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44,000 Original Miles: 1973 Ford Maverick

When it was in production, the Ford Maverick was not what you would call a rare car by any stretch of the imagination. However, like so many of its contemporaries, it was seen as a basic transportation option that could be discarded when it reached the end of its useful life. This makes finding nice survivors a bit more difficult 40 years down the track. This Maverick looks like a nice survivor, and you will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist. Located in Gaston, Indiana, it is being offered for sale with a clean title. The owner has priced the Maverick at $6,250.

So, let’s get the bad news out of the way first. The wheels that are fitted to the car in these photos don’t come with the car. The owner has a set of Turbine wheels and tires with new centers and lug nuts that will go with it instead. Regardless, the Maverick does seem to be in pretty respectable condition. The car has undergone a Ziebart treatment and was also repainted at some stage during the 1980s. The paint looks good, and there are no signs of any rust. All of the exterior trim and glass also look good.

This Maverick was a radio-delete car, but it is now fitted with an aftermarket radio/cassette player. I must say that the speaker placement on the floor is an innovative solution, but at least it means that holes haven’t been cut into trim anywhere. The wheel is also non-original, being a 13″ Grant wheel. The rest of the interior looks good, with no real issues to consider.

The rear seat looks virtually new. As you can see from this shot, the trim plastic is also in really good condition. The owner claims that the Maverick has only clocked 44,00 original miles. With such claims, I am usually looking for some form of documented evidence. The original elderly lady owner drove the car until 1988. She then passed away, and the car was placed in storage until it emerged in 2013 and was sold to the current owner. He says that you only need to drive it to know that the mileage is correct, as the car has no squeaks or rattles.

Under the hood is not as tidy as I would expect of a car with the claimed mileage, especially when you look at the condition of the rest of the car. The engine is the 200ci straight-six with an automatic transmission. The owner says that he would be confident to drive the car all the way to Florida, and a fair amount of work has been completed in recent times to ensure that the car is reliable. It has a new exhaust from front to rear, new points, plugs and wires, valve cover gasket,  new battery, new master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, brake lines, all new emergency brake cables front to rear, and a new gas tank with OEM fuel lines. That’s pretty comprehensive in anyone’s book.

For its age, and when you consider the original intention that Ford had with the Maverick, this one is in quite good condition. You can be sure that the vast majority of Mavericks were driven until they’d served their useful purpose, and when it was considered that maintenance and repairs were no longer financially viable, then they found their way to the scrap yard. This one seems to have survived quite well and is quite a nice looking car. Is it worth the asking price?


  1. RoKo

    To me, these looked far sportier than the Mustang II, especially the notchback.

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  2. PDXBryan

    If one can leave their prejudices behind and look at Mavericks objectively ya gotta admit that they’re great looking cars. One of my many odd-ball dream “resto-mods” would be a Boss 302 Maverick. This one would make a great starting point!

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    • Herbee

      Pdx, how’s Portland treating ya? I saw it thought it would make a very cool ride as well . No future for that six cylinder in my world either.

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      • Chinga-Trailer

        If you’re into cars, Portland is a great place IN THE SUMMER! The Portland Historics and Forest Grove Concours in July, track days almost every weekend at P.I.R, (I think I hold the track record for a Bentley Mark VI), the great Beaches Cruise In every Wednesday night . . . and then there’s the Motorsports Museum . . .

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      • PDXBryan

        Portland’s treating me great right now, we’re having our THIRD indian summer!….but the rain’s-a- comin’!
        I was thinking about what you said about the six and started to think how cool this Maverick would be with a hi perf six and a 5 speed. Did anyone ever make a DOHC head for a Ford 6 cylinder? ;^)

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    • chrlsful

      buy it Brian, I’ll take the drive train. It’s a goodun. Even give U a rest-of-the-car build plan if interested.

