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49k Genuine Miles: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu

Confirming the popularity of a particular car model can be quite easy when an example of that model is listed for sale. This 1970 Chevelle Malibu is a good case in point, as its listing is currently being watched by 82 people. When you look at the overall condition of the vehicle, this is pretty easy to understand, because it looks to be very good. The Chevelle is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN price of $7,500 for the car.

According to the owner, the Chevelle was last inspected in 2006, and it was then parked until very recently. It’s nice to see it back out in the light of day because it is an attractive car that doesn’t deserve to be hidden away. The paint isn’t original, with the car undergoing a repaint in its original Green Mist Poly back in the 1990s, which seems to have held up well. The owner claims that the frame and floors are solid, and in the limited photos that are provided, there also doesn’t appear to be any signs of rust in the body panels.

The owner refers to the interior as “beautiful,” and I think that this is a pretty fair assessment. If I can find anything to fault, it’s the fact that there is a single crack in the wheel rim, and possibly some marks on the front seat upholstery. It is possible that these marks might actually be able to be removed by a competent cleaner, unless they are actually just a trick of the light. The rest of it looks original and also looks spotless. This is a car that looks like it has been much loved. When you look at the combined condition of the outside and the inside of the car as a package, it is easy to see why he refers to it as a time capsule.

The news gets even better when you learn that this is a numbers-matching car. The original 307ci V8 lurks under the hood, complete with power steering and air conditioning. The engine sends its 200hp to the rear wheels via a 350 transmission. The owner refers to the car as being in great shape but isn’t specific about how the car runs and drives. He does claim that it has only covered 49,000 miles and that he also has the original Build Sheet for the car.

There will be a few of you who will say that this Chevelle has two doors too many, and I respect that opinion. However, for the family orientated individual who is looking for a classic, then this would make a great alternative. It looks like a car that you could just drive and enjoy, and with warmer weather just beginning to appear, this would be a great car in which to enjoy those weekend family outings.


  1. Keith

    I’ve always love that green color!

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  2. Ralph

    Buy it and daily this sucker, I’d add front discs though.

    If you do daily this, you are required to wear a short sleeve white dress shirt and skinny black tie every time you drive it……..

    As an extra bonus, its a Turbo350 car too, these could have still come with a PowerGlide.

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    • Del

      Nice car.

      But destined to be a parts donor for some ones SS project.

      Price is silly

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  3. Keith

    Add a big block or a LS, can you say SLEEEEEAPER!

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  4. Kenneth Carney

    You sure about that Powerglide thing Ralph? Thought Chevy quit offering them
    in ’68 when the TH350 became the
    standard auto tranny back then. I’d sure
    love to have this car! You couldn’t get a
    more reliable ride than this one. Sure, it’s a
    plain jane with 2 too many doors, but I
    love it! I’d use it every day and cruise
    it at Old Town on weekends. Just add
    one of those factory look radios with
    Syrius XM, and I’d be in old car heaven!
    Oh yeah….I think these cars had disc
    brakes up front too.

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    • Ralph

      The PowerGlide was still the base automatic through 1973-1974, by 1974 less cars used it, but it was available in the Nova. The Vegas had PG as their only automatic until a light duty TH350 became available around 1974.

      The intermediate and big Chevrolets still had PG’s into the early 70’s, though it was less and less common every year. I think the TH350 became the defacto automatic for the full size Chevrolets when they were re-styled in 1971 and the same for the Chevelle when the “Colonnade” style cars came out in 1973.

      Peak PowerGlide would have been around 1967, when it was available in everything including the Corvette.

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    • ThisGuy

      Friend of mine had a 72 Nova with powerglide.

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    • Chevelle SS

      Disc brakes were optional, not standard equipment on Chevelle except for the SS.

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    • W9BAG

      Yes, Kenneth, GM continue to offer the slip-n-slide power glide, with 1974 being the last year. Ralph is correct. In 1968, nearly my ENTIRE family bought a brand new Chevy. All had 307’s, PS, and a 2 speed. My Dad’s ’68 Malibu 4 door was nearly this same color: ash gold.

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  5. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I’d love to see the look on my 20-something kids’ faces when I pick them up at the airport in this car! This is bread-and-butter 1960s/70s American family car at it’s best. Awesome find, I love it, and the price seems good.

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  6. Troy s

    They made a Chevelle for every type of buyer, covered all bases. This would have been fairly common, the term ordinary couldn’t come wrapped any better than this.
    Sometimes 4 doors isn’t a choice but a necessity for all sorts of reasons. The jet set may have bought the SS396, the hard case got the 454, everyone else bough more sensible transportation. Something like this.

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  7. TimM

    I have a power glide in my 67 caprice!! It’s a two for with a 396 325 hp it’s still got the 1-1/4 exhaust and when I drive it around it gets about 16 miles to a gallon!! Fun car to drive!! I would love this chevelle I would daily it all summer long!!!

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  8. Fred W

    “The owner refers to the car as being in great shape but isn’t specific about how the car runs and drives”

    I can answer that one: If it truly has 49K, it drives like a brand new Malibu! Despite the small displacement, that 307 was built before they started desmogging and lowering compression. An intake,EFI, headers, etc, and you will have a very nice level of power.

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  9. TimS

    Green on green again. I’m blinded once more. Love it. Screw the number of doors.

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  10. local_sheriff

    There doesn’t seem to be really anything wrong here – I’m so in love with that green hue and it has such a lovely bread-and-butter look to it. Who said great vintage cars aren’t available at sensible prices any longer?

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  11. Chris In Australia

    Power discs and either rally wheels or full wheel trims. Hate dog dish hubcaps

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  12. Miguel

    Almost all of the Malibus sold in Mexico were these four doors, unfortuantely they had six cylinders in them.

    I think only Fords were allowed to use an eight cylinder engine.

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  13. Pete

    People tent to “poo-poo” the humble 307 but IMHO I thought that it was pretty spunky back before smog stuff came into play. I like this sedan very much. I have a bad left knee, and can’t shift anymore (and I miss it so much,) and I like a good 4 door, or a 2 door too! But please, some of us need cars that are easy to drive…

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    • PatrickM

      Several guys I knew used to race stock cars…1/5 mile paved oval in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Most ran 350, but, these guys built their 307’s and kept up with the heavier 350’s. They ran, Hobby Stock, Late Model and Modified. Pick up out of the corners was as good as the 350’s. Cost was less, to There were 3 auto salvage yards within a mile of the track. I left there in 1996. Most of family still there. Report is the track and salvage yards are still there!! Yee Haw!! This is one sweet ride. Would really like to have it.

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      • Eric

        A 350 small block doesn’t weigh more than a 307. They are the same exact engine with a different cylinder bore and a longer stroke. Any weight difference would be so negligible, it wouldn’t affect it.

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  14. Paul

    In 1979 when this car was 9 years old ….your kid may not want to drive a four door car to the prom…..if your kid drove this same car today he would be so cool!! This car seems really nice. And a good buy

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  15. DN

    My dad had a 71 Chevelle sedan in these same colors. I didn’t mind the green so much as the awkward styling compared to the coupe. I would always dread when he’d pick me up from school in it. Seeing this car has brought back the nightmares from 25 years ago

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  16. Al

    That 307 is a DOG of a motor, rather have a 283. This one doesn’t even have angle plug heads. Ugh.

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  17. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    To paraphrase a line from “Wayne’s World….” Back in the 70s if you lived in the suburbs everyone in the neighborhood was issued one of these sedans in green. Common as houseflies.

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  18. StevieG

    I really can’t stand the color green…but I really like this car!

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