4,000 Mile 1994 Honda Prelude Si

1994 Honda Prelude Si

This 1994 Honda Prelude Si is an absolute time capsule. For its age and condition, this car has all the right boxes checked for a fun, reliable, and inexpensive future classic. The most surprising statistic about this car is that it only has 4,000 miles on the odometer. It is located in Martinez, California and the seller is asking a respectable $7,500 for this low mile example. Sadly there is no VIN listed but the seller claims the title is clean. Thank you, Pat L., for the tip. You can view more on craigslist.

1994 Honda Prelude Si

Having only 1,700 original miles on it when the current owner purchased it, they only drove it on weekends and contributed only 2,300 miles to the car. According to the seller, the car spent many years in a dealership showroom. Eventually, it was given as a gift to a new, 16-year-old driver, who refused it because it was a red automatic vehicle. It has had all new fluids put into it and the only thing it needs is new struts because it has been inactive and sitting too long.

1994 Honda Prelude Si

Inside is a set of $400 custom ordered seat covers, keeping anything from spoiling the 26-year-old upholstery. It is hard to tell if the photos show those covers or not though. Everything looks so pristine and similarly colored. There are only two blemishes to note and they are all outside. The seller says that there is a small dent on both rear fenders.

1994 Honda Prelude Si

Sure the listing is missing some information but there are a number of good photos of the car. Although I’m sure in the world of car buying and selling, browsers are always going to claim that more information and photos should be provided. It is entertaining to see that the seller-provided night photos of the interior with the dash and console lights. That is not something you see often. Beyond that, the other context clues around the photo show it to be in quite the company of an assortment of vehicles and other automotive and industrial equipment. It might not be wise to ask questions. If you know your stuff, and you’re confident, it might be best to hand over the money and get the car back to your garage as fast as possible.

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  1. Fred W

    The sweet spot of automotive simplicity and quality control for $7500 bucks- virtually a new car. Somebody jump on this for their kid’s college wheels.

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    • Poppapork

      “Virtually a new car” seriously? You do know that bushings, shocks, tires, rubber hoses, virtually all plastics, rubber and anything in between degrade with age right?

      Like 5
      • Rx7 Turbo II

        Ok negative Nelly, calm down….its a reference term not a guarantee from Honda that their time machine took you back in time to buy a new Prelude from 1994….lol

        Like 8
  2. Scott Marquis

    4k mile car needs a full a dash pad ??

    Like 1
    • Steve R

      What makes you say that? I see a Dashmat covering the dash, those were very popular when this car was new. My dad bought one for his 95 Mercury Mystique the dash pad is still perfect even though it has never been parked in a garage. The one he bought for my moms 1984 Honda Accord, it was still on it when they sold her car a few years ago, that too had no cracks or sun damage.

      Steve R

      Like 8
      • Glenn

        I put a dash pad on every vehicle I’ve purchased – keeps the sun from baking it & no dust worries etc. A cheap $20 solution.

  3. H5mind

    I’m sure it’s sacrilege to suggest, but these are much more interesting to drive with a stick. Limited slip is also an option.

    Like 6
    • mark r westphal

      I have the auto version, she’ll surprise you nicely when you keep it matted

      Like 2
  4. Skorzeny

    As an automatic, all the fun is taken away. No wonder it wasn’t driven. Who would want to?

    Like 7
    • mark r westphal

      I have no complaints and my other cars a 65 gto 421 4 speed

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  5. Dave Rhodes

    that 17 yr old needs a kick in the ass !

    Like 11
  6. Bob McK Member

    When I was 16, I would have gotten on my knees for any car. This one is far superior to the one I bought. The good old days when I was really poor.

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  7. CCFisher

    “For its age and condition, this car has all the right boxes checked for a fun, reliable, and inexpensive future classic.”

    One too many boxes are checked – automatic transmission

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  8. Terry

    Owner states it’s a vtec. It is not. Also the 4ws is controlled by a huge computer behind back seat. Known to go out often. Very nice Lude, have owned many. My favorite is 1991.

    • Rx7 Turbo II

      Who said it was a 4 wheel steering car? I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere in the listing…..

  9. Louis Chen

    This Prelude looks great! I just don’t understand what’s the fuss with auto trans ? You really don’t go any faster with a stick! Have you ever driven in heavy traffic on the 405 in Cali or any big cites? Have you ever noticed that the truckers’ have a larger left leg than their right? LMAO… Something is fishy about this deal…the asking price is too low for such a pristine car? If Ilive in Cali I’d take a look see.

    Like 2
    • CCFisher

      “If you have to ask, you’ll never understand” – J. K. Rowling

      it’s not about slogging along on the 405 to make a living. This car is unlikely to ever be used like that. It’s about what happens when we’re truly living. In that context, the automatic is definitely a downer. Even the best automatic transmission technology in 1994 couldn’t match the performance and driver involvement of a manual. That Honda’s manual transmissions were arguably the best of the era makes the automatic even more unfortunate.

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  10. bikefixr

    If it was close to me, I’d grab it in a heartbeat. Make a great car for my daughter. They last forever. $500 for struts and drive the wheels off it.

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  11. Kman

    Nice salt air survivor. With all the carefully cropped photos there nothing showing the underside.

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  12. AMCFAN

    My kid would have been the very one who would have passed on the automatic. I love him. I wouldn’t have made the mistake of buying him something I thought he would like. I would have talked to him first.

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    • Dave Rhodes

      I notice your comment didn’t get any likes …that should tell you something …

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