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  3. Al_Bundy John m leyshon Member

    Last week, BF featured a 1971 Mercury Comet. Would strongly prefer the small bumper 302 3 speed on the floor car. Not very much to differentiate these cars other than a 3 speed manual (column or floor) and a 302 cid 2 barrell. Partial as my first car was a ’72 Comet “GT stripes” 302 C4…Like these cars, just not enough to say that it’s cool just because it’s old.

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  4. RoughDiamond

    Nice Maverick! I have always loved the early ones and looked forever for a factory 302 with 3-speed stick equipped one to no avail.

    Deal killers if I was seriously looking for one and these are my personal pet car peeves: Ziebart treatment with body plugs (often not shown with cleverly taken photos) and a Seller listing a car for sale with period correct wheels, accessories, but then saying they are not included. I understand with the later it’s the whole idea of “this is what it looks like with these specific wheels/tires,” but please just picture the car with the wheels/tires it will have on it if I buy/bid on it. I can deal with ugly as long as I know it up front.

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    • dweezilaz

      If it hadn’t been for the Ziebart treatment, you wouldn’t be seeing this car in any condition right now.

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  5. Miguel

    I don’t understand the “not included” stuff with cars.

    He can sell this car with the wheels, thereby avoiding problems with the sale, and buy another set with his proceeds.

    It just doesn’t make sense.

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    • chrlsful

      how 2 keep price low (“only $75.99999”) & still get a lill more $. (or not, a desirable item, “I can sell elsewhere.” anyway)
      If U look too quick U won’t C – these items shown R not included. ‘Pic for demonstration purposes only’.
      I’m surprised Adam kept his temper. If U look at the CL add, the seller is ‘really quite something’ in how he presents (himself &) the vehicle. (Ugh)

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  6. Jimmy

    My first wife had a 71 Maverick 6 cylinder auto trans, same color as the featured one. It got her around the Chicago area fine but when I had to use it the power wasn’t there. So I begged her to let me swap in a V8 with some mods but she said flat out no. I could tell this was not good and I was right 3 years later we we’re divorced.

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  7. CanuckCarGuy

    My granddad bought a ’71 new, that in his later years he rarely drove…it sat in his garage collecting dust, but my father and I would wash and wax it for him every summer as it was his first and only new car. In ’86 he passed away and the car was left to my father…it was written off in ’92 at 31,000 miles when a drunk driving an older Continental rear-ended the Maverick. No injuries, but truly a sad day to see the Maverick come to an end. With my dad now gone, it’s a car I want to own just for the memories, if the right colour and condition comes along.

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  8. Herbee

    Also another thing I like about the Maverick and comet’s of this era they don’t take up much room in a garage

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  9. Herbee

    I reread the ad and yes this car is worth the asking price especially for the guy who has say small block Ford sitting on a stand in a shop a mild 289 302 351 Windsor would make this little Maverick a really fun Street toy and you’d be getting some good fuel mileage just go easy on the. Don’t go wild on the cam or the carburetor and man you’d be getting fuel mileage and some decent performance. No need to be seeing any body and paint guys on this baby drop your engine in and go

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  10. Luki

    There is tons of Mavericks in Venezuela. They were made there up until 79 or 80.
    Pull up to a traffic light and you are surrounded by them.

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  11. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking car. I’ve always loved the Ford Maverick and the Mercury Comet. I’d prefer the 4 door over the 2 door, but both aren’t bad cars for the time. Why the lack of enthusiasm for the Maverick is beyond me.

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  12. Neil

    No one should post a picture with a set of rims that don’t come with the car. Làst year i spent about $1500.00 fixing someone’s great idea of putting 20″ 35/305 rims and tires on my 1971 Ranchero.
    If you want to buy the car my advice would be make a lower offer on the condition the rims and tires are part of the deal. It looks nice but that 6 cylinder will have people blowing the horn to get u to speed up or get out the way in these times.

