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421 HO Tri-Power: 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix

The 1964 model year was one of evolution for the styling of the First Generation Pontiac Grand Prix, although the company did introduce a few changes under the skin. None of these were revolutionary, and while one may bear some relevance to the originality of our feature car, there’s no denying it will appeal to many of our readers. Its presentation is hard to fault, and the powerhouse under the hood should provide performance to match its good looks. The Grand Prix is listed for sale here on eBay in Houston, Texas. The bidding has raced to $14,100, which pushes it beyond the reserve.

The eBay listing for this classic is pretty confusing because it indicates that this Grand Prix features such options as anti-lock brakes, airbags, and air conditioning. There is no evidence of air conditioning in the supplied photos, and the other features were unavailable in 1964. Another question mark hangs over the subject of its paint shade. The seller lists it as “Black,” which appears plausible in some shots. However, it looks like Nocturne Blue in most photos, further muddying the water with this Pontiac. It presents well, with a great depth of shine and no evidence of significant flaws in the panels or paint. The underside shots reveal the occasional dusting of dry surface corrosion, as you might expect in a car from this location, but no evidence of penetrating rust. The trim and glass are excellent, and spotless 8-lug wheels round out the exterior.

Lifting the hood on any classic from this era to find a V8 is good, but to see what occupies this Grand Prix’s engine bay should get hearts racing. We’re looking at the 421ci HO Tri-Power motor that churns out 370hp. Those ponies feed to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission, with power steering making light work of the driving experience. The Grand Prix may tip the scales at 3,930lbs, but that powerhouse should launch it through the ¼ mile in 14.3 seconds. The seller doesn’t indicate whether the car is numbers-matching, but if the supplied information is correct, the transmission isn’t original. They indicate it is a T-10, but Pontiac superseded that unit with a Muncie M20 or M21 for 1964. For purists, it is another aspect of the car that may require clarification. We receive no information on how well this beauty runs or drives, but the news should be favorable if the appearance proves an accurate indication.

The theme of tidy presentation continues when we examine the Pontiac’s interior shots. It is upholstered in Dark Blue, and apart from some slight stretching of the upholstery on the driver’s seat, it is difficult to fault. There are no rips or tears and no signs of wear. The headliner is excellent, as are the dash and pad. A wrap protects the wheel, while some aftermarket gauges monitor the health of the monster under the hood. Those additions are removable, but the buyer will probably retain them for peace of mind.

The listing for this 1964 Grand Prix seems to raise as many questions as it answers. Whether it is an original classic is something best answered with an in-person inspection. Even if it proves to be a tribute, it looks like someone executed their work to a high standard. This is reflected in the bidding history, with twenty-two submitted at the time of writing. That it has already exceeded the reserve at such a modest figure may also indicate that it isn’t 100% original. Regardless of the truth, somebody is only days away from driving off into the sunset in a stunning classic. Are you tempted?


  1. Driveinstile Driveinstile Member

    One of the first things I thought of when I saw this car, was the cover of the Beach Boys album Shut Down 2. Where they have a blue 64 Grand Prix and a Vette on the cover. It’s a different shade of blue if memory serves me correctly. These were handsome cars in their day. In my humble opinion, Pontiac had some of the nicest looking cars on the road during the early to mid 60s. I have to admit, I am a little partial. My Dad had a brand new 64 Catalina 2 door hardtop, and traded it in on a new 66 Bonneville 2 door hardtop. They were both nice. I hope someone snatches it up and keeps it nice.

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  2. Raoul-F Raoul-F

    This car was sold in 2017 for $ 35.500.. Listing Details
    Chassis: 894S9999
    92,132 Miles Shown
    Rebuilt Tri Power 421ci HO V8
    4-Speed Borg Warner T10 Manual Transmission
    Longterm Original Ownership
    Older Repaint
    PHS Report
    Original GM Export Division Invoice….

