455/4-speed: 1975 Pontiac Trans Am WS6

This 1975 Trans Am is a project car where a lot of the hard and expensive work seems to have been done, and it will be up to the new owner to finish it off. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, it is being offered with a clear title. The owner has set an opening bid of $18,999 for the Trans Am.

I get the impression from the ad that the seller didn’t have all of the work done on this car but basically bought it as it stands now. Regardless, someone has put in some effort to make this Trans Am a solid car again. The rear quarters have been replaced, along with the trunk extensions. The front floor pan has also been replaced on the passenger side, and the rest of the floors look good. It does look like there might be some welding left to do on the front floor, but it looks like it is at least pretty solidly tacked into place.

There’s not a lot to say about the interior really. In this shot, you can see the new front floor section, and how it looks like it may need more welding. The dash is complete, although it does look like it may have had an aftermarket stereo fitted at some stage. The pad is cracked, and the seller doesn’t indicate what interior trim components come with the car, so I would say that you would be starting right back at square one with an interior restoration.

Under the hood, the original engine has made way for a 1972 YC block 455ci V8. The seller has only driven the car a few miles with this engine in place but says that it runs and drives fine. The car is fitted with power steering and power brakes. The engine also features an Edelbrock intake and carburetor and a Flowmaster exhaust. Hooked to the engine are a Super T10 4-speed transmission and a 3.08 posi rear.

This Trans Am looks like a solid project car, but given the extent of the rust repairs that have been performed, I personally would want to take a look at it. On the surface, it looks like a car with a lot of potential. The asking price isn’t cheap, but given the work that has been performed on the car, do our Barn Finders think that it represents good value?

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  1. Classic Steel

    This engine looks used aka not rebuilt
    but as long as the miles were not to
    harsh that’s good but…they should of painted the block to pretty up. The power brakes canister and master cylinder needs a clean and spray black too.

    Looks like a fun car but high priced by six grand for nom car needing to be finished

  2. Drunkduck

    Looks like the rear bumper from a 76 to 78.

  3. Jimmy

    Why whoever replaced the motor didn’t detail the motor and engine bay before installing the motor, would have justified the starting price of admission.

  4. STM

    “The seller has only driven the car a few miles with this engine in place but says that it runs and drives fine” Judging by the undisturbed dirt and corrosion it’s been in there for a while like 20 years or so.

  5. Miguel

    When I saw the price for what the car is I came down to the comments.

    I didn’t need to read any more.

  6. Michael A Groves

    Car has been hit, I’ll pass.

  7. 408interceptor

    I paid $20,000 for mine two years ago and at the time I thought it was too much. Never rusted, 40,000 miles, 455 4 speed.

  8. SJ

    I’m reasonably sure that the WS6 option wasn’t available
    til 1978…

  9. David Zornig

    That spoiler font looks oddly different than `74-`76.
    And a blue dash?
    No bids, go figure…

  10. KawiVulc

    Haven’t been there in years but there at least was a large U-Pull-It in Hazleton… that interior shot almost makes me wonder if this car hasn’t spent some time there. Looks like somebody at some point had a blue TA & wanted a black TA, that hood bird is I believe from ’79 or so… Personally, I’d leave the $19k in my pocket & keep looking.

  11. Superdessucke

    Looks like a Frankenbird. A hodgepodge of various model years. Reminds me a little of the Johnny Cash song “One Piece at a Time.”

    “Well it’s a ’72, ’75, ’78 automobile.”

    • dennis

      I use that analogy a lot too funny. This guy’s dreaming it WAS a 400 car originally. What else is from another year Firebird?

  12. squarebodygm

    Quarters replaced? What’s with the rust knots under the back glass molding then?


    I can hear Johnny Cash singing “one piece at a time” after looking at this one

  13. Jack Oris

    Start at 18k for this? Seriously?
    How about $800…

  14. Robert Sabatini

    RTS was the suspension moniker for the 75 T/A’s. (Radial Tuned Suspension). As previously stated, WS6 was born in 1978. The decals are from 78 and on Trans Ams. The original 4-speed is the Muncie M22. BW Super T-10’s were available starting in 1978. However, the earlier 455 installed in this car probably has about 70 more horsepower than the station wagon 455 HO available in the 1975 Trans Am.