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    • Bobby

      I agree with you. Price is a little high for me being the wheels and tires are a question mark and I would shelf the 6 and trans and put in a 289 I’m saving for a project like this.

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  13. beatlepat

    Years ago I read an article that said that these we were difficult to hot rod because the shock towers were larger than those on a Mustang, so it made it hard to install aftermarket headers. You could use factory style cast iron headers, but they were limited compared to tube type headers. There are a lot of go-fast goodies for the inline 6, but it runs 3-4 times what it costs to build a hotted up 8.

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  14. TreDeuce

    Great looking Maverick. When the chassis and brakes are upgraded they are a good track car. Add a V8 or a 300 cubic inch six and a 5-speed and you have a really fun car.

    What most don’t know is that the trunk floor is the top of the gas tank. They were built as light as possible.

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    • z28th1s

      Only the ’69 1/2 – ’70 Mavericks have a drop in gas tank.

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  15. TreDeuce

    Or as cheaply as possible

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  16. nrg8

    Some vinyl decals and you could be Lightning McQueen at the car shows. Color match the wheels them old turbines throw some big white letter rubber on them. Really the only body mod would be source a rear spoiler. Get all the decals, and the glass treatment for when it was parked. Kids would be all over it at the shows. Don’t like it down the road it all can be reversed. Just a thought. Maybe a loop of Rascal flats playing life is a highway

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  17. Metoo

    I had a friend in the service who would drive his Maverick 6cup he called the Rusty Mule home to Minneapolis every single weekend 500 miles one way. He did this for 2 1/2 years. It never failed him once. I consider the Maverick one of Ford’s greatest models.

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  18. stillrunners

    Priced a new set of magnums lately ? The used nearly 50 year old one’s in nice condition are not easily found….but I understand your comments.

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  19. Scott Member

    I like this car. I think I will TEXT him. ……oh right. …..

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  20. chad

    I C the wheels he’s got aside @ $800 elsewhere.
    Also Matt at vintage inlines dot com has the goodies for the 200/3.3L.
    A few mods & U got 300 HP.

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  21. Dan D

    I think the Mav is one of the best looking cars Ford ever designed. I had a ’73, dark green with the 250 six and automatic. Same interior as this one. Put JC Whitney ’65 Mustang wheel covers on it, cassette player under the seat with box speakers roaming around the package shelf, miniature fog lights in front. Loved that car.

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  22. scottymac

    If the seller’s claims are true, this is the only Maverick, Comet, Fairlane, Mustang, Cougar, Granada, or Monarch in existence that the upper A arms don’t squeak. Last photo looks like it was taken at the park where the James Dean run is held. Like the car a lot.

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  23. Arthur Brown

    Also remember that the Maverick is the Falcon floor pan meaning it is, for all intents and purposes a MUSTANG underneath. Just lighter and in this case sportier. Any chassis part for Mustang should be bolt on easy.

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  24. George Morrison

    Nice looking car shame it’s not a grabber model…..

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  25. Gaspumpchas

    smogged down 200 ci 6= zero to 60 eventually. Wife had a 71 4 door that had one of these , After rebuilding the eng twice I took it out and put a 200 out of a 66 mustang in, mucho better, sold at 160k. heater sucked no matter what I did. Cool car tho…


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  26. PDXBryan

    OK, my latest idea for this – SHO Maverick! SHO V-6 from a Taurus paired with a T-5 along with a TCI coil-over front suspension, rack & pinion, and big disc brakes. Bet that would surprise some folks and look really great under the hood too.

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  27. dweezilaz

    Keep the bloody wheels and include steelies and tires.

    With a radio delete and standard trim, this Maverick was made for the blackwall and dog dish hubcap look.

    I’d keep the six. Today’s traffic has gotten worse since Granny’s 70 Grabber 200 c.i. 6 was built.

    Having lived through two gas panics and a keeper of cars for the long term, it’s ideal just as it is.

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  28. philthy phil

    347 5spd 9 in rear drop in almost

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