427/4-Speed! 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

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When a buyer walked into a Ford dealership in 1964, intent on driving away in a new Galaxie 500, they faced various engine choices. While some opted for the sedate six, others sought a car offering true performance potential. That is the story behind this Galaxie, which is a stunning and unrestored survivor. The original owner didn’t settle on a six but chose a 427ci V8 that transformed sedate family transport into a car that could hold its own against almost any muscle car. The seller purchased the car from the original owner’s estate, and after two decades of enjoyment, they feel it needs to find a new home. You will find the Galaxie listed here on eBay in Guttenberg, Iowa. They set a BIN of $87,500 but will consider offers. This beauty was spotted by our own Barn Finds writer Jonny C, who has an excellent eye for a classic.

The original owner drove this Galaxie off the lot and immediately put it to work as a daily driver. Things remained unchanged until the mid-1970s when declining health forced him to place it into storage. Sadly, he passed away in 2002, which is when the seller purchased the car from his estate. They towed this classic home and were astounded by what they discovered. This Galaxie has never seen rain and was garage-kept from Day One. It has never undergone any restoration, nor has it suffered accident damage. Ford applied the Guardsman Blue and Wimbledon White paint, which remains in superb condition. There are no significant flaws or defects, and the depth of color and shine is impressive. Neither the exterior nor the underside shows any evidence of developing rust or previous repairs, indicating this classic has led a sheltered existence. The chrome and glass are spotless, while the factory spinner wheel covers and narrow whitewalls provide a touch of class. You must examine the photos closely to spot the small fender badges that hint at the performance potential lurking below the surface.

Lifting this Galaxie’s hood reveals what sets it apart from mere mortals. Many buyers elected to order their ’64 model equipped with the 390ci V8, and that motor offered performance that satisfied most. This car’s original owner went one step further, being 1-of-654 who chose the 427ci Q-Code that churns out 410hp. He teamed this monster with a four-speed manual transmission, allowing this classic to hold its own against most muscle cars. If the driver pointed this Galaxie at a ¼-mile, it would demolish the distance in 14.5 seconds, with the Q-Code running out of breath at 137mph. After taking delivery, the original owner noticed a shortcoming in the driving experience, returning the car to the dealership to add power steering. Otherwise, this Ford is an unmolested, numbers-matching vehicle. The seller holds an enormous collection of documentation dating back to Day One, and these should provide evidence to confirm the odometer reading of 52,000 genuine miles. While they don’t expressly state how it drives, the visual indications are positive, and it should be safe to assume it is ready to prowl the roads with a new owner behind the wheel.

The unrestored theme continues when we focus on this Galaxie’s interior. The original owner ordered it trimmed in Code 72 Medium Blue and Light Blue Diamond Lustre vinyl. As with the exterior, it is hard to find anything to criticize inside this classic. The upholstered surfaces sport nothing beyond a few wrinkles on the seats, with no evidence of wear or abuse. The same is true of the carpet, while the dash pad has no fading or UV damage. The bright trim pieces look excellent, as does the wheel. After owning the car for a short period, the original owner returned it to the dealership to add a Faria dash-mounted tachometer and air conditioning. It appears someone has since removed the A/C, which probably isn’t a drama because it doesn’t impact the vehicle’s originality.

I will always have a soft spot for the 1964 Galaxie 500 because I count one of these as one of the cars that served as family transport for the Clarke Clan in my youth. Ours didn’t feature the Q-Code under the hood, although I’m sure my father wouldn’t have minded if it did. This one is a beauty and would be an ideal option for an enthusiast seeking a true survivor that combines comfort and performance. The BIN price for this car sits at the top of the market, but its originality, condition, and drivetrain combination justify it. I’m unsure how quickly it will sell, but I believe it will eventually find a new home. Could it be yours?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Good write-up Adam. Super nice car. I like the blue/white theme, and I particularly like the whitewalls/ wheel covers. It gives the car a bit of a subtle look without going all the way to the blackwall/ dog dish look. But it has plenty of serious horsepower and even has a 4-speed. The new buyer should have fun, if nothing else you won’t see yourself at very many car shows.

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    • Adam ClarkeAuthor

      Thank you so much for the feedback, Bob_in_TN. Of all the desirable cars that found their way into our garage during my younger years, my favorite was our ’64 Galaxie. My father loved that car and always said it was the only one he regretted selling. If he were about today, I’m sure he’d want this one…although my mother might have something to say on the subject!

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      • Stan

        Says it only does 96mph in the 1/4 ? Im sure one of us could hustle it over the line in the 3 digits..🏁

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  2. CadmanlsMember

    Good looking car and big engine with the bench seat is a bit different. 64 always had mixed feelings on, almost bought a red 64 years ago. Used to drive down to the Carolinas from Ohio, buy local papers and car traders get my next project car. Found a good looking 64 with 390 factory 4 speed bucket seats. Was beat on, engine was tired and would probably have made the 8 hr run back but deal breaker was foil wrapped fuses on just about every circuit on the car. Part of the challenge was driving them back! I am sure none of that going on with this one.

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  3. BA

    Ahh when the Big 3 hit them out of the park ! The customer was king not to sell any of them short but as with the 1st go around we head into The Electric Malise Era where you will get what they want to give you & now days I’m thinking it’s not to my liking . I also think Adam did a great job bringing the subject car to life by expressing his own history with the Ford well done sir!