    • Des Ryan

      Pontiac only used the M22 Muncie in the 1971 and 1972 TAs and Formulas. Borg Warner T-10s were installed starting 1974. The BW 4-speed in this car is correct.

      • dennis

        Guy’s dreaming at this price. Been watching too many t.v. shows and fantasy auctions… Originally a 400 car, probably a auto at that? Rear bumper 77-78. I say 77-78 because 76 was one year only real bumper thicker and hard to find. Looks like a Franky(Frankenstein).. I’d price it at about $6200.00 LOL Love the old just block it and it’s ready to paint. Yeah, sure. LOL How much mud is in this?

  15. Franko

    The rear is not a 1975 bumper looks like a 76 rear bumper. 76 had the pointed front and rear bumpers.

  16. Des Ryan

    Anybody else notice the massive 70s sunroof cut into the roof? They don’t mention it or show it very well in the auction pics. This is a turd.

  17. v

    i learned a long time ago not to discount a rare trans am. all comments are a guess without a PONTIAC HISTORICAL SERVICES build sheet. he states the 455 is not correct but franks pontiac is selling 455 bare blocks for 1500. and down. plus its a 4 speed a genuine bonus.price a sound running 455 block they are not cheap. there are some mods on the car but its 43 years old and in that condition. sunroof i believe was an option. id say its worth around 18,000 if the undercarriage is ok (if its a 455 4 speed custom ac car with sun roof) these options according to NADA boost the value another 50 percent. these TA’ s are really shooting up in value. but if its rusty 10 -11,000.. do not forget pontiac are no longer being manufactured. hence the next gold rush. now can you say PHS . ill have 2 thank you

    • Des Ryan

      You believe wrong. Sunroofs were not optional on 1975 Trans Ams. One 1973 Super Duty Trans Am was built with an American Sunroof Company (ASC) opening electric sunroof in 1973 – that’s it. And there’s great debate around that car being factory-ordered like that (it’s currently for sale).

      Just T-tops were an option 1976-1981 on the 2nd Gen. Firebirds. There’s a sunroof out of a catalog on that eBAYcar now, guaranteed, that required cutting (usually ugly) of the roof. And the fact that the car was a 400 car is not a “guess” because it’s in the fifth digit of the VIN that is listed in the auction, even though he mis-typed the Z as an S in his listing. If it were an original 455 car that letter would be a W. 400 is Z …again, it’s A TURD. Discount required.

  18. Robert Sabatini

    A friend of mine sold THAT 1973 Buccaneer Red SD Trans Am that was equipped with a sunroof!! Was here in Texas, but back up north again I do believe!

  19. v

    hot rod quote ::Pontiac persevered in 1975 not only by retaining the 400-powered Trans Am when most other ponycars and musclecars went away, but also with the bold move of introducing the 455 HO option in the midst of a recession, ever-tightening emissions standards, and concen-trated focus on increasing fuel economy.

    The gamble paid off as the Trans Am and Firebird went on to record sales. Now you, like the Algers, can enjoy the fruits of Pontiac’s mid-’70s labor. T/As from this era are still a great buy for the hobbyist who cares more about enjoying his Pontiac than whether or not it can provide instant financial gain on a quick flip at the auction. Get yours while they’re still underdogs.

  20. V

    id say it has a value of 13000.00 with custom ac and 4 speed with the factory T10. and it could still be a sleeper without the PHS. since its unknown what specialties came with the car.

  21. Johnny R

    Definitely rolled hard and put up wet. No interior. Cracked dash. Rust everywhere. Restoration started? Where lol? Original engine is gone so the value of restore went with it. Now as a parts car yes great parts with 455 and trans but those could be trash too just by the look of this rat trap (esp w ladder bars definitely beat to hell.) Body is worth nothing especially with the hole in the roof. 5K tops.


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