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Muscle Car Project: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T 440

Apparently, someone has stolen the fabled Star Trek “Replicator,” and the only thing it can produce is dusty first second-generation Chargers! Today’s example, offered as a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, shows rust and bodywork but minimal damage. The listing here on craigslist describes it as a “440 Auto” located near Brentwood, California. It looks a bit light in the front, indicating a missing engine, but written and photographic details on the motor and other mechanicals have escaped the listing for this once-fearsome muscle-car. The $35,000 asking price certainly suggests a numbers-matching powertrain. The often-missing grille and front bumper look straight and fairly presentable.

Peel back the cobwebs in the Blair Witch Project-style photo and you can see an automatic-shift lever and the guts of a center console. Is that a power window button? Described as needing “typical” rust repairs, we’ve certainly seen worse when it comes to floor pans.

Fat rear tires on what look like deep-dish Cragars imply attention paid to this classic no later than the early-’80s. Other Mopars in the background suggest more works in progress at this location. We might surmise this double-green ’68 wore a vinyl top at one point. Buyers would appreciate a VIN or Fender Tag, more details, and better pictures to justify the stout asking price, but this one might attract someone who owned a light-over-dark green ’68 back in the day.

Imagine the stories this back seat could tell. Let’s assume those are headliner bows and that piece will need to be replaced, minor in the scope of work this car will require. Is the motor present? installed? stuck? original? Does it have any interesting options? These questions and more stand as barriers to the sale. Be sure to bring a pail of soapy water to the car’s location, and only on the weekends because this one’s not available to show during the week. Cash money in a Ritz Cracker box will be gladly accepted. If this isn’t your dream Charger, wait another day or two and more will appear. What Charger would you dial up on the Replicator?


  1. Avatar photo dave Member

    May be a thing, but this one is a 2nd gen.

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    • Avatar photo Todd Fitch Staff

      Fixed! Thanks Dave. I’ll wear the Dunce Cap today. First generation was, of course, the Coronet-based ’66 and ’67 fastback.

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  2. Avatar photo Steve R

    This is a horrible ad.

    At this point in time I wouldn’t give sellers the benefit of the doubt when it comes to omitted information. Especially those that are asking a premium price and the car is sitting in a yard full of other cars from the same era. I don’t really care how much someone asks for a car, it’s their business and that of a potential buyer. I’m just tired of them putting zero effort into trying to earn their asking price.

    Steve R

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  3. Avatar photo flmikey

    From looking at the other pictures, it looks like it is parked at a Mopar restoration shop…it’s either too much work for that shop, or the owner of the car is having second thoughts about dumping an additional 20 or 30 K into his prize possession…

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      Shops earn the most money when a customer pays them to restore a car, not by building it on spec. It’s a nice way to occupy their down time, but isn’t a good business plan. They also come into contact with people selling one or more cars, they can’t build them all. The cream of the crop would likely go to a preexisting customer or someone else who will pay them to do the work.

      Steve R

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  4. Avatar photo Troy s

    This Charger has seen better days, or nights, yeah that’s more like it. Been sitting around for years no doubt.
    It’s not crazy to ask but to spend, that’s the crazy money angle really. To each his own.
    What would it cost, on a Charger like this, to get it at least road worthy, on top of the 33 plus dollar buy in? Besides a whole lot of cleaning products and rags?

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    • Avatar photo Troy s

      33 THOUSAND, Troy…thirty three thousand five hundred……

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  5. Avatar photo TimM

    With this kind of price point for a car that needs everything!! I’ll hold on to my money and buy a better example!!!

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  6. Avatar photo ChargerWanted

    I’ve talked to this seller. They are a company that buys up a lot of 2nd gen Chargers. This is one of many they have. There are others in rougher shape but priced similarly.

    This car actually has no engine, never mind a matching numbers 440. A few months ago they were offering it at $38K with a late 70s RV 440.

    This car also has no fender tag, but does have a build sheet. It was a neat car when new and even had power windows.

    Overall this would be a great start for a 68 RT if it was around $10K cheaper.

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  7. Avatar photo Steve Bush Member

    Agree with the comments that the asking is nuts, especially with virtually no good info or pics. And there are tons of nice cars for sale from this era you could buy and drive today for the asking or less.

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  8. Avatar photo mjf

    Nice pictures …. Like none of the important things on the car.. I agree not a good ad

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  9. Avatar photo Dave

    $33,500….should be able to drive it home and wash and wax for that much. Crappy pics, missing pics, no thanks.

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  10. Avatar photo David Harris

    There’s no R/T badges

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    • Avatar photo Bob C

      Correct. Left headlight cover should have R/T badge, not the basic Charger badge. Not an R/T.

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  11. Avatar photo quintin lawley

    the only thing i want is the engine

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