GTO fans out there? What’s this car worth to you?


  1. slickb

    Make it run and drive it as it is and enjoy the patina. restore it later. this is a great car.

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  2. John M.

    Way better than the Le Mans that was previously featured.

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Optimistic BIN price IMO. This looks to be assuming someone “Has to Have” this car, which might happen. Might happen, might not.
    Could be a fun car when finished, we’ll see.

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    • hugh crawford

      Plus for the last year of vent windows AKA wind wings. The 69s aren’t nearly as pleasant to drive with the windows open.

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  4. rpol35

    That single snorkel air cleaner looks like the one used on the “optional” 265 HP 400 CI, 2 barrel carb. engine. As I recall, the “standard” 400 CI, 350 HP engine used a dual snorkel unit.

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    • Roy B.

      Nope, looks exactly like it should, no dual snorkels in 68 unless perhaps a California models. The optional 265 hp 2 barrel was only available with an automatic.

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  5. local_sheriff

    That BIN is hilarious – considering its overall condition I can see it sell for 10k mainly ‘cuz it’s a 4spd, but 19.5k…?!

    Not nearly as atttractive as the 64-67 models, sadly by 68 the legedary Goat was reduced to look like just another A-body – IMO so much of its identity got lost in the transition.

    Considering the car’s Ft Lauderdale location and that seller ‘welcomes international buyers’ I suspect he’s hoping some desperate European enthusiast will jump on it to avoid the hassle of arranging inland transport. Just to make that one clear; European buyers are very well aware of what vintage US iron sell for

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    • Chris M

      While I appreciate your opinion I tend to like the 68-69 GTO designs. However I do tend to see the 71-74 designs as the low water mark for The Great One.

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      • local_sheriff

        Chris M; I won’t necessarily claim I dislike the design I just think by 68 they got too anonymous compared to previous models.

        Considering your nick and interest in 68-69 Goats, not to mention that the world is getting increasingly smaller – you shouldn’t by any chance be located in Winter Park,FL…?

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    • Chris M.

      No sheriff, I’m not from those parts. Lol

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  6. Mike L

    More photos, a better description and some history on it would certainly help. The car has Ohio plates from the late ’70s/early 80s so it’s likely seen days here in the salt belt..

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  7. Charles Moorehead

    Wow 20k for a total restoration project should be 10k at best.
    Why is it no matter condition price usually off the hook.

    The people that would buy and restore I guess they are planning on driving when completed a 75,000 car after restoration and worth 40,000 at best,
    Ill never get it,

    must be me

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  8. Martin Kovach

    Judging by all the rust, I’d bet underneath looks pretty crunchy too.

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  9. TimM

    This brings back memory’s!!! I had a 68 with enduro delete so it had the chrome front bumper!! I liked it better!!! It was a his/hers shifter and the same color as this one!! I was the second owner and it is definitely a regret that I have letting it go!! I always wished it was a 4 speed but it was still a fun car and got lots of looks!!!

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    • Ralph

      They kept the chrome bumper in case the Endura proved unpopular, but they only made a few cars with the chrome bumper.

      It sort of looked like a LeMans with hoodscoops.

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  10. JoeNYWF64

    If the endura bumper is anything like the 1 on the ’70-3 firebird, i bet most of that 75 lb extra weight is in the front bumper.
    Try to lift a ’73 firebird front bumper , & then a ’67 camaro front one.

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  11. stillrunners

    Agree on the high side – no frame shots ?

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  12. Troy s

    The ’65 the other day caused a stir, but for me I really like these years, whether it’s a GTO, SS396, or 442. Like the sporty roof line, with a heavy emphasis on muscular styling.
    There’s a very nice picture of the engine in the ad, don’t get the single snorkel air cleaner either. Is it original or from a different car? Could be a two barrel 400 which doesn’t make the car any more valuable, at least that’s how I see it.

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  13. Nate

    This body style to everything I’ve been told was the “Judge” style while the older squared style was the “Goat”. I could be wrong as that’s happened many times before but if I am wrong, I’m taking a BUNCH of GTO crazy fans with me. LOL

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  14. Troy s

    The Judge, the goat, that darn noisy kid doing burn outs in front of the school, I honestly never thought of these later GTO’s as a Judge unless of course it was one. I know they were never referred to as ‘tin Indians’.
    Keep lowering that price, dude, nothing lasts forever.

