43K Mile Survivor: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

Desirable but incredibly scarce in any type of survivor grade condition, the Dodge Charger is a muscle car admired for its style and power. Miraculously this Charger R/T 440 has covered only 43,000 miles in its lifetime! While there is some rust to be found on this machine, this is not a cancerous rust bucket like so many of these cars turn out to be. Ready to drive, this Charger is offered for the buy it now price of $29,999. Check it out here on eBay out of Mount Hope, West Virginia.

The original 440 V8 is in place and is ready to roll. The drive train is numbers matching, but a few items have been replaced. A new alternator and battery have been installed, as well what appears to be a Holey carb, and chrome valve covers. Also, a popular Accel super coil was installed at some point as well. A wood 2×6 supports the new battery, but the rest of the engine bay appears in reasonable condition with no rot in sight.

The carpet has been pulled from the interior, but ironically that is where this Charger shines. The floors are very solid with only a couple of minor areas of concern. While there is some minor rust to be found, there is no rot which is nothing short of a miracle. The interior appears to be quite complete, but the seats and door panels need some attention. The center console and dash are quite nice.

Appearing to wear original paint, this Charger has most of its paint still in place with a few areas of surface rust. Also, there is some minor rot in the lower section of the quarters, and in front of the rear arches at the end of the rockers. The only other notable rot is a small area towards the front edge of the trunk. Surface rust is immensely present on the underside of this car, but it doesn’t appear to be anything a sandblaster and some paint couldn’t handle as far as suspension parts go. The only thing questionable about this charger is a sheet metal seam on the “B” pillar where the vinyl top used to be. I cannot tell if this area has been tampered with or not. Someone at some point removed the vinyl top and painted the roof black. Looking beyond those concerns, this Charger is very solid compared to many similar era Mopars we feature here on Barn Finds. Would you take on this Charger R/T survivor?

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  1. Sean

    Looks like they removed the lead from that seam on the B-pillar when they removed the vinyl and painted the roof.

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  2. jw454

    Of all the muscle era Chargers 1970 R/T is my favorite. Of all the colors K5 is my second favorite after B5 blue. Now, if I had the wear-with-all to restore it, I’d be set.

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  3. grant

    That’s either a hard 43k or a well loved 143k.

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    • Sal

      I know they are easily replaceable, but the pedals look too new for 143k.
      I would think anyone willing to pay $29k for something in this shape wouldn’t care about the miles. All going to be redone anyhow.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Not as rusty as some but the lower quarters are shot, no good pics of them strangely enough—starts runs drive…guess its worth 30 large?? Anyhoo good luck to the new owner!


  5. Steve A

    Hmmmm…I’d have to be shown documented proof that the odometer isn’t on it’s second time around. Southern cars aren’t exposed to salt like in the midwest, but to me the bottom of the quarters looks like 143k on a southern vehicle.
    Says the heads were reworked. Sure is a good time to stamp numbers in a block. Any block. Not calling anyone a liar, but,…buyer beware.

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    • Sidney

      When this much money is possible, will there be mischief? You betcha!

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    • Steve R

      Sellers seem to consider the odometers reading as proof. I guess actual documentation isn’t required anymore.

      I agree with the prevailing sentiment, bad picture = seller hiding problems.

      Steve R

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  6. span ky

    Holey carb

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    • Boatman Member

      Any good automotive writer can spot a Holey carb.

      (Funny, spellcheck accepted Holey but not carb!)

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      • LXbuilder

        “Holey” carb, like one with a bunch of holes in it. ;)

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    • Mountainwoodie


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  7. Rob Member

    Well, you can dream. That interior alone, got more than 43K miles. More like 243K. The overall car, looks to have way over 43K miles.

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  8. Mitch Ross Member

    West Virginia isn’t the South. It’s a mountainous snowy state with lots of salt on the road in winters

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  9. RoughDiamond

    Lots of observations and questions on this one. Those dashes look odd to me without the optional factory Tic-Toc-Tach especially with a B-Body 440 4-peed.

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  10. Woody

    Wow,lots of work to be done here for the money,would like to see under the “solid floors”with the looks of the rear quarters.Also needs interior,but these cars bring some big money when done! Good Luck!

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  11. William Decker

    Some things never change, this Charger is case in point. Chrysler Corp. vehicles from that era are still WAY OVERPRICED. I’m looking at a $10,000-$14,000 (with documentation) vehicle.

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  12. Del

    10 grand is too much

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  13. Wrong Way

    I have to agree about that mileage unless it was rode hard and put away wet! The seller pulled the ad tho!

  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nothing to re-but the experts comments but – dang did you see those floors and trunk – dang it – it sold.

  15. Del

    Phone the owner. Bet its still for sale

  16. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $29,999.

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