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41k Original Miles: 1975 Pontiac LeMans GT

This 1975 Pontiac LeMans GT is a tidy survivor that needs to go to a new home. It presents exceptionally well and is said to have a genuine 41,000 miles showing on its odometer. Barn Finder Pat L spotted the Pontiac for us, so thank you for that, Pat. It is located in Dudley, Massachusetts, and has been listed for sale here on craigslist. Hand the owner $15,900, and you can drive away in this classic.

Some cars are subtle and restrained, and they tend to blend into the background. However, throw a coat of a color like Buccaneer Red onto its panels, and it will stand out a mile away. That is what this vehicle wears, and it looks fantastic. It has a magnificent shine, with no signs of patchiness or checking. The LeMans’ nose is a significant expanse of painted steel, making it prone to chipping and damage. I think that there are a few chips on this one, but it generally looks good. The panels are straight, and the gaps are tight and consistent. The GT rolls on a set of original Rally wheels, and they, along with the trim rings, are near perfect. All of the badges, trim, and decals are intact and free from damage. One of the defining styling features of the LeMans is the vast expanses of glass. They give the car a light and airy appearance. It is good to see that all of this glass is in excellent order.

I wish that manufacturers today were as adventurous with interior trim colors as those of years past. Today’s offerings seem to be predominantly upholstered in varying shades of grey, which can be quite somber. There’s no such trouble inside this LeMans. The combination of Red and White is striking and makes a bold statement. One potential weak area for cars like this is that White upholstery can stain, and it can develop a yellow tinge over time. There are no signs of these sorts of problems here. The white is vivid, and the red provides a great contrast. I can’t spot any evidence of rips or tears, and the dash and pad look to be perfect. Making life pleasant and carefree on the road is the inclusion of air conditioning and cruise.

The owner supplies no engine photos, which is a real shame. He also doesn’t provide masses of information, which makes life that bit more difficult. We know that there is a 350ci V8 under the hood, while the LeMans also features a 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. There were two versions of the 350 available in this model year, but it isn’t clear which is fitted to this car. They produced either 155hp or 175hp,. There wasn’t a lot to split between them when it came to the question of acceleration. With the low-power version, the journey down the ¼ mile took 18.6 seconds. The same trip could be accomplished in 18.2 seconds with the more powerful motor. The owner states that the Pontiac has 41,000 genuine miles showing on the odometer but doesn’t indicate whether he has any evidence to back this. What he does say is that the GT drives just like it did when it was new.

The day that the doors finally closed at Pontiac, I will admit that I felt sad. This brand demonstrated a sense of adventure with their products, but they eventually succumbed to corporate rationalization. Nowhere was this sense of adventure more apparent than in cars like this LeMans GT. The mid-1970s was not the happiest time in world history. There was a great deal of political unrest across the globe, and people became energy-conscious for the first time. We all needed something to brighten our day, and cars like this one did the job admirably. It was by no means a muscle car, but its appearance was bright, bubbly, and optimistic. Unfortunately, things have been a bit bleak in recent times, so maybe this car could put a sparkle in your day.


  1. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    All this one needs to really be better than it is, is full “gages” buckets and a console (IMO). This is a real beauty! GLWTS!! :-)

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  2. Avatar photo dirtyharry

    Something different. Owner deserves a medal for car care. If he borrowed your car, it may come back in better condition. I was driving with my friend, who was a musician. We were in the same car (but gold and white plain-Jane). We got hit in the rear and his guitars (safely put away in the trunk) were damaged, in what we later called a “Fender Bender.” That huge bumper was very effective against the young blond who struck us in her MGB-GT, which looked totaled while the GM was a little bent, but drove away.

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    • Avatar photo misterlou Member

      The anti crumple zone approach to safety.

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  3. Avatar photo BryanC

    This looks like a great value.

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  4. Avatar photo Poncho

    Really nice survivor. I was really digging this car until the HP and weight reality hit. Seeing as I am a big time pony car guy and come from the time of the theory and mathematical equation of: more horse power + lighter body = more fun, I will have to pass on this one. No room in my pony stable (4 1969 F- bodies) for a heavy weight underpowered monster. I am sure this car would have got high ratings in the back seat action at the drive in movie category though. GLWTS

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  5. Avatar photo K

    Super nice ride, but I’d have to do something about those battering ram bumpers

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  6. Avatar photo jwzg

    That’s a beautiful car, but there’s nothing GT about a column shifter and bench seats.

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  7. Avatar photo GMoparman

    Beautiful car, I would DD the hell out of it! I don’t think I have seen one of these without bumper guards and rub strips

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  8. Avatar photo Will Fox

    The Lemans GT’s today are probably more scarce than the `77 Can Am’s, of which only 1,377 were built. The GT in `75, as we can see was more of a “tape-stripe” performance vehicle than anything else. Not sure I’ve seen one of these in the last 40 years! As long as bidding doesn’t get ludicrous, this would be an interesting and rare model to have.

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  9. Avatar photo Rosko

    A rarely seen, fat bumber sportsmobile with white interior. Yeah, jwzg, the column shift (and red paint –I’m strange that way) kinda killed my buzz, but still! Drool, Drool.

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  10. Avatar photo Jcs

    As Will Cox said, this is a very rare Pontiac. Many Pontiac enthusiasts would pay big dollars just for that hood with the NACA ducts.

    The 350 2 Barrel is actually a fine engine, surprisingly it was faster then the Quadrajet equipped car 0 to 60, as well as more responsive. I have a 14k mile 76 Grand LeMans that I drive at least monthly. I put 60 miles on it one day last week running around north Atlanta and at one point I thought to myself that this was the best driving car that I own. It really drives surprisingly well. Pontiac engineers really did a nice job with the radial tuned suspension, they were at the top of their game at the time.

