454 Powered: 1976 Chevrolet C10 Fleetside

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This 1976 Chevrolet C10 Silverado is a clean pickup with a few extra horses under the hood. It would suit someone who is looking for a solid tow vehicle, or the person who is on the lookout for a very clean pickup. The Silverado is located in Riverton, Utah, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is now sitting at $3,750, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

The condition of the C10 is pretty impressive, with only a few very minor marks on the original Silver Gray paintwork. The panels are generally very straight, and there isn’t a sign of any rust anywhere on the vehicle. The chrome and trim look to be in great condition, while the bed has always been lined, and looks to be close to perfect. This is a pickup with some real presence, and I wouldn’t mind betting that it attracts plenty of attention wherever it goes.

The interior of the C10 is just as impressive as the interior, or maybe more so. It looks like there are period-correct aftermarket speakers fitted to the doors, but that is about all there is to fault with the interior. The rest of it is spotlessly clean, and as you gaze around inside the pickup, it is hard to believe that you are looking at the interior of a 43-year-old workhorse. The pickup is also fitted with air conditioning, and while it also features cruise control, this will require a new cable. As far as the mechanical configuration is concerned, there has been a change in a bid to help the Silverado get up and moving. It isn’t clear what was originally under the hood, but what lies there now is a 454ci V8. This is backed by a 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission. There are no engine photos, but if this is the 454 that was the optional engine in the 1976 model year, then it should be good for 240hp. This was also probably a pretty wise move for the original owner, as the C10 used to carry a camper shell in the bed.

This 1976 C10 Silverado Fleetside is about as clean as you are ever likely to see in a pickup of this age. When you look at its overall condition, it is easy to accept and believe the owner’s claim that it has been kept in a garage for its entire life. It isn’t perfect, but it also isn’t far off it, and the next owner looks like they will be buying a pickup that has been much loved and cherished.

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  1. Steve R

    I like how the pictures were taken in a way to obscure that it’s a long bed. Pictures of the engine would have been nice too.

    Steve R

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    • Suttree

      Steve R….I had no trouble seeing that this truck is a long bed.
      The photo I saw made it clear…to me anyway.

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  2. gbvette62

    The 454’s not the original engine. The seller states that the previous owner wanted more power, so they “dropped a 454 in it”. Also, the grill sports the “350” emblem that was fitted to these when equipped with a 350.

    It’s a pretty clean looking truck, with the only rust I noticed in the left rear quarter. This is pretty surprising considering that those 70’s C/K GM pick ups started rusting on the car carrier, on the way to the dealer.

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  3. HoA Rube GoldbergMember

    Wish mine looked this nice. Finally, a realistically priced square body, and this is about right. Twice what I paid, and twice as nice. Nice truck, 454, very nice, doesn’t get any less mileage than the 350, and you got the grunt when you need it. Proof, these people asking $15 grand for these, are off their rocker. Don’t play into that foolishness.

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    • Strive R

      It’s a long bed, which is much less sought after than the short bed trucks. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. The market wants short bed trucks, not long beds, that is reflected in sale prices.

      Steve R

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    • ChebbyMember

      It’s not realistically priced or even priced at all, it’s an auction with the reserve not met. $15k is probly in the ballpark. Though I agree with you, too much for an old truck.

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  4. Joe Wrobleski

    I agree with that. There is a ton of these things for sale and many people price them high just to See if someone will bite. This looks like a nice truck but as always-buyer beware.

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  5. William I Decker

    Compared to the sticker of a new one sitting on a dealers lot ??? I have no problem with that figure, especially since I’m one of the “long bed lovers”. When you want a truck that looks good, gets attention but yet is practical, long bed is the only way to go. My ’82 not only pulls my car trailer but does quite a bit of parts hauling (bed liners are a blessing) & no, they didn’t “rust on the car carrier”. Like anything else made of steel, if left outside year round (especially in the North/Northwest),of course there would be rust.

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  6. Troy s

    Just a good solid truck really, short beds are for playing long beds are for working..I oughta know seeing how I work in construction. I see either a 250 or 350 call out badge in the grill, so this ones been upped in power big time with that four fifty-four. Depending on the person’s right foot your mileage may vary, ha!
    Nice that the hood hasn’t rusted yet, seen an alarming amount that have on these Chevy’s. As my old friend once told me about his 454 powered 3/4 ton, “It’ll pass anything but a gas station!”

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  7. TimM

    Nice looking long bed and I’m sure with a cam and some other go fast parts you could get more than 240 hp out of it!! The interior is in good shape it doesn’t need body work!! For the right price it would be a great truck to swap out some part and make it perform!!!

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  8. David G

    Sold for $8,500. Nice truck. Seller’s description and VIN concur that it had a 350 engine originally. Love these trucks. I have a low mileage ’78 GMC 35 one ton single rear wheel Sierra Classic that is just awesome. Has a 454, factory (cat exempt due to 9,000 GVW) dual exhausts, dual tanks, tilt, factory air, etc. Great running and driving truck, always 100% reliable.

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