427 Equipped: 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS

Occasionally a classic car will come along where it is virtually impossible to find anything of which to be critical. This 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS is a perfect example because everywhere you look, you see faultless presentation. This vehicle represents less of a faithful restoration and is more of a detailed refurbishment. The owner has decided to part with this potent beauty, so he has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Chicago, Illinois, and with the bidding sitting at $25,766, the reserve has been met.

The Impala is finished in Venetian Red with a Black vinyl top. The paint shines magnificently, with no evidence of any marks or scratches. The vinyl top looks just as nice, with no fading, lifting, or bubbles. The panels are laser straight, while the alignment and gaps are as good as you are ever likely to find on a ’68 Impala. There are no visible signs of rust in any of the usually prone areas, and the owner doesn’t mention any problems in the listing. The trim, chrome, and glass all look as spotless as the rest of the exterior, and the Rally wheels are free from stains and damage. The owner describes the vehicle’s appearance as being like new, and it is hard to argue with him on that point.

It is what we find under the hood that motivates me to describe this as a refurbishment rather than a restoration. The Impala is not a numbers-matching car because it rolled off the line equipped with a 327ci V8 and a Powerglide transmission. In this case, it was the L73 version, which produced 250hp. That wasn’t a bad number, but this car undoubtedly improves on that figure. What we find now are a 427ci V8, a Powerglide, and power steering. The big-block is date correct, but its specifications aren’t clear. It appears to wear an upgraded carburetor and intake compared to what would have been bolted there in 1968, along with a set of headers. These breathing improvements will have unleashed a few extra horses, but there could be some internal upgrades that we don’t know about. The base 427 in this model year pumped out 385hp, so it’s reasonably safe to assume that this one produces at least that much. The Powerglide will probably knock the edge off overall performance slightly, but the 4,184lb Impala should still be able to cover the ¼ mile in somewhere around 15.5 seconds. The engine bay presents superbly, and it doesn’t flatter to deceive. The owner says that the SS runs and drives perfectly.

Opening the Impala’s doors doesn’t provide any disappointments because the interior is just as spotless as every other aspect of the car. It is upholstered in black vinyl, and there are no significant faults to report. It features bucket seats and a console, and if you removed the Bosch tach and the gauges hanging under the dash, it would look showroom fresh. There is no evidence of significant wear on the upholstered surfaces, while the carpet, dash, and pad are flawless. The original Build Sheet that is included in the sale indicates that the original owner ordered the SS with air conditioning. It appears that most of the hardware is present, although I can’t spot a compressor. That’s a question that might be worth asking if you are serious about bidding on this classic. The Impala is also equipped with a factory AM/FM radio, although I doubt that I’d ever turn that on. That big-block would provide all of the sweet music that I’d want to hear.

Since it popped up on eBay, this 1968 Impala SS has attracted 32 bids. It’s easy to see why because it is a car that would seem to need very little. It is not a 100% original survivor, making it hard to accurately determine its true value. In reality, it is worth what someone is willing to pay, and there have been plenty of people who have put their hands up on this one. I can hardly blame them because it is a head-turner. Has it attracted you enough to tempt you to submit a bid?


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  1. Big_Fun Member

    I’ve seen this car in person at the Impala Nationals. Very nice execution.
    I don’t know if it has the 10 bolt that came standard with the 327. I know everyone wants a 12 bolt, but those 10 bolts are pretty strong.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Yeah, it is, you can get a glimpse of it in one of the under-side images. While I agree that the 10 bolt 8.5″ GM-corporate diff is pretty sturdy, as is the B-O-P 10 bolt, the 8.2″ Chevrolet unit in this car is debatable especially with that much torque in front of it – thus the reason the big block only used the 12 bolt. Curious to have swapped the engine and leave a two-speed Powerglide in place.

      But what’s really remarkable to me is the hood, it’s an actual SS427 doomed hood which is not common or inexpensive.

      Nice find Adam!

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo, but maybe the hood is a fiberglass replica.
        This place makes them: https://www.vfnfiberglass.com/6270impala.htm

      • bry593

        I thought the ’68 427 SS had gills on the front fender quarters? Or was that ’67?

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  2. Gary

    Absolutely beautiful car however , those gawd awful back exhaust pipes would have to go.

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  3. dirtyharry

    Hit and miss. Really needs a 4 speed, working air, power brakes and the aforementioned 12 bolt. Just the same, a person can enjoy it as-is today and work on the upgrades as time and money allows. I always was a fan of this body with the fast back treatment. Looks good even today!

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  4. Sam Shive

    Leaving the Powerglide in place saved a bunch of work, Drive Shaft, Transmission Mount, Shift Lever In Side, That Glide Will Handle All That Big Block Can Put Out. Sweet Ride.

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    Is that the same powerglide behind the 250 – 6 cyl in the same year camaro & nova?
    After ’64 & the arrival of the GTO, etc., it did not make much sense to me for these full size cars to be offered with hi po motors anymore, unless they could get into the 14’s. The expense of hi octane fuel, terrible mpg & higher insurance rates – for what? Rather, the big 4 should have just offered a low compression version of their biggest motors for towing &/or climbing hi mountain purposes in their full size cars. ie, just pass the torch to the new midsize muscle cars.

