1967 Chevy II Nova With 4,895 Miles!


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Barn Finds reader Rene W. writes: I found this on craigslist and wanted to know what everybody thought. If it is real it might actually be a good deal, not sure how you would prove it. The car is located in Lowell, Arkansas and and is available here on craigslist for $29,500.


This car appears to be a genuinely ultra-low mileage car. The documentation with the car shows that it is a two-owner Texas car with only 4,860 miles. There’s even an owner’s notebook with dates and details of all repairs performed. The paint is listed as all original and although there are “a few dings here and there”, the appearance in the pictures is pretty darn nice.


The trunk looks as pristine as the rest of the car. I wonder if that’s the original spare tire? It also has me wondering why someone would drive what ultimately is a pretty basic car so few miles in so many years? In any case, the chrome looks shiny, and if the mileage and always garaged claims are true, this car might actually be worth something close to the asking price — to the right person.


As you might expect, the interior looks as nice as the exterior. Obviously, it would be nice to see the car in more detail than these pictures, but this might be the car for someone that wants what may well be the lowest mileage example in existence.


One important thing for those of us who live in the South; the car was equipped with air conditioning from new, although for some reason, the seller hasn’t gotten the air conditioning working. I have to question this as you would think for a car pushing $30k, it wouldn’t take much to get the AC working. I also question the non-original appearing radiator cap and battery; I would think original-appearing items for both are available, and it’s attention to details like these that really make the difference when it’s a low-mileage car like this. What do you think about this find?

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  1. MH

    30K is to much for a that car even if it only had 4 miles on it. You would never get your money back out of it. Not alot of people care for these cars as they were nothing special. Worth about half that at most, but that’s only my opinion.

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    • ME!

      I just spit my Dr. Pepper all over my computer screen when I read that absolutely absurd post! The 66-67 Nova is one of the most desirable muscle cars that ever existed! You must be one of those import guys!!! W-O-W!

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  2. JW454

    I like it and I don’t know if it’s worth that kind of money or not. However, if you buy it, what are you going to do with it? If its value is in the low miles, you can’t drive it for if you do, you’re destroying its value. Quite the conundrum isn’t it.

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  3. David C

    The AC was dealer installed on this one but I think it’s worth about half the asking price also.

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  4. Rick

    Now that is one cool Nova. Reminds me of what my next door neighbor bought home in 1966, a brand new Chevy II Nova SS, gold w/ black interior equipped with the badass L78 solid lifter 12:5 to 1 comp 365 hp 327, after putting a 2X4 cross ram he ran it at the drags and turned in the 11.80s, that was one fast car back in the day. Anyhow, whoever buys this should just drive it to shows (and disconnect the speedo)

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    • DorsoDoug

      No 396 available in ’66 nova

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  5. Dan

    If this was an SS with a 327 and 4-speed might could see it….heck I would still drive the wheels off of it…..they were made to drive…to heck with the hurting the value….

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  6. jimbosidecar

    Priced a little too high for me, but if I was in the market for a brand new Chevy Cruz or Ford Focus, I’d prefer this car and just drive it like a new car and the hell with saving the mileage. Oh, and hot rod the motor just a little bit

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  7. Fred

    Agree with jimbosidecar about the comparison to buying a new car. Looks high priced without that consideration, but if you compare, and if the car truly has under 5K miles and has been driven a few times a year to keep it loosened up, it might be a car that you could pay that price for, drive to 50K miles in 5 years and still be worth 20K. The new car might be worth 8k.

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  8. randy

    I believe this car is not worth 1/2 the asking price.
    They were plain jane as could be, even well optioned.

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  9. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Being as it has been listed for 22 days( at least), I guess everyone agrees that the price is too high.

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  10. JW

    Agree that its worth about half his asking price but it would be a nice daily diver, I never buy cars as investments I drive them.

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  11. Mark S

    This would be a nice way into the old car hobby for about 20k. I’d drive it on nice days and keep up the maintenance. I would not however drive the hell out of it. To me the real appeal is that there is none of that patina that has become so popular. That alone gives it value.

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  12. GeeBee

    Seems it’s had things done to it that a 5,000 mile care shouldn’t have needed.

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  13. racer99

    The conundrum with the a/c is that it’s most likely an R-12 system — so do you source the expensive original ozone killing freon or upgrade the system to R-134 and reduce it’s originality? A true R-134 conversion requires changing all the O-rings and oil to be compatible with the R-134. I can see why they left it alone. Otherwise, like anything else the car is worth what someone will pay for it. This just seems a perfect example of a Barrett-Jackson type car where someone with a collection will pay too much and the car will sit in an air conditioned humidity controlled garage somewhere for the next few years.

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  14. randy

    Just to keep things real, R-12 is heavier than air, so that there is no way it is an ozone killer, and everything went to R-134 because the patent on R-12 expired, and the company with the patent lobbied to get R-12 banned, so that their “new and improved” refrigerant could could be patented and continue to rake in billions.

    Yes the conversions were a major pain, and made a lot of folks money, and cost everyone else a bundle.

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    • Gary

      @ Randy, I totally agree and could not have said it better, the R-12 myth is just that, and for those of us who do our own A/C service I much prefer the good ole R-12. Yes, It was all about the big $$ to be made.

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    • JW

      I agree with you also Randy as our 70 Mach1 has the original compressor and our mechanic suggested we keep the R-12 because the older A/C compressors demanded R-12 for it’s oil base to keep it lubricated and it gets colder than R-134. He has a whole store room full of R-12 if I need it recharged,

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