Boring Survivor: 1977 Chevrolet Malibu

1977 Chevrolet Malibu

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With classic car values always going up, has the time come to start looking at cars like this from the late seventies? Obviously, this particular Malibu has some things going for it that make it desirable even with the emissions choked 305 under the hood. The original owner traded in her ’66 Malibu for the car and drove it sparingly until she sold it to her nephew who used it even less (46k miles in total). There are a few flaws, but there cant be many of these left in this good of condition. A base Malibu may not be that exciting, but this one runs and drives well and the price doesn’t seem too bad either. Find it here on eBay where you can bid or buy it now for $5,500.

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    It says no reserve, yet there is a reserve not met?……….hmmm

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  2. Rock OnMember

    This car is a 1975 Malibu Classic. I drove one just like it during high school. Chevrolet switched to rectangular headlights in 1976.

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  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    So what? If it’s in great condition and goes? – gotta be a “buy me” price tho’

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  4. Scotty GStaff

    As a boring survivor myself, I love cars like this!

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    Pretty sure the nephew wished she had kept her 66 Malibu!

    I dunno. I didn’t check the ad but seems like a nice example. Also seems IF the price was $2000-$3500 it might make a great entry level (hate to say it) collector car. These have been largely forgotten. The Colonnade style has never really caught on with collectors. In my opinion the Pontiac variation especially the 77 Can AM really did justice for the style.
    However like all were very prone to rust. Maybe that soured owners who liked the car but not the quality. Usually what makes a car desirable are the memories of parents etc. owning them. Hearing my old man complain about the family ride being a dog, rusting out or falling apart wouldn’t make me want to run out and buy one years later.

    Having had a 1973 SS 350 4 speed car myself and living with it for a short period. Even with a 4 speed and 4 Jet was under powered. It handled like a typical 1970’s boat. Actually was a nice car condition wise. Even then the value was no where close to the model it replaced.

    $5500 for the above example isn’t the end of the world if you want it. If you are on the fence then look around. There are many alternatives for a nice clean entry level vehicles priced the same or less.
    If anyone has not noticed there are all kinds of decent cars and projects way under the money at the moment. Before an election it is always a buyers market

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  6. Chebby

    Black interiors are pretty rare on the later 70s and 80s Chevys; they’re usually brown, green, red or what my friend calls ‘toilet-bowl blue’. Put on a better looking steering wheel, some tasteful wheels and dual exhaust and you’ve got a nice driver.

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  7. Jeff

    Good job Dave on the front end, I also thought it was older

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  8. Woodie Man

    Beware editorial opinion to follow: If this is what the old car hobby has come to, we’re all drinkin the koolaid

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Another editorial :
      I agree…..but….there will come a time when vehicles like this example will be the only “affordable” offerings. The big auction houses as well as all of the cable TV shows promoting restorations or custom builds have literally forced the prices so high, that the blue collar enthusiast has been forced out for the most part.
      The all-mighty dollar rules in any collectible market. Money talks and BS walks. It is a shame though because largely, it’s the blue collar enthusiast that gets the most satisfaction and enjoyment out of the “old car hobby”, not Daddy Warbucks who only sees them as an investment to sell later during a Bull Market, (Jay Leno aside).
      “It’s Kool-Aid ??…I thought it was Gasoline !?” :)

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  9. Kincer DaveMember

    This isn’t any worse than the old Chevettes and Escorts that show up on here from time to time, I appreciate any old car that has survived even old Chevettes and Escorts lol

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  10. Little_Cars Alexander

    The local Chevy dealer loaned my papa one of these when he took his new Camaro in for extensive new car warranty work. On the way to the service lane he was cursing our Camaro for being a POS. Once he got behind the wheel of the >>yawn<< Malibu he couldn't wait to get the Camaro back in our driveway!!!

    Unless wrapped in the Laguna livery, or maybe the wagon, the BowTie lost points with this style.

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  11. ZeitGeist

    In the 80’s, this car with rear AirLift shocks, Crager S/S wheels, raised white letter tires, Thrush muffler, aftermarket stereo with EQ, Amp and speakers……A teenager was cruisin’ !

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  12. Little_Cars Alexander

    In the 80’s you could still find tons of inexpensive 64-72 Chevelles to load up with headers, mags, 8 track, etc and easily shame the dudes driving the 73-77s!!! My preference was for 64-72 Tempest/Lemans though.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Not so much up in Northeast Ohio….The 60’s and early 70’s Chevelle’s were rot boxes by the time the 80’s rolled around, as the mid to late 70’s would be by the 90’s :)

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  13. Kincer DaveMember

    I think one of these done up in a restomod fashion would be awesome, it would definitely be different.

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  14. Steve1971

    Back in 85′ there was a kid in high school that had one of these it was triple blue with duals, 8′” Vette ralley’s with some huge tires on all four corners. Mint and always clean even in the Chicago salt. My uncle and cousins had a 73 GTO and 2 73 Grand Am’s that’s the only reason I paid any attention to these cars. This car with the right stance and wheels would be cool.

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  15. jaymes

    so cool was you could get the plain taxi interior and add power seats and windows, now you just pay for them in $3500 option packages

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