425 HP Big Block! 1965 Corvette Coupe

It might not be a split window Corvette, but this ’65 is about as desirable as they come. You see, it’s one of just 618 Corvettes optioned in 1965 with the 425 horsepower 396! It was also optioned with the M-20 4-speed, teak steering wheel, telescopic steering column, power disc brakes and power windows. Between the options and survivor status, this is definitely a desirable car, but is it worth the seller’s $110k asking price? Take a closer look at it here on eBay in Hood River, Oregon and then let us know what you think!

Here’s the massive lump of an engine. The valve covers and block appear to have been painted recently. We always cringe when we see cars like this with rattle can engine paint jobs. The overspray is a pain to clean up! The seller doesn’t state if any work has been done to the engine, but they claim to have owned it for the past 30 years and are willing to answer any questions potential buyers might have.

The interior looks fairly original and the odometer is showing just 70k miles, although the wear to the carpets and center console don’t quite match up with that low of mileage. It’s possible that they have simply deteriorated from time, sun exposure or abuse. Mileage claims are always difficult to prove without paperwork, so it’s always best to judge a car off of what is really there rather than what the odometer states. That being said, it’s a nice interior and the teak steering wheel really jumps out! According to Hagerty it alone adds $2,200 to the value of the car.

If this were a few years older with the split rear window and the 360 horsepower engine, it would be worth an incredible amount of money. Heck, even without the split back window it’s worth quite a bit! Hagerty puts a #1 condition 425 horse Coupe at $143k, but if we are honest this car isn’t a Concours example. Being a survivor does increase its desirability, but purely from a valuation standpoint, it is probably closer to a #3 in terms of condition. So that leaves us wondering, is the possibility that it’s a survivor justify the asking price? Or is it on the high side?


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  1. 68custom

    my two favorite bastard vettes are the 65 with the one year 396 and the also rare 67 with 427 and powerglide, this one looks nice!

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  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    I agree, Josh, that the carpet wear is a bit suspicious, but assuming everything underneath is decent, it would make a nice car for someone who is willing to pay that kind of scratch for a ‘Vette.

    I remember these 396-engined cars when they were first sold and thought they were pretty cool, but not as cool as a Fuelie of the same year, which I thought would be far better balanced, handling-wise. Both had the advantage of disc brakes, which were a vast improvement over the drums on earlier Sting Rays.

  3. PatrickM

    Interior does suggest more than 70K miles. Rattle can spray paint tells a tale of “cover-up-something.” It isn’t worth more than $60,000.00, since we can’t see any underside pics here on BF. Plus…etc. Not trying to criticize. But, if you’re gonna ask a penny, show me the candy. ’65’s are fantastic cars, but…. Ok, I’ve said enough.

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  4. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    this car is worth every dime as much as a split window (maybe more), the rat motor and the 4 wheel discs are fantastic, the Goodwood Green paint, ehhh…not so much…still a very desirable car

    • Paul

      Goodwood green is a 1967 color

  5. JW

    I love it but not $110K worth. If it was a split window in this condition then maybe.

  6. Alford Pouse Member

    I’d go for the 65 convertible restored at a grand less on the bottom of that ebay page.

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  7. skagit340@gmail,com

    I just have to say, that rattle can engine paint sucks. overspray and check out the air filter!! is that overspray? This cool vette deserves better than that.

    • glen

      I think the air filter is reflecting the orange from the valve covers.

  8. Bob

    My worry would be that the engine is not original. My reasoning is, that all the 396 425 HP engines that I have ever seen had chrome valve covers not painted, and that the air cleaner cover should be chrome, not painted. I also notice that the radiator hose outlet on the intake looks really grungy, while the manifold looks so clean.
    The manifold might be correct, at least it is a Winters manifold but it would be interesting to see if that is the correct manifold and that it is sporting a Holley 3 barrel carb.
    I also believe that the transmission should be labeled as an M21 or the optional M22. I only had the 300 hp 327 in my car, and it was equipped with the M21.
    If someone is looking to do a bottom up restoration, they are going to have to do some careful number checking.
    I would like to own a coupe again, but this one is a little spendy.

    • moosie Craig M. Bryda

      Every 1965 Corvette that I’ve seen with the 396/425 had the same Chevy Orange valve covers and the Black air cleaner lid. Even way back in 1965 sitting on the showroom floor.

      • Bob

        You are correct. I owned a 66 427, and made the logical mistake of assuming that the 65 would have had the the same trim as the 66.