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  3. RoughDiamond

    This is a beautiful ’64 Grand Prix and these seem to be turning up here lately. I would be concerned about Houston as it’s so humid there, but maybe this was garaged its entire life.

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  4. Dave

    Good heavens. Something special. This car will only get more dear.

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  5. Allen L

    Wow, this GP really has some miles on it, per the original sale, shipped to Taiwan, and then made it’s way back home.
    Of course those miles don’t, rightfully, show up on the odometer. 😃

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    • bucky66

      The mileage listed in the BAT ad from 2017 and the mileage listed in the EBay ad are the same, 92132, so it hasn’t been driven in at least 5 years.

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  6. Sparky

    Note that the seller has a feedback of (2).

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  7. Jerry Bramlett

    I smell scam: photos are not Houston, eBay ad specifics don’t match car, no reserve and started low, weak-ass description. No way.

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    • Poppy

      The link to the dealership website also lists a $22,000 asking price. Like you said, “No way.”

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  8. MikeD Member

    Looks like the same pictures were used from the BAT ad from 2017.

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  9. Rick Rothermel

    My dad bought his Nocturne Blue ‘64 GP, the fourth of his five new Pontiacs over a six-model-year stretch, on the strength of the ads for the ‘63, all of which showed the car in the same color. That one was the worst of his five and went away after a year but it’s the one I remember the most. They were classics from day one.

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  10. Keith

    Crazy to advertise any Pontiac without the PHS doc. That is the luxury of buying a PONTIAC and knowing you got what you paid for.

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I live in Houston, have called the number listed it makes sounds like a fax number. Signed up for reply message and have not heard back. this may be bogus.

    God Bless America

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    • bucky66

      Hmmm, driver and passenger airbags along with side airbags and anti-lock brakes. On a 1964? Oh wait, they were added later. I’d like to see the bill for that. And is it a 4-speed or automatic, the ad says both.

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  12. MLM

    Good looking cars then and even better looking cars now.

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  13. David A Bufalini

    Where are the 421 badges?

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    • DAVID G

      Didn’t always come through with the 421 Fender emblems, could be deleted. Bought mine from the original owner who special-ordered it to NOT come through with the badges from the Southgate LA plant, and they followed his order. Told me he didn’t want folks knowing that he had the big engine. He also went personally down there from his LasVegas home to pick it up once assembly was completed, so he didn’t have to worry about some youngster beating it around. Told me he then dropped it at his Pat Clark Pontiac home dealership, for them to do their usual ‘pre-delivery’ checkup while he waited, hehehe…

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  14. Kerry

    Boy does this bring back the memories…I had 1964 Catalina 2+2 in this almost identical color, although I thought it was called Daytona Blue, had the same power train 421 2×3 same rear end ratio, 8-lug wheels, dash & console looks identical, although my 2+2 was optioned with a factory AM/FM radio with auto-seek, floor mounted foot switch above the dimmer switch, local/distant push button on the radio faceplate, factory reverb with on/off switch mounted just above the 3 gauges, dual power antennas, real wood grain dash like this GP, 2+2 emblems on door panels and front fenders & rear deck lid…another neat option was a trunk light that removed from its mount and had a cord reel with probably 20 feet of cable that retracted like the old Electrolux vacuums. Bought the car used in 1971 for $600 with 59k miles shown on the clock…the car ran really strong but at the time had a close friend that had the ’64 GTO 389 2×3 4 speed and from a standing start he’d get me by a car length in a 1/4 mile race…but I could hang with him and even nudge past him a bit at 90 mph …fastest I ever drove it was 120 mph and it had a little more to go…always was thinking what if I blew a tire or something else at that speed… then got drafted in Nov 72 and in 75 traded it in on a 1967 Catalina 2+2 with the 428, TH400 auto…it was a bit bigger car and not a much fun to drive…but loved the body style…always liked the 1964-1967 Pontiac’s ..GTO’s, GP’s, & 2+2’s.

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