49K Original Miles: 1967 Mercury Cougar


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It’s nice when we find what looks like a real survivor rather than a “restoration”, although you can never be sure without a good PPI. This cool black plate Cougar was sent in by frequent finder Charles H, and looks like that kind of two-owner California car collectors dream about. It’s located in Roseville, California and is listed for sale here on craigslist for $18,500.


The Lime Frost Green paint is original and really sets off the clean lines of the Cougar nicely. I was unable to determine if the dog-dish hubcaps and trim rings are original for 1967 Cougars–can any knowledgeable Barn Finds readers help? Unfortunately, the car has come available due to the owner’s passing. It’s been “mechanically reconditioned” and is “turn-key.”


There was nothing specifically said about the interior of the car, but if this is indeed all original, it’s one of the nicest preserved interiors I’ve seen. I realize the XR7, Dan Gurney and Eliminator special versions are more desired by collectors than standard Cougars, but there’s a lot to be said for a preserved original version. Somehow the automatic seems perfect for this car despite me normally preferring a manual. Maybe it’s because my family owned two ’67 Mustang automatics while I was growing up and this reminds me of them.


This engine is just too clean to be original, but it does look nice. I wonder if the “fully reconditioned mechanically” included an engine rebuild? It appears that the satin black engine compartment is as original as well from what I can find online. What do you folks think?


Ultimately, this is a lot of money for a non-special edition Cougar and it’s over the mid-range (but not close to the top) of retail in the value guides I looked at for this year car. Comparably equipped ’67 Mustang values were almost 50% higher than the Cougar–but even as a Mustang owner, I find the Cougar really attractive and appreciate the distinctive design. The idea of a turn-key car also appeals to me since my list of projects seems to have no end at the moment. Would you like to bring this cat into your garage?

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  1. dj

    The ad says it was reconditioned mechanically. So that pretty much means they at least painted the engine.

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  2. JW

    My observation agrees totally but I would still love to own this car.

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  3. Fred

    I’ve seen a lot of examples in similar condition priced around 9K or 10K- but none are this original. Seems like a high premium to pay for originality.

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    • Jason Houston

      Quality is as priceless as it is timeless: you can never go wrong buying a blue-chip car like this.

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  4. David Frank DavidMember

    Recently, I wrote up another Cougar, also in this area, a 4 speed car and very original, for $6500 and an similar 2 owner car sold recently sold at the museum for $8,000. I can’t see the extra 8 or 10K for a painted engine. This cougar is nicer, but is it worth the difference?

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    • Cassidy

      David, I would much rather buy the Cougar you wrote up, much more inline with current values plus its good to have your eyes on so we know what we’re buying!

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  5. 64 bonneville

    Dog dish caps were standard equipment, but the trim rings were a $14.00 (?) option. I had a 72 Mustang Sprint Fastback (Red, White, & Blue w/ shield decals on the quarter panels) that had the dog dish, and build sheet showed the trim ring option, but I don’t remember the code. They looked pretty good for a stock wheel, without having to spring for after market wheels. drew a lot of surprised questions from people to at shows. About 10 years ago I saw the car in Mustang Monthly, owned by some folks in Kansas. they had done an incredible restoration on it.

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  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    I have never, ever seen a first gen cougar with poverty caps

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  7. Jason Houston

    While the ’71-’73 Aircraft Carriers – oops, I mean MUSTANGS – came with trim rings, they were unique in that they accented the hub caps. The Cougar – like the Mustang – was introduced with wheel covers as standard equipment. The trim rings are GM.

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  8. Jason Houston

    BTW, the ‘V’-series plates are original to this car, issued in 1967.

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  9. piper62j

    The engine compartment is toooo clean for the mileage.. Sad that they didn’t replace the shock rubber insulators.. Maybe left them so you would think it’s all original..

    It looks nice and the pictures don’t do it justice.. Neither does the price.. It’s too high for the Cat without ice..

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  10. Richard V

    It seems to me that the sellers could make an effort to align the headlamp doors so that they were even in the closed position. Just my anal tendencies I guess…

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    • Cattoo CattooButtMember

      They probably don’t know how to align the covers to match the grill. Probably not even on their radar seeing as how grandpa just died. They could be glad that he can’t run interference about them selling it anymore.

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  11. Ed M

    my 68 xr7 J code 100% unrestored 77,000 miles pd 15,700 so think this one is 4-6k high

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  12. Ed M

    another pic

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  13. David Frank DavidMember

    Update; It’s still for sale, and only $1000 drop in price but another 1000 miles on the car. The votes are in, it’s too expensive!


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    in around 1972 i had a black 1968 couger xr7 factory high performance 390 c i engine with 335 h p. it also had the factory ralley wheels on wide ovals. the problem with it was that it had an air conditioning compressor in with the big block, and no room for power steering pump. it would steer ok going down a highway, but was pure hell trying to paralell park.

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