    Slightly different than this GT in the respect that mine has the Grand Prix dashboard and door panels. The bench seat with the center armrest and the column shifter is amazingly comfortable, and very handy – in many ways.

    Very cool car that appears to be in great shape. Someone is going to be very pleased.

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    • Avatar photo Jcs

      I neglected to mention, you could easily block an entire interstate highway with one of these by simply opening wide both doors. Talk about long!

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  11. Avatar photo Steve Bush Member

    Agree with jwzg, sharp car but for a bench seat, column shift, no pw/pl, overweight and underpowered car, the $16k asking is nuts.

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  12. Avatar photo BT

    Had a 1975 Pontiac Lemans as my first car. Silver two door with a red half vinyl roof. 350 ànd sport suspension. Had an external transmission radiator and gages but no trailer hitch. Red bench seat interior with the column shift. Ran strong and handled extremely well for 7 years. Great car. Sad that the rear quarter panels and trunk rusted away. Pennsylvania used a lot of salt on the roads.

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  13. Avatar photo Ray

    The NACA ducts seem really out of place with a nearly 19 second 1/4 mile time.

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      How often would you race this car in the 1/4 mile?

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  14. Avatar photo Jeff Striepling

    Time stood still on this one. I drove my buddy to pick out one of these brand new in 74. They had 3 to choose from. He wanted a stick so that narrowed it to one, It was brown with saddle bench seat and 350 4 barrel, 3 speed stick. A High School graduation gift from his parents. Saw comments here about bench seat vs buckets and console. Nobody wanted buckets and console till after they were married back then. You just weren’t cool if you didn’t have your girlfriend up against you with your arm around her. Drive in movies were still the top choice for date night. You ever try necking with your girl at the drive in with buckets and a console? Your buddy and his girl were having a great time in the back seat, while you and your girl hat to watch the movie. You could take dad’s car on date night, but what’s the point in having a cool car? Watch American Graffiti some time. Once we all got married and left the dating scene behind, we became interested in the buckets with console. Until kids started showing up. Then we traded for a sedan or station wagon. It would be a few years before the mini van came along.

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  15. Avatar photo DON

    This a beautiful car ! I’ve always ;like the Colonnade styling . The Lemans and the Malibus always looked better with the large quarter glass ; the Montes Grand Prix and Cutlass supremes roof lines worked better with the smaller rectangle glass . I have no issues with the bumpers ,heck a 1950 Buick has a massive bumper and They’re ok with me too . They may not have the horsepower of some of their earlier sisters, but keep in mind many of those had smaller engines than this. This is a beautiful cruiser , I dont know if its worth the asking price, but I’d love to own it.

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  16. Avatar photo Miguel

    I don’t get the hate for the big bumpers.

    If new cars had big bumpers now, fewer of them would be totaled for a small rear end hit.

    This car is here today probably because it has those bumpers for protection, plus I like somewhere to sit that is not on my paint.

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  17. Avatar photo fran

    Why is the owner yelling, on his CL listing? Is he hiding something?

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  18. Avatar photo mainlymuscle

    @ Adam ,the author ; “doesn’t indicate whether he has any evidence to back this (mileage claim ) ”
    Yea,I think those pictures will do !
    As Miguel says ,you are not buying this car to race,and that’s one of it’s advantages.Everyone wants to race me in my Bandit Trans Am,won’t happen in your Lemans,even in “arrest me red”

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  19. Avatar photo Patrick Curran

    I drive by this car every day and it is as nice as it looks. My son would love to have it but he isn’t getting it! You would be the only one at your local cruise in or cars and coffee with this car. The red/white combo makes this car pop.

    I wish it had bucket seats and a console to go along with its “GT” badge but alas, the bench will have to do.

    Try and find another one in this color combo and shape!

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  20. Avatar photo Troy s

    A cherry of a car, really, from a terrible period in automotive history if you ask me. Those 18 plus second quarter mile times, they’re just measurements, 0 to 60 would be a more a useful actual use measurement I’m guessing eleven seconds or maybe worse.
    It’s just for driving, showing. As for seat of the pants excitement…forget about it.

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  21. Avatar photo Desert Rat

    Please excuse my computer skills ( you need to copy and past) but I wanted to share a cool pic. of a Pontiac in NASCAR trim. It’s a grand am but close enought so you get the idea. These cars can look really good with a few well chosen mods.

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  22. Avatar photo Desert Rat
  23. Avatar photo Gus Fring

    It’s missing the “O”.

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  24. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    For a 59 yr old male, who by great luck,not mass fortune, has owned 4 Mercedes benzs 1 BMW and 1 Lexus, also quite a few Lincoln’s when they were big, my favorite car of all time, My 73 Luxury Lemans, got it in 1977, 16 yrs old, had every option available, black car, beautiful white interior and full white top, spoke wheels and 1.5 inch whitewalls, it rode beautiful, looked beautiful and different in an array of Monte Carlos Grand Prixs and Cutlass supremes in every Disco parking lot, in NY Westchester county and Ling Island, keep your I tunes give me back my 8 track

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    • Avatar photo Tommy

      I also had a 73 Luxury Lemans. You may have seen it parked at Fudgies on Central Ave.

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      • Avatar photo John Oliveri

        That’s hysterical, I have a Fudgies Whistle and a Fudgies shot glass hanging off the rear view mirror of my 73 Grand Prix, currently, did you go to the Milky Way too, Peachtrees? The Second Floor?

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  25. Avatar photo stillrunners

    Agree with MoparMan – these were a great offering back in their day and this one still looks great and at a agreeable price…..

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