428 Cobra Jet! 1969 Ford Torino

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Though not found in a barn, this immaculate 1969 Ford Torino Cobra in Hudson, New Hampshire would hardly be kicked out of anyone’s barn if it turned up in this condition. A splendid example of one absolutely stock factory muscle car, this Ford needs no fancy wheels and tires or jacked-up stance to announce it’s potency. Enthusiasts will immediately identify this Cobra by the poised snake in the grille and the correct factory hood scoop. Even the body-colored wheels and “dog dish” hubcaps, probably the first thing to get ditched when this car came home from the dealership, can’t impart a “sleeper” look to this fastback Torino. Offered here on eBay, the Meadowlark yellow classic can be yours for one-click on Buy It Now and $32,500. If that would bust your 401k consider the Make Offer option.

Personally I couldn’t own a car like this. I would respect its perfection too much to enjoy it, and the title of “Museum Curator” is not one I covet. Still, it is a glory to behold. While I tend to picture these fastbacks in NASCAR form, I wouldn’t change a thing on this truly stock car.

Has this car ever *been* driven? Though real mileage is unknown, the seller reports few miles have accumulated since a thorough do-over that preserved or rebuilt many original parts. I’ve seen both finned aluminum valve covers and these chrome jobs on Cobra Jet cars. Maybe our Ford experts can comment on this variation below. Rated at 335 HP, only 10 more than the 390 cid mill, a near replica 428 CJ motor made 365 HP on the HotRod dyno.

The black interior shows well, and undercarriage pictures in the listing look great too. The C6 automatic, power front disc brakes, power steering round out the significant options, as noted in the listing’s Marti report. The 3.50 conventional (non-limited-slip) gears should make for an epic one-wheel burnout if you don’t mind wiping rubber crumbs off the flawless enamel afterward. Have you seen a nicer 428-powered ’69 Torino Cobra?

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  1. Solosolo UK ken tilly UKMember

    I love everything about it.

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  2. Angrymike

    I’ve really really taken a liking to these Cobras, Fairlanes and Torino’s. I kinda wish I wasn’t stuck on Road Runner’s in my youth, because if I bought one of these 428 powered Ford’s, I don’t think I could have let it go like all the other rides back in the day. Beautiful car.

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    • Dave

      It likely would have rusted out before you paid it off! Back then everyone offered a 12/12000 warranty and Ford replaced the front fenders on my dad’s 67 F100 under warranty because they rusted through and the truck failed state inspection.

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      • McQ

        That seems odd to me as the care taker of a one family owned ‘68 F-100 with 170,000 miles. From new until 1987 this Ford was driven year round. And that’s in the Pacific Northwest where we do receive some tough winter weather. There is NO Rust in this F-100. It has been reasonably well cared for but nothing out of the ordinary. Excellent F-100.

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      • Dave

        Pennsylvania uses salt on the roads in the winter. Lots of salt. They spread fracking brine on roads now, and it’s way more corrosive than plain salt. Many drivers, myself included, have experienced brake failure because of this. Most classic cars around Pittsburgh were never driven in the winter or were brought in from somewhere else. It’s not called the Rust Belt for nothing!

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  3. Mitchell GildeaMember

    Stick would’ve been cooler imho but the column shift auto almost looks sinister in that beautiful interior. The dog-dish hubcaps and the light yellow paint are like a work of art

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  4. Classic Steel

    I like it but saddened on transmission 😟

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  5. McQ

    Agree a 4 Speed will generally have more desirability but I have to give the Cobra Jet C-6 some support. The CJ C-6 was a special factory build featuring what is referred to as the R Servo along with many heavy duty internals that provided a powerful shift especially from 1st – 2nd. I was fortunate to be working in a small farming community, Grandview, WA, Ford dealerhsip in 1969. The sales manager decided we needed something a bit more fun around than the typical pick-ups and family sedans that were the mainstays of George Muggli Ford Sales. So I was tasked with ordering a Cobra with the only requirement being it was an automatic. We ordered a black on black Formal roof, Drag-Pack with 3.91 gearing and Ram Air. Like this Cobra offered we did order buckets without console so it had the transmission column control. When this CJ Drag Pack made its shift you had to have both hands on the wheel. It literally ripped the F70-14 Polyglas GT rear tires with some fish tailing. The shift to 3rd was also hard but nothing like that initial shift. This Cobra ran consistant 13.7s/low 100’s mph at Deer Park Drag Strip in Spokane. It won C Pure Stock every time out that summer of ‘69 except one … I “red-lighted”. It was a fantastic Ford.