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  4. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Beautiful Ford factory hot rod!!! Question for the Ford guys.. This same 500 could you order a 427 with 2-4 bbls? Otherwise this is a class ride. Would love to go to car shows with this 64! Good luck to the next owner..🐻🇺🇸

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    • TorinoSCJ69

      This is a Q-code 427, 410 HP/ 476 Torque @ 5,600 rpms, single four.

      I believe this engine was also available with the “R” (and “M” for Mercury) Code with two Holley four barrels for 425 HP / 480 torque @ 6,000 rpms.

      I have that 8V intake, bought years ago but no donor 427 to put them on!

      Both are solid lifter cam engines, over 11:1 compression, aluminum intakes – but check me on that!

      What a great setup on a really beautiful Galaxie with a wonderful history.

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    • Dave

      The 64-67 full size ford could be factory ordered with a 427 8v option. Likely the mercs too.

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      • Rick

        Yes, I’ve seen a couple bone stock Mercuries with the dual quad 427. One was a ’63, the other a ’64.

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  5. mike

    Beautiful 64 and with a 427 4speed.Looks like it just came off the lot.1964 was one of Ford’s best looking cars

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  6. mikeMember

    A $135 document fee will be added to the purchase price.

    Really !!

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      This dealer would probably lose money if they didn’t
      collect that.

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  7. bobhess bobhessMember

    Beautiful car. The ’62s really started it all with the big engines and put me out of the drag racing game. Just couldn’t beat them. I have Ford taillight dreams to this day.

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    • Solosolo UK KEN TILLY UKMember

      What were you competing with Bob, a Chev?

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        Big Olds powered ’53 Studebaker coupe and a small block Olds powered ’40 Ford. Studebaker was fastest of the two with the modified 4 speed Hydromatic but still never got closer than a car and a half on the Galaxies in the quarter mile.

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  8. Dean Shields

    Hard to believe this one is real, wow! I love seeing cars on barnfinds that any family member or friend (or I) once had. In this case it was one of my older brothers. His was tan, 3 on the tree, not sure if it was just the 6. I’m more of a GM guy, but always thought the 64 and 57 were the best looking Fords, and that neither gets enough credit.

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  9. Harry Allen

    I had fun with a 64 in the late 60s built a sleeper out of a tired 289. I truly loved the big old Brute. The 64 Galaxie was Motor Trend’s car of the year as was my 56 Ford, I am a True Blue Oval fan.

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  10. RtdreepMember

    My goodness that is a pretty car. And stout!

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    My 1st car was a Vintage Burgandy 1964 Galaxy 500. Had the 352 motor and something I didn’t discover until I had owned the car for a few days, was a swing-a-way steering wheel. I was shocked because I thought that was a Thunderbird only item. I loved the car and yes, I wish I still had it.

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  12. RickyMember

    My first car was a 1964 Galaxie 500 with a 390/4brrl and a 3 speed overdrive on the tree. Same exact color as this one. Hardly ever see this color anymore. Mine had the same interior color as well. Brings back great high school memories. Drag racing, drive in movies, Saturday night dates, listening to the 8 track player, and burning rubber. Loved the 60’s and this car brings it all back. Beautiful car!

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  13. Ken VranaMember

    I used to have a turquoise one with a 390 in it. Believe it or not I used to race it through the woods.

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  14. karl

    I’ve always liked the 64 Fords ; when i was about 6 or 7 our neighbors had a silver ragtop , and even though I wasn’t really into cars back then , the good lines of that car stuck in my mind to this day. Funny thing about these cars, they look so huge (and they are ) , but the full size 64 Chevies look smaller ,almost mid size , though I’m sure they aren’t much different

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  15. Clark

    That car is 30 miles from me. I would bet it belong to the local ford dealer. He probably took it in on trade for little or nothing.

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  16. art

    I may be wrong but I do not recall Ford painting the firewalls black, unless the vehicle was black. I believe that firewalls were painted the body color.
    Nice Ford though and the blue color is rare to find.

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  17. Chuck Dickinson

    PS, PB & AC were NA on 406/427 Fords from the factory.

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  18. Mark H

    The only transmission that could be mated to the 427 was the 4-speed.

    The difference in price to step up to the R-code was $56. Equal to $530 in today’s dollars.

    The Ford Buyer’s Digest hints that drivability of the R code might be a factor – says “It’s definitely not for Sunday afternoon sight-seeing.”

    I assume the 4-barrel would be easier to adjust than 2 4-barrels.

    Another section of the Buyer’s Digest says “”It’s purpose is not to cruise to the movies on Sunday night (although a good, wide-awake driver could enjoy it that way). What this engine is designed for – and what it does so well – is scorch the track in competitive events.”

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  19. Woofer WooferMember

    One of my most favorite cars of all time. When I turned 16 in Nov 1968 the only car I could use to get my drivers license was my older brothers 1964 Galaxie 500 390 4-speed two door hardtop, turquoise with black bench seat interior. I remember the tester got in the passenger side, sat down, looked at the shifter in the floor, looked at me and said, ‘can you drive this thing’? I smiled and said ‘I think so’. I PASSED! That Galaxie is one car I wish I owned to this day.

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