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460 Power! 1984 Ford F250 Super Cab XLT 4X4

A fabulous spread of magazine-quality pictures attests to the near-perfection of this 1984 Ford F-250 Super Cab XLT in Clackamas, Oregon. The well-equipped beauty has covered fewer than 36,000 miles, according to the seller, and while the phrase “all original” rarely holds water these days, deviations on this Ford may be limited to Day Two additions like fog lights and trailer accessories. Highlights include the attractive two-tone paint, XLT trim, air conditioning, cruise control, and the mighty 460 cid (7.5L) V8. The listing here on eBay has attracted at least 10 bidders and a market value above $10,800.

The 460 topped the list of engine options for 1984, and this carbureted beast made 225 HP and 380 lb-ft of torque, according to BlueOvalTech. The 460 maintains a reputation for durability and longevity, key factors in the life of a truck. Assuming decent maintenance and upkeep, this brute should have plenty of life left to give.

The top-level XLT package added brightwork inside and out. My 1985 F250 was nearly the opposite of this rig in every way. I had a fuel-injected 302, manual transmission, no headliner, rubber floors, and no options. I bought mine for $2400, drove it six years, and sold it for $2000. Hopefully, this truck’s new owner will enjoy similar success!

Plush carpeting, cloth and vinyl seats, cruise control, air, wood grain panels, and automatic transmission make this working man or woman’s “office” a pleasant place to escape the cold and mud. The four-wheel drive should help you drive through muck and snow as well. Hitch up a horse trailer and hit the highway and you’ll barely notice the lack of lane departure alerts and an 11″ touch-screen panel. Eyes on the road, buttercup!

The long-bed SuperCab may not be your friend at the local drive-through restaurant, but it will be hard to beat in the parking-lot “length-off” contest. The 16″ steel wheels and dog dish hub caps lend this three-quarter-ton truck a burly attitude. This truck looks better than my ’85 ever did! Would you take this fresh-looking F250 or pay 4+ times more for a new one?


  1. Skorzeny

    This is a nice truck, but do NOT expect to get more than about 10 MPG.

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    • Keith

      If you got 10 mpg you were going down a steep hill. I had one for a winter beater and it got 5 to 6 mpg. Of course spinning all over the place in the snow did not help.Thank god it was just for one winter.

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  2. EPO3

    My brother had one you would be lucky to 10 mpg we use to call it pig red

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  3. grant

    I had an 88 set up like this, it got 6-8 mpg, no matter how you drove it; towing or not. It would pull stumps though.

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  4. JCA Member

    They say it’s not all about the length of your bed, it’s how you use it

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  5. petemcgee

    3 negative feedback on car/truck sales in the last 12 months. Hard pass!

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  6. Steve R

    I’m not sure why everyone is fixated on gas mileage. The odds that this truck will be used to drive or haul things long distances on a regular is next to zero. If a car/truck is used only used occasionally and for short distances gas mileage becomes irrelevant.

    If you assume this gets driven 200 miles per month and gets 8 miles per gallon at 2.50 a gallon, switching to a newer truck that gets 16 miles per gallon will save you a whopping $31.25 per month. But that doesn’t really matter since everyone needs a trivial thing to complain about.

    Steve R

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      … and it could be even less than 200 miles per month for a collector vehicle. Mine get that in the summer, but not in the winter.

      Once when I bought a new high-performance vehicle, the first question my penny-pinching friend asked was “what is its gas mileage?”. I just smiled and said something to the effect that you don’t really get it, you are not the market for a car like this.

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      • 67Firebird_Cvt 67Firebird_Cvt Member

        And when your penny pinching friend wants to move something big who will he call?

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    • alphasud Member

      I’m with you Steve. I had a 92 F250 with the 460. I used to laugh about getting 7mpg driving it and it was the only vehicle I drove where you could actually see the fuel gauge move just driving across town. Didn’t care though until the truck had to be used on a daily basis and fuel at the time in California was over $5 a gallon. That was my reason to move to a newer truck. I loved that truck though. It was a single cab XLT and I could always depend on it and it would haul anything. Routinely had over a ton and a half in the back and it still had ample wheel travel.

