48k Original Miles: 1971 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne

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It is a harsh reality that most owners purchase a Pickup as a workhorse. They get used (and often abused) until they’re placed out to pasture when they’ve served their assigned purpose. Occasionally, one appears that has avoided that fate, which seems to be the case with this 1971 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne. It isn’t perfect, but its condition is nonetheless impressive for an unrestored survivor. It needs a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Hudson, Florida. They set their BIN at $34,500 with the option to make an offer.

Chevrolet introduced its Second Generation C/K truck series in 1967, with the last rolling off the line in 1972. The original owner purchased our feature C10 in 1971, ordering it as a Cheyenne in attractive Code 503 Turquoise. It is a fascinating color because it changes significantly with the prevailing light. That isn’t uncommon with Metallic shades but is less common with solid colors. The seller doesn’t mention any prior restoration work, suggesting the paint could be original. It shines nicely, with no significant flaws or issues. The finish in the bed shows the usual scratches and scrapes, but none of the dings or dents that develop when owners carelessly throw heavy items in the back. The seller describes the vehicle as rock-solid, and there’s no evidence of rust in the supplied photos. The trim and glass appear flawless, and the steel wheels with their chrome trim rings and Cooper tires give the C10 a purposeful appearance.

Although the panels and paint on a classic Pickup can survive in remarkable condition, interiors often tell an accurate story regarding the vehicle’s life. Workhorses don’t generally receive a lot of TLC, meaning upholstered surfaces can become stained and ripped, with the same true of carpet and paint. The story inside this C10 is positive. Its Mid Blue vinyl trim looks spotless, and the carpet is surprisingly good. There are dirty marks, particularly on the driver’s side. However, I would treat it to a deep clean before contemplating spending $250 on a replacement carpet set. The painted surfaces look excellent, with no significant chips or scratches. There is no evidence of UV damage, with the dash pad in as-new condition. Someone installed an aftermarket radio/cassette player. Otherwise, this interior is as it left the factory.

Chevrolet offered buyers several engine choices in 1971, but this C10’s original owner selected the venerable 350ci V8 that produces 250hp and 350 ft/lbs of torque. The power finds its way to the road via a three-speed automatic transmission and a dual-range transfer case, while the original owner added power assistance for the steering and brakes. The engine bay presents well for a Pickup of this vintage, and it doesn’t flatter to deceive. This beauty runs and drives well, with its 4×4 system working as it should. The seller claims it has a genuine 48,000 miles on the clock but doesn’t mention supporting evidence. However, the overall condition of every aspect of this classic makes the claim seem plausible.

Although the BIN on this 1971 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne is hardly pocket change, this classic offers a lot for the money. It presents exceptionally well, with no evidence of abuse. It is one of the most unmolested you are likely to find in the current market, and any upgrades are easily reversible. Its odometer reading is extraordinary in a truck with five decades under its belt. Combine those factors, and the BIN begins to look competitive. It is worth remembering that values on these classics are rising far above the classic market average, meaning this Pickup could offer an enjoyable ownership experience and an excellent long-term investment. That sounds like a win/win situation to me. So, are you tempted?

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  1. CadmanlsMember

    Wouldn’t this be a K-10? Nice truck though.

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    • Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember


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    • David Ulrey

      Right you are. C = 2wd and K = 4wd.

      Like 2
  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    Another seller that won’t re-register a vehicle that they’re
    flipping in their own state.
    Why does it seem that only dealers/flippers seem to find
    vehicles like this?

    Like 11
    • PeteMcgee

      You just don’t hear about it when the “find” goes into a collection instead of back up for sale.

      Like 3
      • angliagt angliagtMember

        I wasn’t referring to a collection,but rather someone who
        would use it & enjoy it after buying it for what the dealer/flipper
        paid for it.

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  3. CCFisher

    This is an exceptional truck, but I have a hard time believing the paint and chrome were ever this shiny from the factory, let alone 51 years later.

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  4. BA

    Yeah my trucks driver seat after 10 years is pretty rough with tears & lord only knows what other things done over the years thank goodness! Let’s just say a retrim will be in the cards . I never could figure out how a 50 year old vehicle stays this nice when you can find petrified Food under mine.

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  5. DON

    It may have 48k on it, but I see overspray on the body tag, so its been repainted , or at least repainted in some areas. There’s no way the truck could have gone nearly 50k without chips on the hood and the wheel arches where small stones would definitely have been kicked up and nicked the finish. Still, its a sweet looking truck !

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  6. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    I love it for about 20K.

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  7. Joe Haska

    For all you readers that think 4WD long bed C-10’s are worth more than 2WD short boxes, you need to follow this truck and see where it ends up. I f someone buys it at BIN price ,that will be less than a comparable short box 2WD.

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    • douglas hunt

      I think most of the 2WD short beds end up lowered and tubbed etc…….

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  8. George Birth

    Nice truck, but a whopper of a price tag.

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  9. Russ Ashley

    It’s a beauty, and it’s got my favorite color for that model. I’m not sure whether a four wheel drive adds or detracts from the value, but to me it adds. I am not exactly neutral as I have a beautiful 96 model Silverado Z71 4X4 and it’s my favorite. One thing that does detract from the desirability of this truck in my opinion is that it is a long bed. You don’t buy a truck like this one to actually haul stuff in, and short beds look better.

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      If I bought it,I’d use it to haul stuff with.

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      • Matt Saunders

        Same here. Raised in a small S TX town running a family ranch trucks can be kept as nice as possible but are meant to be used.

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      • Coffee49

        I pull my pontoon boat with a ’68 F250 highboy

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  10. Denny Tuttle

    I have a 71 C-10 short bed with 350 auto power steering power brakes with air,and 86 thousand miles, same color as this one.Runs and drives nice.Been garaged all of its life. Always liked this style of trucks.

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  11. Cam Usher

    I’ve always thought C code was 2wd & K was 4wd ? So has this been converted ? No biggie , just a question , I’d prefer 4×4 anyway , still miss my old 1975 K5 Blazer Cheyenne

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    • John W Kriegshauser

      The eBay ad shows the VIN starting with a “K”, so this was born a 4WD truck. If it was born a 2WD, then the VIN starts with a “C”.

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      • Cam Usher

        Therefore it’s not a C10 as advertised but a K10 lol

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  12. angliagt angliagtMember

    My Sister’s Father-in-Law had one just like this (’71 or ’72).
    His was in near perfect condition.I seem to remember telling me
    that you couldn’t get the 4WD with a 4 speed transmission.
    Unfortunately,one of his sons got it from him,& it went downhill
    from there.

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    • PeteMcGee

      I have a 72 K10 Cheyenne Super with just about every option and it was factory equipped with the SM465 four speed trans. The Super trim got you chrome transmission and transfer case shifters.

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  13. TK

    Nice K10, wasn’t too long ago a young guy asked me if my K30 was a C10.

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