  9. Adam T45 Staff

    Nice? Undoubtedly. Worth the money? Not sure on that one. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it’s a trick of the light, but in the ad there’s a picture of the fuel cap. It looks suspiciously like the paint is chipping away on the left hand edge of the filler. Maybe a respray?

    I’m a Ford man through and through, but if I had a choice between this and a Chev SS (based on the Australian Commodore), I’d grab the SS. This may seem like a strange piece of advice, but there is sound reasoning behind it. The Australian produced SS is the last of its breed. The US has received 12,000 of them, and production in Australia ceased permanently in October 2017. There will be no more Australian produced or developed GM cars of any description. They have the potential to be the future seriously collectable car, and they’re currently half the price of this ‘Vette. They also produce in excess of 400hp and are rather nice to drive.

  10. GaryC GaryC

    Not for sure on the ’65 big block cars, but the 327 cu.in. ’65 Vettes had the alternator on the right (passenger) side unless it had a/c. Then the alternator was located to the left (drivers) side.
    ’66 Vettes alternator was located to the left side on all of them a/c or not.

  11. GaryC GaryC

    OK, I just went through google images of 1965 Corvettes with 396 engines and of them have orange valve covers, black air cleaner and alternator on the left side.
    Minus the overspray.

  12. David

    It might look nice, but not $110k nice. I’m thinking he was watching Barrett Jackson and thinks he stumbled upon the rarest of rare Vette’s I see a $40k Tops condition means everything. I bet your going to put at least $50k more into it to get it close to Haggerty’s #1 condition.

  13. SAM61

    A rattle can of foam carpet cleaner would have been a better use of $5 as opposed to a rattle can of paint for the valve covers.

    Very cool car…$75 large?

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  14. Classic Steel

    Nice I was looking for a place to add the full bathroom and a flat screen as getting this would require selling the ranch :-)

    If we can get it down to 45K I can posisbly just get the single wide trailer and some under pinning and enjoy the view of my neighbors with jacked up 4×4 Impalas and vettes. :-)

    I will of course need a canopy or awning to keep the vette safe … .

  15. BarnfindyCollins

    T45 , you are on the spot regarding the Aussie SS. It’s probably going to be the last GM RWD large displacement sedan. Time will tell if people find it super desirable. The Caddy CTS V wagon, Pontiac G8 and bubble body Chevy SS have a lot of love. The ex GM aluminum V8 powered Triumph TR8 coupe in horrible condition just sold for $300 on eBay a couple of days ago. Who knows.

    • Adam T45 Staff

      Barnfindy, it has been a tough 18 months for we car nuts here in Australia. In October 2016 Ford ceased local production here in Australia, so we waved a permanent goodbye to the Falcon and all of its performance iterations. We are getting a limited number of Mustangs from the US, but pretty much everything else is now coming to us out of factories in the Asia region.

      Nissan went many years ago, and in October 2017 we lost both Holden and Toyota within weeks of one another. For a bloke who has been brought up around a lot of home-grown products (I’m a Ford man, but my first car was an EH Holden very similar to the one pictured) it’s a tough pill to swallow. That’s why I am saying to my American friends to buy an Australian car if possible as a collectable. There will never be any more made….ever.

      • Kevin Sellwood

        “There will never be any more made…..ever.” All thanks to the pathetic Australian trade unions.

      • EHide Behind

        Ah yes, the Union bosses spend millions on advertizement,”Support Your Union Members all while kissing the arseholes in Government, and CROw’s they wine and dine with.
        Was a time each brands had distinctive characteristics, Engine sounds. The different starter motor whine, grilles and body mouldings and flares to bodies. The dash with clad for family, the performance gauges or lights for the real drivers.
        Today’s autos are like a large pregnant egg, and the trucks filled with luxury nlings mini semis for small girly boy. Or teenage whores bedrooms, and you have to find a badge to see who made them.
        I think a lot of interest in old autos, for we collectors lays in that expression of not being like rest of crowds.
        AND there in lays the gouging by those who flip oldies and the narcisstic passion of wealthy slots that buy them.
        Most to never be driven or seen again.
        Alas the old pride of the workers who built them now gone as is mostly the work ethic and brand loyalty of them and public outside the now shuttered factory gates.

  16. Gub

    I don’t see any overspray. It looks like the engine was removed and disassembled and painted.

  17. Dolphin Member

    I don’t see any overspray either, but the engine does look like it was painted. The Vette guys will have to say whether the green paint is an original color for the year. The seller is a long term owner and says he knows where the car was originally bought, sounds serious, and actually provides his phone number. All that seems to add up to the car being as-represented. BUT a personal inspection & drive at the least are in order, and you would want to see the paperwork.

