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454-Powered: 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo went through several generations from 1970 through 2007 and it always stayed true to at least one of its big ideas: being a two-door personal luxury car. Some generations were pretty successful, and then there were the Lumina years.. (kidding!). This 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a “ONE OWNER SURVIVOR” (sorry for yelling) according to the seller. It’s in Delta, Colorado and is listed here on eBay with an unmet opening bid of $8,750!

Other than being dusty and possibly missing some wheel caps, this car looks like it’s in amazing condition. The seller says that there “is not a single ding or speck of rust on it. 100% factory original paint and pinstripe.” They go on to explain that the “original paint has faded and is worn down in a spot or two. Which means it has great patina!! Nothing is hidden by primer or fresh paint!” They’re even more excited than I usually get. (!)..

This angle may not be this car’s best, especially with the vinyl top looking like that and the wheel centers missing. The seller says that the “Starting bid is $3,332 below average retail!” They must be using everyone’s favorite NADA. I checked Hagerty, my personal favorite, and they list a #4 fair condition 1974 Monte Carlo as being valued at $6,400 and #3 good condition as being valued at $10,300. $8,350 is right between those two numbers, so I guess their opening bid of $8,750 is pretty close.

This interior is red. I’m not sure if you can tell that or not? (crickets) The seats, front and rear, appear to be in perfect condition, other than whatever is going on at the top of the driver’s side headrest? There are some issues, probably due to being in storage for so long, which is a total guess because the seller doesn’t mention how long it has been in storage. They say that the “headlights have a chewed wire or two out in the open in the front that will need repaired.” And, the “dash is cracked.” This car also isn’t all original – they “put a new headliner, battery, and carpet in it.”

“Yadda yadda, yeah what evs, Scotty G, big deal, a dusty Monte Carlo.. zzzzzzz”.. Wait, check out this L-Series 454 V8! Ha, now we’re talkin’! Ok, 235 hp isn’t as much as a 1970 Monte Carlo with a 454 had, but it’s the best that there was in 1974. The seller says that the “big block 454 rated at 235 h.p. (net) fires easily and runs well with no noise or smoke. Still has the factory smog pump in place along with the factory Q-Jet. ALL engine components from the alternator, manifolds, A/C, air cleaner, etc. are factory original. It still even retains the original factory dual exhaust system and mufflers that still sounds great.” Are there any fans of the second-generation Monte Carlo out there?


  1. Will

    On top of the drivers head rest is a plastic loop for the seatbelt. The belt comes out for using the rear seat but it is very hard to reach the seatbelt back by the door opening while sitting in the seat if the loop goes unused

  2. Thomas Cotrel

    Power front seat and hand crank windows? Methinks some unoriginality is afoot.
    But so what? Desmog the engine, buff out the paint and lose the vinyl top, and it should be good to go.

    • mike D

      ” might” have been the end of the year run??? had an extra power seat, and this one got it?

  3. Mark Hoffman

    Those wheel center caps never stayed on. A neighbor girl got a 73 Monte Carlo with those wheels. First year of the turbine wheels. Hers had thin wsw General radials.

    She never could keep the center caps on, even when new. Usually popped one coming by our house and landed in the gutter. Take to owner, reinstall, repeat. She finally gave up.

  4. 86 Vette Convertible

    I liked the 74 Monte’s, in fact almost bought one new. Thing was as a young man recently out of the Army, the cost difference between it and a 74 Malibu Classic was enough that I went with the Chevelle. They did ride nice though.
    I would bet that would be a thirsty beast though, that was in the height of the emissions and Opec era, nothing ran well nor cheaply.

    • A-J- Thomason

      I Had one in 1984-1987 gas was roughly a buck a gallon and my beast would suck down 5 bucks worth every day and that was a short distance from home to work. I think I was getting up to 11 MPG if I kept my foot out of it but on those days I just had to lite up those wide 60s I had on mine. well if i got 8 MPG I was doing good.

  5. Superdessucke

    Maybe a little off topic but whenever I see one of these, I can’t help but think that some people probably traded in late 60s and early 70s muscle cars for them, thinking they were moving up in the world. I wonder how they feel now, hahaha!

    • jw454

      A very good friend of mine traded in a 1970 Nova SS 350/4spd. for a new triple black 1974 M/C. they gave him about $800.00 for the Nova. We had run the Nova pretty hard in it’s four years on the road. When the dealer advertised the Nova in the paper in the used cars section they added to the listing, “Rough as a night in jail”.

      • Superdessucke

        I’m sure at at least one point in that transaction they laughed at that Nova, glancing at the Monte Carlo in smug satisfaction. Probably not laughing too much now.

      • Superdessucke

        That wasn’t Fencl-Tufo near Chicago was It? I remember they used to run ads that would have a beater section, and they’d poke fun at the cars like that!

  6. William

    That opening bid must be his uncle bidding. That’s already premium price for existing condition.

    Like 1
  7. Bob c.

    350, 400, 454, difference is gas mileage was minimal.

  8. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    Those were rubber filled steel wheels and if the temperature changed about 10 degrees, my centercaps would pop off of my 75 Landua with swivel bucket seats sitting still in the driveway. Ha ha.

  9. Gary Fogg

    I have a black console and shift-er out of one of those. Buddy of mines older brother had one of these in the 80’s, built 350, th350, shift kit, headers, Keystone Klassics, buckets, console… we used to borrow it off him when he was drunk…we wound hound the snot out of that old beater…good times

  10. Tim W

    Had one same color in the early 80’s. Mine was a 400sb with swivel buckets and a console. Oh, and a factory 8-track. Polished Ansen Sprints and 60 Series RWL Mohawks.Wore out a Eagles Hotel California and a Boston Don’t Look Back tape in that car. Rode like a dream…..

  11. James S.

    it’s an old piece of junk worth a few hundred dollars, except for the fact that some Baby Boomers with too much money will actually be willing to pay more for it

  12. JimmyJ

    Always thought these were big,ugly boats… Still do

  13. Wagon master Member

    Ok @jw454, I’m going to plagerize the hell out of that one from now on. I thought I was going to lose my s*** laughing so hard!

  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Hurry, 25 minutes left in the auction. It can be your for $8750!

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