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44k Mile 1972 Ford F250 Barn Find

Located in Denver, Colorado, this 1972 Ford F250 is said to be a 44k mile original truck! Purchased from the original owner’s daughter-in-law, the truck has been parked for a few years, but it said to run and drive. Located for sale here on Facebook Marketplace, it has an asking price of $8,000. Take a closer look at this brown beauty!

The interior looks nice and I’m sure it was very handsome when it was new. The bright white door panels and white seat probably looked great against the brown color. Other than the cracked dash pad, the seller doesn’t mention much about the overall condition of the truck.

There are no photos of the engine compartment, but the powerplant is an FE 360 V8 mated to an automatic transmission. As mentioned before, the seller says the truck runs and drives but could use a tune-up due to sitting for a while. I’m not sure if the truck is a true “barn find” as advertised, but it seems like it could be a real 44k mile truck. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo FordGuy1972 Member

    Looks like a solid bump side, similar to a ’72 F100I had way back when. Overall, the truck looks pretty good though it seems there are differing shades of color between the fenders, hood and doors. The interior seems to be in pretty good shape, too. I’d want to check for body filler or any evidence of previous rust repair to make sure it’s as solid as it seems. Not the most exciting color and that cap is pretty homely so I’d remove that. A picture of the bed and underside would have been nice to see also. Price seems to be fair, especially if the mileage could be verified. The one I had was a darkish blue short bed with a 302 and three-on-the-tree. I used it as a daily driver and to pull a 23 foot Atco camper. It was a good pickup that served me well, one that in retrospect I wish I had held on to.

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    • Avatar photo Ted Mathis

      Yes indeed. That cap is pretty homely. But it’s period correct. Probably put on when the truck was new. I would leave it.

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  2. Avatar photo 8banger Member

    Right down the road from me….

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  3. Avatar photo Ken Carney

    Had a ’71 3/4 ton just about like this one. And like Fordguy’s, mine was a 302 3-speed with what seemed to be
    everything HD. Mine was a long bed
    with an 8 foot box and was a bright
    orange with a black interior. Would’ve
    been better with a 4-speed, but it was a
    nice truck anyway. One thing’s for sure,
    you couldn’t miss it in a your local parking lot! I feel for you Fordguy, I miss
    mine too.

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  4. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    That color sure makes it look like a dull old truck.
    I think making it two-tone would greatly increase it’s value.
    I also think that painting the wheels white would really help.

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      Yep. Brown………..bad.

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  5. Avatar photo Rustytech

    Too bad this isn’t closer to me. I need a truck, and would definitely take a closer look. The paint is faded on the horizontal surfaces, and the white wheels are pretty rusty, but looks like an easy fixer upper.

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  6. Avatar photo gaspumpchas

    Yea rustytech, great truck that needs a little love and its not $90k! As far as the dull colors and fading go, its a TRUCK and looks to be solid. These were hard working trucks. You would need to look over the underbelly and cab mounts. As it has been said, if you want something solid to start with, Go west young man! Good luck and stay safe,

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  7. Avatar photo Richard Isenberg

    A tad concerned no pics of critical areas. I agree with earlier comments. Like to see undercarriage and why no pic of engine compartment

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  8. Avatar photo Chuck

    Some have mentioned the cap and faded paint. This is , as another said, a solid work truck.

    Throw the camping gear in the back, couple fishing poles, and don’t worry about the scratches

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  9. Avatar photo Bob Paul

    My Dad had a 72 F250 Camper special 360 with the 4 on the floor. Same brown but with a white roof. Used as a farm truck and also had a 10 foot Skamper fold down top camper. Had a rear bumper that you could put extensions in to match the back of the camper so you could pull a trailer. Many memories of trips, vacations and farm stories with this one.

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    • Avatar photo Bhowe Member

      Growing up we had several fords, 72 f250. 76 F250 supercab and a 78 f250 s.cab. we also had a 10 foot scamper popup and an extended rear bumper. Lots of memories. I found where the 78 was sitting after we sold it in 1985, and about a year ago I was able to buy back my dads old pickup.

      I believe it’s a rare combination. 78 F250 supercab ling box with a 300 6 cyl and the small 4 speed overdrive transmission. Seems to be odd to have such a heavy duty truck with that light duty transmission.

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  10. Avatar photo Dueane

    Like many have said it’s faded differently and unevenly however in the early 70’s enamel tech wasn’t as it is today preveus comments made the memories of my 71 f100 custom ranger 302 auto that was red with red interior with door panels that had tan stiching woven into the red cloth well the panels were vynle supposed to look like cloth and the gas tank was behind the the seat my son’s mother did not like him riding in tbat cab .but riding in the back in the bed was all ok back then mine didnt have a dash pad at least when I bought it in April of 94 to do side jobs with I was a rough frame carpenter then I paid 450 for the truck and made at least 20 times my money it was a no frills no power steering no power brakes no ac to the point work truck as trucks were in 71 to my point about the paint if your still reading when I came to own this truck the red paint was faded oddly in some places it looked like that old primer but in other places it was red and shinney it was wierd I buffed it with a rubbing compond and the cooler came back all around I hated going to the store in that thing no power steering sucked in the tight parking

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  11. Avatar photo Shane

    Love the topper, just needs a manual and snow tires on the back.

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  12. Avatar photo Wilbur Whitaker

    I had a pickup just like it a 1972 I bought new it had the 360 auto same color inside and out. I sold it in 1973 for new one but I never knew where that trk ever went. That could be it or not who knows but when I bought it new I only payed 1800 for it new lol

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  13. Avatar photo Greg Williams

    Is this a 4 wheel Drive ??? Does it have original paint?? If so, and is rust-free, Id be willing to pay only about $5,000- . Keep in mind if your not within about 1,000 mile radius,You can add approximately $2,000- for shipping. I’ve already made the mistake of buying a Rustfree truck out of Vegas for $4,200- only to find I had to antee up an addtl $2,200- in order to get it delivered as you have to be pretty brave in order to register and insure via documents through the mail and hope it makes its maiden voyage.turned out to be about what I could’ve bought about the same truck close to home for the same price or less and I would’ve had the opportunity to inspect it first.

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