44k Original Miles? 1967 Pontiac GTO

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It is easy and often understandable for enthusiasts to question bold claims made about classic cars. Seller will almost invariably paint their vehicle in the best possible light to entice potential buyers to part with their cash. I’m not suggesting anything shady or underhanded with this 1967 Pontiac GTO or its owner. Still, most readers will admit the odometer reading of 43,920 miles is extraordinarily low for a car with fifty-six years under its belt. I have no doubt there will be other examples with lower readings, but that figure places this classic in elite company. It needs a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Jewett, Texas. Bidding sits below the reserve at $25,000, with plenty of time for interested parties to make their move on this survivor.

Pontiac introduced styling changes to the GTO for the 1967 model year, marking the final for the First Generation GTO. The changes were evolutionary, mainly confined to an updated grille, taillights, and a few relocated badges. The company saw little value in splashing vast sums of money on a vehicle destined for imminent replacement. This GTO presents acceptably for a survivor-grade classic, but it isn’t perfect. The Cameo Ivory paint shines, but not in a showroom sense. It received a repaint in its original shade, but it appears this occurred many years ago. The photos reveal some chips and scratches, although they are expected in a vehicle of this age. Rust is developing around the lower back window, but tackling it quickly while the problem is minor could save some expensive future restoration work. The black vinyl top is in good order, with no signs of bubbling that might indicate hidden issues. There is peeling chrome on the front bumper, and evidence of other trim flaws suggests restoration or replacement might be on the winning bidder’s radar. The hubcaps are excellent, the narrow whitewalls add a classy touch, and the tinted glass looks flawless.

If any aspect of this GTO raises potential questions about the mileage claim, it could be the interior condition. It would be unfair to expect perfection, but any flaws would usually be minor and in limited numbers. The list with this car is longer than expected. It includes splits in the Black vinyl front seatcovers, damaged sail panels, several wheel cracks, and deteriorating faux woodgrain on the console surrounding the Hurst “His & Hers” dual-gate shifter. No flaws are horrendous, but it will require a cash injection if the buyer seeks perfection. Someone has attached a microphone bracket to the outside of the dash on the driver’s side, but I see no further additions. The buyer won’t drown in optional extras, but the factory air conditioning and AM radio will be welcome.

The most significant change to the GTO for 1967 was hidden below the surface. From its inception, these muscle cars featured the company’s iconic 389ci V8 under the hood. Pontiac increased the engine’s cylinder bore, meaning these classics now sported a 400ci powerplant occupying the engine bay. This one should churn out 335hp, which feeds to the road via a three-speed TH400 automatic transmission. If the driver pointed this classic at a ¼-mile, the journey would become a memory in 14.8 seconds. The seller states the car runs and drives but has sat in storage for eight years. Therefore, it requires a thorough inspection and some essential maintenance as a minimum before being considered roadworthy.

If one aspect of this 1967 Pontiac GTO disappoints me, it is the fact the seller doesn’t hold evidence verifying its odometer reading. If the successful bidder can trace its ownership history, that process might unearth the crucial evidence that will quell the doubts that some may harbor. If not, they can enjoy all this classic offers as a genuine and iconic muscle car. It isn’t perfect but a tidy and solid survivor-grade classic. I believe there is a fair way to go before bidding passes the reserve, and if the hammer falls with the final figure beyond $45,000, I won’t be surprised. This could be a fascinating auction to watch…or in which to drop a bid or two.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    The seller also believes this car will bring “six figures”…🤔
    In rubles, yeah I could see that.

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  2. Zen

    If it really is original, it’s a good find indeed. I’d preserve and enjoy it just the way it is, fixing what’s needed, cleaning and polishing as needed. My parents got married in the fall of 1968, and bought a one year old GTO, red, black vinyl top, black interior with the his and hers shifter, power steering but no A/C, and the same hubcaps as this one. They beat the hell out of it doing burnouts with snow tires and bricks in the trunk and sold it a year later just before my brother was born. For many years after that, all they could afford was old, underpowered, rotted station wagons, not one with working A/C.

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  3. Rick R

    It seems strange that the seller didnt say anything about numbers matching. with just under 44K miles. Of course it was very possible that the car received a different motor sometime within the almost 44K miles and 56 years. Back in the sixties and seventies we drove our cars hard and put them away wet. I bought a new GTO in 68 and if I remember right GM only put a 12K mile and 12 month warranty on their cars back than. If some did receive a new motor under warranty and a new block was installed it had a different #

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  4. Al camino

    The first thing I would do beside cleaning it up is to change the coil springs after 56 years it’s hanging on the ground to much and I know the hubcaps are original,but I would put some bigger wheels and tires on it then it would look like they used to years ago,sweet

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  5. Troy McCutcheon

    After buying and selling lots of 1960’s car’s of interest,my experience tells me this is a car with 143,000 miles. Why do I say this? The normal wear and tear items look too ravaged for a car with 43,000 miles. Plus there has been no evidence to prove the mileage claim. Still it is a very nice GTO. A refreshing restoration would do wonders to this car. It just needs some TLC and elbow grease. GLWTS

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  6. Paulcug

    They’re coming to get you Barbara.
    Barbara had a lemans. GTO is legendary

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    • Frank Drackman

      [first lines]

      Barbra: They ought to make the day the time changes the first day of summer.

      Johnny: What?

      Barbra: Well, it’s eight o’ clock, and it’s still light.

      Johnny: A lot of good the extra daylight does us. You know, we’ve still got a three hour drive back; we’re not going to be home until after midnight.

      Barbra: Well, if it really bugged you, Johnny, you wouldn’t do it.

      Johnny: You think I wanna blow Sunday on a scene like this? You know, I figure we’re either going to have to move mother out here or move the grave to Pittsburgh.


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      • Paulcug

        Love it

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  7. Stan Viduszynsky

    could quite possibly have such low miles . just looking at her pretty much tells its got original paint. most likely purchased as a husband and wife. only went out on sundays in later years. i have a 99 grand prix well wifes work car and 40 years she has not worked further than 2 miles away from home.the gp has 59,000 original miles do the math its quite possible to have such low mileage. besides your talking about a generation of people that would wait until friday to get a gallon of milk. not gen X Y or Z

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    • Roy

      It isn’t the original paint. They had a painted double pin stripe from the factory.

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  8. Danangme69

    I bought a 58 chieftain convertible with 17 000 miles over a 10 year period having been stored for 5 of those years and while it looked and ran like new it shortly started to leak fluids from every orifice . Never again

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  9. Danangme69

    I bought a 58 chieftain convertible with 17 000 miles over a 10 year period having been stored for the last 5 of those years and while it looked and ran like new it shortly started to leak fluids from every orifice . Never again

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