    • ACZ

      There was the standard Powerglide and a HD Powerglide. The HD one had a wider high clutch drum and band. My 63 Corvette had the HD. You could also vary the number of clutches depending on holding requirements.

  6. doone

    IMHO, having owned 2 in 1968, first was stolen in 2 weeks, both built at Tarrytown NY, this is an SS427 wannabe. No shark gills on the front fenders, or chrome louvres on the hood. It’s an SS alright but not a factory SS427.

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    • Car Guy Beancounter

      Yes, not a 427 SS. As the description says, “A 427 Equipped Impala SS” that was originally delivered with a 327.
      As another said, a 427 SS wannabe!

      • Car Guy Beancounter

        Pardon me. I should have said “SS 427”

  7. Keith

    Bad thing is He can say it is a 427 and really it is a 396. People do some homework on this one.If it were a 427 the drivetrain behind it is not long for this world .That hood makes the car.

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    • BigBlocksRock

      Drag racers been using power glides for years & years.
      They’ll take all & more of 385 hp.
      If there’s a weak link on this combo it’s the stock 10 bolt.

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      • Keith

        No stock powerglide will last behind a drag car. Any drag car modified with a powerglide had been strengthened internally and most had a clutch to start them going off the line.Last performance cars to use the powerglide were the GTO’s

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      • ACZ

        Not every two speed automatic transmission is a Powerglide.

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      • Marty Parker

        Racing Powerglides did not use a clutch. They use high stall torque converters. Also, no GTO came factory equipped with a Powerglide.

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      • Keith

        Marty you better look up the GTO options for 64 thru 66 before you print such untrue facts.

      • Marty Parker

        Keith, although 64-66 GTO’s did use a 2 speed automatic transmission it was not a Powerglide, it was a Buick built Super Turbine 300 with virtually no parts interchangeable with the Powerglide.

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  8. moosie moosie

    Very nice car but it needs to lose the vinyl roof ( if the car was Black instead of Red it could stay ) and those exhaust tips, and find an A/C compressor. Slip & slide Powerglides are pretty tough units, it should be able to handle all that 427 can dish out.

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  9. Craig Gottschall

    Powerglide was not available with the 427 in 1968- only THM 400 was available if you wanted an automatic.

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    • ACZ

      Yes, but this car was originally a 327.

  10. Kevin

    Yes agreed the exhaust tips are hideous, they should end at bumper area,powerglides were offered with 396 engines,but never with the 427,they may be tough,but unless purpose built,stock powerglides are the least efficient transmission, they suck on gas mileage, and slow the car down,again,unless “purpose built “

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  11. Bob Roller

    There must be a definition of “Classic Car” that I missed.This is a production or special interest car and a gazillion of them were made and the Chevrolet is still being made AFAIK.

    • bone

      A Classic Car does not have to be from a company that no longer exists . Any car over a certain age can be called a classic , usually its 25 years. Yes there were a lot of 68 Chevys made , but they haven’t been made since mid 1968 , and there are far fewer of them around than there was 53 years ago.

  12. JoeBob

    It’s a very nice Impala SS. The seller states that $75k was spent on the resto, so I’m surprised that the owner didn’t spend a bit more for a 12 bolt and an upgrade to a TH400. But, then again maybe that was all they had in their 401K. It’s currently bid to $26.6K, I suspect a buyer might be willing to spend what’s needed to make the updates and restore the a/c. So far, it seems like a good buy at the current price. I never was a fan of vinyl roof, but I could live with it. Nice Impala.

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  13. Don Eladio

    I can’t decide what’s cooler…the super-cool exhaust, the radical transmission, or the awesome 10-bolt.

    This car is a joke.

  14. Roy Blankenship

    Is there a way to block posters who have bad attitudes and nothing positive to contribute?

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    • Keith

      If we could do that we would have a different person in the White House

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      • ACZ

        You’ve got that backwards.

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      • Chuck Dickinson

        You used the wrong verb tense. You meant ” have HAD”!

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  15. Kelvin Johnson

    A big block in front of a PG? Where did they find a bell housing to fit? I am not aware of any factory use of the PG behind a Big Block. And since the car is otherwise stock , why wouldn’t you put in an upgraded tranny and rear end to go with the 400 hp?

    • ACZ

      Block bolt patterns are same.

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    • Roy Blankenship

      Corvettes used Powerglides in ’66-’67 behind 427’s.

  16. Marty Parker

    The only automatic transmission available with the 66 SS396 Chevelle was a Powerglide.

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    • Keith

      I admit i was wrong on the Racing Powerglide having a clutch it was the GM turbo400 that had the clutch along with the Chrysler Torqueflite both had a clutch pedal set up for racing. The GTO did have a power glide from 64 to 66 as the only auto available.

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  17. Phlathead Phil

    It’s a nice one. However, the seats look like the ones out of my ‘66 396/SS impala.

    My ‘66 had a T/H 400 and a R/chester 4 bbl.

    Seems like the rear seat Impala emblem is missing, but that may have been deleted by GM, dunno.

    After 1966, fastbacks became a rare sight here on the west coast. Everyone was downsizing. Novas, Chevelles, El Caminos, Camaros and Corvettes were stealing the show.

    Would be interesting to run the vin numbers.

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