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    • DanM

      I was there that summer and can vouch for the performance of that black Cobra coupe. Those times were recorded after the car had been driven almost 200 miles in scorching loaded with five guys and all of our gear!

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  6. MBorst

    Dave, I’m surprised there has NOT been a Chevy recall on brake lines ! It’s not just Pennsylvania. From mid 90s on .Chevy brake lines have been rotting out ! And I’m sure have caused some serious accidents ! I’ve seen them go on my dad’s 03 truck and friends newer trucks. And my 96, but the 96i can’t complain about over 450,000 miles. So the rust is in the quality of the Chinese steel.

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    • Anav8r

      I live in the Slate belt in eastern PA. several years ago my ’96 Buick Regal brake lines rotted out. One front/opposite rear failed to apply any braking one day, and a quick inspection sent me hurriedly to get ALL the brake lines replaced!

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  7. local_sheriff

    The ’70 Twister a couple days back may be a tad cooler but for the price this seems a much, much better buy. Love its subdued color and poverty caps! 👍

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    • Lance G Nord

      The Twister with shaker hood was nice but I much prefer this body to the 70 body.

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  8. James

    I don’t even pay attention to FACTORY HP #’s after learning for example : deference in 275 & 300 hp 327 sbc was single vs dual exhaust or a DETUNED 427 Med.Riser from the winning GT40 made 485 hp after the race. My favorite one is how 325 hp & 365 hp Pontiac 400’s only difference was the throttle wasn’t opened all the way on the 325 rating. 🤣 And from a co-worker :2019 Mustang GT actually making 30 more hp than what ford says.

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    • James

      Spell check needs me to spell check it. Difference not deference😁😁

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  9. Troy s

    I saw this snake on e bay a few days ago and figured it would wind up here.
    Love the cobra jet/C6 driveline, stout as could be. I got a handful more than expected driving a ’67 with a similar 428/auto swapped in.
    This is pure Ford right here, sporty in some ways but compared to other ’69 models it comes across very plain…….parked next to the SS396 Chevelle the owner just beat the Ford goes largely unnoticed, only a Ford guy would appreciate this ride until a few decades later.
    Fearsome Ford!!

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    • JudoJohn

      I think this is much nicer looking than a Chevelle. But, I never was a fan of them. This, to me, is a much better looking car. Certainly, more rare.

      I am not sure of the value of these, but judging on the condition, I think it’s a decent deal.

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  10. Bill J.

    Do you know if this came with the lemans connecting rods?

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    • McQ

      The Cobra Jet “Standard” (not the Drag Pack CJ) had the same rods introduced with the ‘61 HP390, then the ‘62-‘63 406, and then the ‘62-‘65 low riser 427, and all Police 390’s, 428’s which includes the GT500 & KR 428’s. Ford called the Super Cobra Jet 428 rods as “Le Mans Style” with cap-screws. The Cobra offered here is a standard with 3.50 gearing. The SCJ 428 made no more horsepower than the CJ. Same every thing except the Le Mans style rods. The better (but heavier) rod offered a bit more durability to go with the Drag Pack gear options of 3.91 or 4.30:1.

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  11. TimM

    What a beautiful well taken care of car!! Worth every penny!!

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    • JudoJohn

      I agree. if I had the money… I would rather have this than a Mustang, Camaro or Firebird.

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  12. bill crum

    Just a couple of things, the 428 on the front fenders was usually only found on the models without hood scoops and the ones with hood scoops had functionally attached air cleaners, the snake emblem on the front grill was not normally there and the rear snake emblem is not on this one !!!!!! That 335hp rating was more for the insurance companies(anything over 400 became an expensive policy) !!!!!! Mine had bench seats, engine, transmission, carburetor, and tuned exhaust system set up for drags but no hood scoop, and a 411 rear end installed just before delivery !!!!!! Sort of a robins egg color, it was my favorite of all times car !!!!!!

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  13. Hank

    I almost fell out of my chair when it said this beauty is located right in here in Hudson, New Hampshire! I will have to pay more attention around town!

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