460 Trailer Special! 1976 Ford F-250 Ranger

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American full-sized pickup trucks set the gold standard for enduring punishment and being sentenced to hard labor. This 1976 Ford F-250 Ranger 4×4 Trailer Special in Anderson, California won’t win any beauty contests, but the owner-described “ranch truck” features a “strong” running 460, and may well have some life left to give. Bring a trailer, though, because some of the front driveline (at least) is in the truck’s bed. Check out more pictures and a staccato description in the laissez faire listing here on eBay. At least five bidders had taken a chance on this baby blue rig, raising its market value beyond $2900.

The mighty 460 cid (7.5L) V8 motors (in general) have no chronic faults in daily use, unless you count the punch in the gut you’ll experience at the gas pump. This Trailer Special came with twin factory fuel tanks, as evidenced by the twin tank fillers, and the video here on YouTube shows a DIY third fuel tank in the bed. My Step-Dad had a 460 in his motor home and it idled glass-smooth at 80,000 miles with zero suspicious noises. The brochure here at lov2xlr8 does not show a 460 engine option in the 4×4, but lack of originality matters little on a truck like this. Another anomaly:  badge placement looks like the 1977 F-Series more than the ’76.

The classic “Western Blanket” seat cover no doubt hides torn vinyl upholstery. The Ranger package adds fancier trim inside and out. My Grandfather had a Bahama Blue Bicentennial Edition F-Series, so this cab shot (such as it is) brings back the memories. He explained the concept of a four-barrel carburetor having small primaries and large secondaries, punctuating the lesson by slamming the gas pedal to the floor so I could feel the difference. Good times.

The video walkaround shows numerous areas of rust-through in the cab and bed’s lower extremities. Watch those always-extended trailering mirrors at the local drive-through.

The seller removed a camper shell from the bed, and it’s rusty but not wasted. An old-timer in Pennsylvania once described one knock against this generation F-Series, as “the bed sides rust off,” becoming loose near the tailgate where corrosion damages the structure first. Heavy duty front and rear bumpers promise a ruinous day for today’s deadly texter-drivers, each of whom figures *they* have a clever system that makes the murderous habit safe. Watch out for that shin-busting hitch during your walk-around or the little ones will pick up some new vocabulary words. Anything over $2100 seems ridiculous for a well-worn rusty truck with driveline parts in the bed, but welcome to the 21st century, folks! Would you put this Ranger on the road or back on the range?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    With 2 driveshafts in the bed I’m gonna venture a guess that something went really wrong and we have a slightly rusty truck here with a strong motor but no way to move it on its own without extensive/expensive repair.

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    So,buy this truck,and get the shaft(s).

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      🤣In more ways than one, I’ll bet

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  3. HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

    What’s that hissing sound? Flat tire? No, just the sound of air escaping from this vintage pickup truck foolishness. I know what mom said about gloating, but moms not here, and, whats the matter, nobody buying your crappy pickup trucks for $10 grand? We all need some reinforcement, and I think people are finally beginning to see, these aren’t a new F150.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good find, but,,,and I HATE this saying,,it is what it is. Gas is on the way up,,again, with premium, which you’ll need, is over $5/gal. The 460 was not very gas friendly. You’d be a fool to do anything but hang a plow on it, and park it ’round back.

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  4. Harvey HarveyMember

    Fuel usage is legendary !

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    • Bud Lee

      10 gtm. Gallons to mile.

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  5. Terrry

    I wanted to fill the bed with dirt and turn it into a planter, but I gave up once the price went over $500.

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  6. Larry House

    I would fix it up with LMC get that rig on the road great hunting pickup pull a trailer put it to work.

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  7. Chris

    It’s a NorCal truck. I wouldn’t be overly concerned with rust on this one. I used to live an hour south of Anderson, and if I still did, I’d be taking a hard look at this project.

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  8. Zach G

    Looks like someone might have swaped a zf5 5 speed transmission into it judging by the shifter that can bearly be seen in 1 of the photos might just need to be buttoned up

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    • Yblocker

      That would be a shame, a 435 or a T18 are better than a ZF.

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  9. Michelle RandStaff

    Hate to mention this to all you nay-sayers but the price is now at $4600. I actually love this truck – esp the long bed, ha ha! The 1970s – when Ford made real trucks.

    Not worried about the rust, either. It will take another ten years before this thing is too rusty to drive.

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      Bidding ended at $6100..

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  10. Yblocker

    Hard to believe the negative comments here, I’d rather see these than disintegrated remnants of muscle cars.

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    • Dave

      Yes, but just a few “special” ones are the negative Nancys. The market will decide what this one’s worth, not any commenter on here.

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  11. Harvey HarveyMember

    Don’t know what I like more about my old trucks. Bouncing down the road, stopping at the gas station, or the quality time spent working on them:-)

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  12. Piros1

    I like old trucks as much as anyone and I’m a Ford guy at heart but this truck has been setting somewhere for a long time. You can see the Cobb webs accumulated around the engine compartment. The drive shafts in the bed have been laying there for a number of years or at least in in use for years. There is a lot of blisters under the paint if you look close. By the looks of the rust you can see I don’t believe this is a west coast truck. To me it appears to have the type of rust you see back east and in the Midwest. The climate out west is much drier. I think the buyer of this old beast may be in for more work and expense than they think.

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  13. Mike Myers

    Didn’t 76 units have clear blinker lenses over the headlights? I don’t remember see the yellow until 77. My Dad had a 76 and my brother a 77.

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    • Yblocker

      It’s not a 76, it’s a 77.

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  14. Steven Luck

    This is a tractor pull truck not a daily driver! If I hadn’t sold my farm I would pay about 4k to fix up for shows!

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  15. Stanly

    well here’s some thing I found out the hard way in E bay’s terms and conditions it states that if a vehicle is 10 years or older the seller does not have to have an accurate description of the vehicle he is selling, so go ahead and lie about it cuz E bay’s got you covered

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  16. Ron

    That one common problem as mentioned above about the bed sides rusting off was common to all of them and still is mostly.They dont like to paint the insides and want them to rust for repeat buisness.

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    • Yblocker

      That’s about a stupid comment. Lol

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