41K Original Miles: 1982 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

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I’m telling you right now, I’m sick of red Camaros. And black Camaros. And white Camaros. And up until a minute ago, I’d only consider a yellow Camaro of this vintage. Now that I know this lovely shade of brown over tan exists, however, yellow can take a hike, too. Yes, I love this chocolate-over-coffee Camaro with its nicely contrasting wheels, a color combination we rarely see. The Chevy also has a mere 41,000 miles on the clock and it’s listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $5,950 and no reserve.

If I were a UPS driver that enjoyed my job, I imagine I’d enjoy having a Z28 in the fleet that matched my work vehicle. The Camaro is said to sport original paint and graphics, all of which look to be holding up nicely. Despite being in New York State, there’s no evidence of rust, and hopefully, the low mileage suggests it didn’t see winter use. Given the community of Mahopac isn’t immune from the snowstorms that target the lower Hudson Valley, I’m almost certain this was a summer-driver only.

The interior is also in nice shape, though it’s a bummer not to see a manual gearbox in the console. The dash looks like it has a hairline crack in the dead-center, but otherwise, there’s not much to fault here. Although I’m no Camaro expert, I noticed it has a gigantic quartz clock in the center console, which apparently is a rare option. Dang – brown paint and a big console clock. Makes you wonder who the first owner was.

The original window sticker and all books/manuals are included, and the undisturbed nature of this Camaro really shines through from every angle. Given the muted colors and features, I’m guessing this didn’t belong to someone who did burnouts and handbrake turns at every opportunity, which explains the high level of preservation. While the colors may not have been popular in the 80s, this color combination is definitely back in style – even if the performance is still solidly stuck in 1982.

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  1. irocrobb

    Had one just like this except a 4 speed manual and t tops. The same colour on the outside. Always thought the speedometer was funky,kind of like a airplane gauge.
    Sure was a nice driving car but not much of a performer….

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  2. JoeNYWF64

    I guess Chevy saved money by only offering a black dash in this gen. At least it still has sensible sized windows, hidden wipers, a long hood, & sporty low roof, unlike the current one.
    Should have stuck with prior gen’s front suspension or maybe gone to torsion bars or coil overs – macphersons create monstrous shock towers & no room to work under the hood. At least tho 1/2 of the motor is not under the windshield, like on the next gen!
    Not sure if the rear end on these are junk. We all know about the auto transes.
    Good idea getting rid of rear leaf springs, however, & losing several hundred pounds over prior gen.
    I thought those hood scoop flaps open up when you give it the gas, tho the rusty air cleaner is not the style to take advantage of air induction, or is the wrong one?

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    • poseurMember

      Cross fire injection motor had the opening hood flap but LG4 4bbl engines did not. L69’s has twin openings up front by radiator if memory serves.

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  3. Capriest

    The Boognish totally approves of this color combo……as do I!

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  4. Tom

    The General quickly did away with the openingg good flaps because they would suck in rain.

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  5. Tom

    The General quickly did away with the opening flaps because they would suck in rain.

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    Again? It was auctioned on Ebay last week I think max bid $6,950 No Sale and I don’t think this time either.

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  7. Todd

    This is an LG4 145HP Rochester carburetor car. They did not have the functional flaps, only the Crossfire fuel injected cars had the those, for a grand 165HP. I had several similar 82’s. A two tone blue exterior w/blue base cloth interior LG4 with T-tops and automatic. Also had a white/grey exterior with gray Conteur seat cloth interior, also LG4, but 4 speed manual. Also had an 82 T/A white/grey exterior, black interior, t-tops, and the Crossfire/automatic and functional hood scoop.

    And yes, the rear in these is garbage…broke many of them, 3.23 was hard to find…

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Chevy/Pontiac should have used/carried over, instead, at least the 10 bolt rear from the 1st gen, tho the 10 bolt from the 2nd gen would have been better. How do the rears hold up up on the 4th, 5th & 6th gens? The latter 2 gens have the additional worry of 4 cv joints back there! & so do modern mustangs & challengers.
      Maybe universal joints, like on the ’68-81 vette, would have been better?

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  8. Tom

    Surprising it didn’t sell. They really are nice drivers. The slick ticket in one is a LS swap with a 6 speed. Instant little street sweeper sleeper!!

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  9. Troy s

    The opening sentences brought me to this post, more than the car itself, there was a time when I was sick of all Camaros in general. Be it red, black, orange, yellow, or like many of the in progress street machines from my time; primer grey.
    Rich girl in high school got one of these for her 16th birthday, black however, and that car was like everything else in 1982: a dog. Sharp looks, that’s all it had.
    That body style seemed cool at first, but after a while there was so many of them on the road, on the local short track, everywhere, that I couldn’t wait for Chevy to bring out a fourth version.

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  10. brianashe

    “If I were a UPS driver that enjoyed my job, I imagine I’d enjoy having a Z28 in the fleet that matched my work vehicle.” — Nice. :-)

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  11. Bakyrdhero

    Nice color combo. Of course the clock is rare, who would pay extra to put a clock RIGHT THERE? Nice car though.

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  12. Tom

    I had the 84 L69 Z28. It had the auto with a 4 barrel with a single leg 373 rear that finally flew apart!. I swapped in a nicely warmed over 350 and a Dana 44 rear out of a TA. The 3.27 gear in it made it a high speed terror! Would run 135 easy before shifting to OD. The dual fresh air snorkel made more power. I ran it 170 one night and backed out…. Fun car it was!

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