$499 Going Fast, Big Potential: 1962 Chrysler 300

No, it’s not a letter series 300, although the front badge has me a little confused how it got there. But you are looking at a pretty solid 1962 Chrysler 300 that is sitting here on eBay in an auction going out today (better bid quick!) that sits at $499 with no reserve! The 300 is located in Vero Beach, Florida, so you can combine picking it up with a nice vacation!

As you can see from this picture, the rust really isn’t that bad. As a non-letter series car (but it is a two-door hardtop) it’s probably not going to make you any money restoring it, with NADA values down at $4,650 for a low quality car. Especially since this one is missing the engine, transmission, and interior. However–if you like those distinctive lines, what a great opportunity to put in a late model drive train, simple but custom interior and have a great driving car!

I realize the front end styling isn’t for everyone, but you at least have to admit it’s distinctive! You’ll have to find some lenses, and eventually you might want to rechrome some components, but the car looks pretty straight, doesn’t it? Let your mind run wild!

The seller didn’t see the need to show us more pictures, and I’d really like to see one of the floor just to know what I was getting into before bidding, but how many classics can you find for $500? Yes, there’s the non-trivial matter of a title that will be difficult for some of you depending on where you live, but think of the possibilities! How about a late model Hemi & a 6-speed? It sure wouldn’t be slow!

courtesy of powerful-cars.com

Interestingly enough, I found very few pictures of 1962 300s that had been restomodded, but I did like this one. Maybe a little high in the rear for me, but still–I like it. At the risk of offending those originality lovers, do you like it too?


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  1. Howard A Member

    The grill is a bit odd. It seems, ’62 Chrysler New Yorkers had that “C” in the grill, but had “New Yorker” on the front fender where this one has “Chrysler”. It has nothing to do with the letter series, and I read, this model confused the public, making ’62 one of the worst years for Chrysler’s letter cars.( 300 H) I think this is just a 300 with a New Yorker grill. Shame there’s no dash pics, these had the nicest dash. I can only imagine it doesn’t look like this. Cool find, tho. http://www.californiaclassix.com/images2/62C-Astradome-thumb.jpg

    • Ed P

      Non letter 300’s were New Yorker’s with some sporty trim. The grill shape is called an inverted trapezoid.

  2. Larry K

    Yah save it and make your own restomod. Thanks to 86 Vette Convertible and Ed P for reverse lug info,( 52 Desoto). I was having trouble with my 66 Sattelite, the left side nuts are reversed.

    • Gear Head Engineer


      I learned that lesson the hard way on my first car, a ’68 Plymouth Valiant. It needed a brake job when I got it, so I got right to work. With a breaker bar and my rather weak 16 yo arms, I still managed to break one stud clean off before my father told me what I was doing wrong.

      Nice Satellite!

      – John

      • Larry K

        Thanks! Busted one clean off myself and thought this ain’t right!

      • Mike

        Been here done that, fun now, but wasn’t then!!!!!

  3. Dave Wright

    Jamie…….it is a 62……the first car (I had driven trucks for years before dad let me drive a car) I drove was my dad’s 62 Newport wagon. Same color and everything. It had a big block 360 (361) that was a great engine. Dad owned it until he replaced it with another Red Chrysler wagon that had been an experimental engine car from the factory with a 470 I think. The engine was never put into production cars. Not a cheep car to restore but they have been selling for big dollars and I am sure will continue to appreciate. I would buy it for the skinny money it is at right now but the transportation costs would be high. Great cars with unusual styling.

  4. John D

    For the 62 model year, Chrysler introduced the 300 Sportsman which was not as well equipped as the letter cars (standard 383 2 brl. vs 413 dual quad, etc) as many customers were asking for the 300 trim but not all the expensive gingerbread. I know from experience, dealers tend to stock up on new variations, especially when they cost less than the halo car they resemble. In the end it is about how many can be put ‘over the curb’ that matters most to a dealer. I love the lines of these and would consider the project if I were allowed to drive and if I could find an inexpensive way to move it to my Lake Erie environs.

  5. Jeffro

    Needs a Viper or Hell cat drivetrain.

    • Dave Wright

      These were usually high geared, a good 383-413 with an original push button transmission would be more than adaquate for cruising and a little play.

  6. Ben T. Spanner

    The smallest or least big 1962 Chrysler shared its body but not the front clip with the Dodge 880. The 880 was a half baked attempt for Dodge to have a big car. I think the 880’s has a 361 cu in big block.

    My Father ordered a 1962 Dodge 880 from the local Dodge Chrysler dealership where he had been buying cars since 1946. The catalog showed blue with blue top and interior was available. When it came in it was a blue car with a black top and black interior. It had been ordered correctly, but Dodge decided a black top and interior were just fine. They never told the Dealer, they shipped the car. The owner called his factory contact who confirmed what was shipped was what was available. No sale.

    I steered my father to the nearby Pontiac Dealership where Catalinas had 7 top colors. He ordered a Bamboo cream with tan top and interior. In about 5 weeks it arrived exactly as ordered. No more Dodges ever.

  7. Rustytech Member

    I have always liked these cars, however, no engine, no transmission, no title, no interest.

  8. Bob C.

    Sorry Jamie, this is a 62 not a 63.The 63s totally changed. You made a boo boo.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thanks to all who pointed this out ;-) It’s not the first time!

  9. Wayne Thomas

    Needs Viper V10.

  10. Gary Chittenden

    Here’s a picture of my 62. As you can see the 300 grille is the same. Big plans for this one. Strong 383 with 60,000 miles odd. I would consider selling her for $3,000. Cdn. Great cars. i’d keep her if I can sell a few others I have.

    • Gord

      i realize an old post but… did you sell your 62? gord in ontario canada

  11. Mark P

    Buddy of mine working on one of these now. The tail light lenses if you can find them, even in crappy shape can be $500 a pair. We’ve looked.

  12. Gary Chittenden

    Yeah, pricey stuff. Mine is going to be a custom and I’m thinking of 62 Imperial lights. Although, I do like the smooth look. I’ll have to sell a couple of cars before I can go too far with this one. Here are a couple of renderings that I drew up. Four door hardtop with four suicide doors and four buckets with a long console. What do you think?

  13. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Sold for $680.07! Was it one of you?

  14. Keith

    that car was a treasure trove of cheap and hard to find parts for their 300H

  15. Gary Chittenden

    Hey Gord,

    Sold her for $3,500 with a rough 4dr Windsor parts car.

    That 2dr is worth an easy $2,000 in Canada.

    I’m looking at a 60 DeSoto Adventurer.

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