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    • Howard A Member

      Of course gas mileage is a hot topic, it’s something you have to consider everytime you drive , especially ones that require daily fillups, like this would. The squarebody gets maybe 12, so a 50 mile ride( and 50 back) is going to cost you $30 bucks. My previous ride consumed the $20 bucks I just put in,( especially in the cold with the choke on too long)so any ride, 1st stop is the gas station. We’re spoiled by 30+ mpg vehicles, where one doesn’t even think about getting gas, suddenly, a vehicle that gets 10, is quite a shock. Now, I feel, someone that buys this, has every intention of using it, it’s meant to be used, and poor mileage is just the trade off.

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      • Steve R

        Your premise doesn’t hold water. Later model trucks, built since the late-1980’s, with overdrive and fuel injection are common and relatively cheap. Anyone that is truly concerned about gas mileage will buy one of them, for less money than this trucks current high bid.

        Steve R

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      • Dave

        My 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 with the 5.9 would get 17 on the highway and maybe 10 on my work commute. Every other day was $40 in gas and on one job the trip home from Matamoros, PA to Pittsburgh ate a $100 bill! The counter person said “I can’t accept that!” to which I replied “Look at the pump.” She took the C-note.

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  7. Michael

    Amen to the mpg argument!
    You can get the 2020 version of this truck for 60-something k which returns an amazing 14.8mpg when dead empty.
    I would rather have this and 5 other cars (one of them can be for mpg, the rest for fun and the enjoyment of having something different from everyone else)

    To the ones concerned about the gas mileage of a specialty vehicle I say enjoy your prius!

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  8. David

    A few years back my wife and me drove our 2016 f250 extended cab long bed from maine to Los Angeles and back. Never once agonized over gas mileage and would gladly make that memory again.

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  9. Todd Fitch Staff

    I wouldn’t pass on this truck for the MPG, but as long as it’s become a topic here, I’ll mention my ’85 F250 302 EFI 4×4 – manual trans with overdrive. Around Pittsburgh I got 14 MPG no matter what. Highway though, you could leave it in Overdrive on any hill and with a light load just barely get 20 MPG, which I thought was pretty good for a 3/4 ton 4×4. I pulled “Greentree Hill,” a four-lane on the way out of the city, in OD with at least a ton of wood in the back at 60+. I had a single Borla muffler that made an amazing burble when you let off the gas in one of the Steel City’s many tunnels. That little 5.0 with the tall twin intake plenum manifold had a heart of gold. Recently I’ve been borrowing my Step-Father’s 2017 F250 King Ranch with the 6.7 PSD and discovered that it gets the same MPG empty at 78 MPH that it gets at 65 pulling a 4000 lb car on an 800 lb trailer, 18.x MPG. These new trucks really reward a light foot. I hope this one goes to a good home! We’d love to hear from the new owner here.

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  10. Howard A Member

    A poster named George, said his friends are dying, fast, it’s even worse when they kill themselves. I HAD a friend, who recently took his own life,,,at 61, and in the 80’s, he entered a contest at Sapp Brothers truck stop, in Neb. I think, and the prize was a 2 wheel drive truck like this, only a diesel and every available option. Lo and behold, he got a notice, “come get your truck”. The motor was the pre-“Power Stroke” boat anchors, but it was a nice truck. The diesel did cruise nice, fact is, you had to set the cruise, because 75 didn’t seem any different than 55. Again, due to what’s available today in trucks, something like this, is a must have. Perhaps I’m getting a bit shell shocked, but ONLY $10g’s?

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  11. Randall Toombs

    Beauty!!!! I have a 86 not 4 wheel, all original, 351C….80k miles. Don’t care about gas mileage when its a secondary ride. Do care about the crisp, sharp lines that define these Ford workers, and That’s exactly what they are…Workers Love it!!! Wished I could bid

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  12. Jerry Parmer

    Looks like the tires are 16.5, not 16 inch.

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  13. David Ulrey

    Absolutely beautiful truck and will be an excellent buy for whoever buys it. If you buy a truck this size with an engine that size hopefully you are smart enough to know in advance that it is going to get terrible mileage but that’s just part of the deal. The one thing that would stop me from wanting it is the size. I had an 89 F150 long bed extra can 4×4. I knew it wouldn’t get good milage but that’s to be expected. It was .y daily driver and I did and still do a lot of errands and store trips. After about a year of that type of use the total length of the truck got really old.

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