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  15. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    except for condition, this is exactly like my GTO in the Spring/Summer of 71.
    same color and 400….. sold it in the Fall for 1325.00

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    • Johnny

      I bought a 68 in 78 for $125. Had a dent in the drivers door and a bad starter. Bought it in Norfolk,Va and towed it home to W.Va. Sold it about 6 month later for $125 if the guy would promise he would not sale it to this one guy.He promised and took it straight to the guy and sold it. The guy would tear up anything in a short while. Less the two weeks he trashed it. The guy that bought it off of me. He caught his wife cheating and her lover ( brother-in -law) pulled out a 357 and killed him. He was a nice guy and took alot of crap from her. It was a really nice car too.With the 400 his and hers shifter.

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      • On and On On and On Member

        Yikes, that’s an awful story but I’ve lived long enough to no longer be shocked by anything I hear.

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  16. Steve R

    Overpriced last September, overpriced today.

    Steve R

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  17. PairsNPaint

    My older brother bought one of these new, just after he got married. Same metallic olive green, with matching vinyl top and interior, 400 w/auto, red stripe tires. Beautiful car. Shortly after he got it, he joined the Air Force and shipped out to Lackland AFB in Texas. Foolishly, he left the keys with his 18 yo gear-head brother (me). I had a part-time job with a hole-in-the-wall sports car parts store. One of my jobs was to run customer’s steel wheels from Washington, D.C. up to Hagerstown, MD to have them widened. I’d take old Route 40 which had two lanes, no traffic, and lots of hills. More than once I’d get all four wheels air-borne at 100+ MPH!

    I also took it to my senior prom that year. Yeah, that back seat could tell some stories, too!

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    • Johnny

      That,s one of the reason I won,t sale my 66 Ford Fairlane GT. If only it could talk.

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    • Rex Lee Carpenter

      The color is Vedero green not olive green met.

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  18. Goatcop

    Incorrect console for’68 GTO.

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  19. MD


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    • jerry z

      Just checked Ebay, still for sale. The car is priced $10K too high. If someone offers him anything north of $10K, take it!

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  20. George Mattar

    Most popular color in 68 I think from all the green 68s I have seen in my years collecting muscle. I owned a Limelight Green 69 and Palisade Green 70. Miss them both. Amazing how many have survived. Truth be told most of these cars lood this bad and worse by the early to mid 70s. Even if you can do all the work yourself, parts cost today and lousy made Chinese parts will give you fits. Worth saving.

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  21. Rex Lee Carpenter

    The cost of just a good paint job if all it needed was paint would be north of 10K all teh parts on the inside & the engine & trans work that WILL be needed after sitting all that time. You will have 40K in the resto for a car you can buy completely done for 25K. This guy is one of them that has something & just want to show it off & not sell it. He just wants to say see what I’ve got & you don’t. He’s a fool & he is just a child with a new football he won’t let any one play with it.

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  22. 433jeff

    To each his own, Motor Trends car of the year, John Delorean and the Poncho looked better than the Chebby! A trend that would continue, yes chevy made more power.

    I Grew up in a endura delete E code aegeean blue, not liberty ( later) the blue was real datk , Had an A code black Gto early ram1 car with hideaway and much more. How about the little reverb switches.

    To me the 68 is way morr classy than the 69, yes i did love the judge, but was disappointed with 69 interior, i like the 69 front valance, so i put them on my 68. ChromeBullet mirrors That hit on vent window.

    To me you got the 68 gto on one end with the 68-70 charger on the other, with all the rest in the middle.

    I sold my 70 supersport chevelles, The GTO just looks better, Just my opinion. Yea i like the 64- 67 69-72 i have a cardinal red 72, after that the one year 73 and one year 1974.

    Pontiac dropped the ball on the styling of the new gto,Especially with the retro mustang challenger and camaro coming out.

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  23. Dave

    any contact info on this car? it’s not on ebay anymore

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