    The latest SCM Guide has this model being sold at recent auctions for a median price of $123K. So whether $110K is reasonable depends on whether the paint and major components are original, how it looks underneath, and how it runs and drives. Bring an NCRS expert with you when you look at it. It might be worth it.

  18. Phil

    I know this is probably blasphemy but Vettes have never done anything for me on any level or any year….

  19. Jack M.

    For those of you that don’t see any overspray check the backside of the alternator bracket.

  20. Pete Christensen


    There was always over spray from factory. Not too worried about that. If you are get some paint thinner remove

    This had two things going for it. Right engine and the right color for a Corvette.

    I like it. Price isn’t too crazy. Remember mid year Sting Rays aren’t getting any cheaper!

  21. Steven D Visek

    At that price I have to conclude the ad is not really to sell the car.
    Perhaps there is another purpose at work here?

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    • LastCJ

      ’65 black Stingray, for Barter Only To Right Party.

      Really loved that series as a kid but was infatuated with C2 Corvettes.

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        I liked this series too, I sure would like to find one of the two cars used on the series, I have asked around but no joy. Nobody knows where they went.They were beat up a lot during filming and repaired locally.The series was filmed in and around Vancouver B.C.

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  22. EHide Behind

    Worth the price?
    What proce would you ask if it was you selling?
    50 K? I doubt it. Whatever the market can bare, is what it’s value is at this time.
    Put a high value, advertise to world and maybe one or group of ones just has to have a unique Vette.
    TOP end on these was not as high as later 350/360 horse, nore did they handle as well.
    That said those polyglass red lines of day could smoke up off the line and through the gears.
    On freeways at 55 a downshift and petal to metal push your into a woodie, as you left behind what ever dared to try and pass you.
    Worth, hmmm, what are adrenaline rushes and dreams of youth past, selling for today


    My 1965 396 coupe is the best car I have ever owned, and I have owned most of the best. It does everything well and is a pleasure to work on too. I wish mine had that Teak & tele though. People talk about split-windows as being great. Drive one sometime. The drum brakes and finicky fuel injection are not in the same league with 4 wheel discs and a BIG BLOCK. The split in the window was a one year feature for a reason. It is sexy as hell, but looking out the back is very annoying. No, the 1965 396 is one of the best. The price on this one is high, but if he is like me he’s really attached to it. After 30 years it is probably like cutting off a leg.

    • 2cool2say

      Dear HARDBALLS,
      You are so right, and selling it would be like “cutting off a leg”, hopefully the left one so he can still drive!

  24. Tyler

    I love everything about this car! Some people are saying the price is too high, but I’m not sure that’s the case. If I were in the financial position, & everything checked out, it would be in my shop very shortly.

    I know 65 was the first year for the big block, why was the 409 not made available when the C2 came out in 63?

  25. EHide Behind

    Old 4p9 was a boat and industrial truck motor.
    Agree about price, If I had coins I would be interested.
    You could get lower UP 396 with a slush box.
    Vast difference between 396/350 HP and 375 HP.
    Cams 375 ate pumps out of auto trans, needed different starter as timing at start sometimes kicked back broke starter drive.
    Different flow on Carb jetting.
    Some 425/ 396 were actually 401 cubes later on. TOP ENDS HIGHER.

  26. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    When I see Vettes like these with rare options on EBay, I always wonder why they don’t put it in a high end auction.

    Is the seller afraid of the scrutiny it will be put through? Even though the auctions take a cut, you are putting the car in front of the buyers who have the $$ to buy it.

  27. mother jones

    wrong Master cylinder for a 65. dual m c were mandated by 1967, 68 for sur

  28. Jim

    A good friend that I know has a 65 Vette with the 396 which has 425 hp. Ac and fm radio in it. Also the color of the Vette is blue. That 65 has 5000 miles on it. It still has tires from 65 on it. Very rare for sure.

    • Steven D Visek

      “Ac and fm radio in it.”
      “Ac”? Did you mean “Am and fm”?
      Air conditioning was not available with the 396/425 engine.

  29. Utes

    @ Bob…..

    You need to check your facts……’65 L78 Corvettes had black air cleaner covers & orange valve covers.

    • Bob

      As I stated in the reply to the original post,

      You are correct. I owned a 66 427, and made the logical mistake of assuming that the 65 would have had the the same trim as the 66.

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