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4×4 Shop Truck: 1967 Chevrolet K10

Old shop trucks will never not be cool, and baked-in patina and faded, painted-on business names can help an otherwise average truck garner more interest than it would otherwise. That’s certainly the case with examples like this, a 1967 Chevrolet C10 4×4 pickup that’s equipped with a 350 and a manual transmission. The seller notes it wears its patina proudly, and still has the remnants of the name of an old welding shop on the doors. The truck belonged to someone local to the seller, who inherited the Chevy from his dad but didn’t have the desire to restore the truck – but why would you? That’s why the seller has left it as-is, and listed it here on eBay with no reserve.

Bidding is approaching $4,000 for this C10, which is a running, driving truck that the seller has been using without issue. He notes that the truck shifts fine through the gears and that it’s largely complete, aside from needing basic cosmetic and mechanical R&R. Of course, the cosmetic work should be limited to the cabin, in my opinion, just getting some new upholstery on the seats and perhaps installing a carpet kit or a rubber floor mat. The manual / 350 combo makes this charming survivor even more appealing, and the seller notes the four wheel drive system and lock-outs work as intended. The seller notes the speedometer and gas gauge aren’t working.

The engine should be fairly easy to update as needed, but it sounds like aside from possibly a dirty gas tank that contaminates fuel filters every few weeks, the Chevy runs strong. The brakes function and the truck runs strong off of the original fuel tank, which could be the source of the occasional fuel filter failure. Overall, the seller doesn’t report too many issues of the mechanical sort aside from needing new tires, and that the power steering works well. The engine bay shows what I assume to be original paint on the firewall, which matches with the exterior (or what’s left of it.) This Chevy would be the perfect parts hauler as-is, or as a shop truck for a repair or mobile service facility.

The rockers were previously repaired / fixed, according to the seller, so there’s presumably been some tinkering with the bodywork due to rust issues. However, aside from the surface rust (otherwise known as patina) seen here, there’s no other rot-through mentioned. The old school shop decor is my favorite feature, and it’s hard to resist any old truck that isn’t “faking it” when it comes to original patina. So many restorers are going the route of trying to forge what can only come from years of use and abuse, that trucks like these stand out for being so authentic. Throw in four wheel drive and the manual gearbox and you have a seriously cool workhorse.


  1. Steve R

    What’s worse that fake patina? Fake, unnaturally aged, lettering over real sunburned paint.

    Steve R

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    • ed the welder

      LOL. Totally fake patina .The drivers side is particularly egregious .

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      • Steve R

        That’s a natural sunburn pattern. The sun moves in a asymmetrical arc, that’s why they tell lost hikers the can find north by looking for moss/lichen growing on trees since that’s the side least exposed to the sun. Cars work the same way, especially if it’s parked next to a building or something under a carport.

        Steve R

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      • stu

        Who cares about the patina…..

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    • dave

      the 67 had a smaller rear window than the later years

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  2. angliagt angliagt

    It still just looks wrong (& phony).
    If they’d put the same effort towards a nice
    paint job,I think it’d be worth at least twice as much.

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    • Dave

      The same effort as what? It’s not faked, it’s worn thru.

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  3. MK

    Who cares the patina or rust would have to go could be a cool truck. patina just looks like crap.

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  4. Pete

    Rods welding… shouldn’t that say welding rods?

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  5. Tomk

    I’m going to do more homework but I don’t think this meets the smell test as described. Anyone, please correct me if I’m mistaken but;

    1) Looks to me to be a “new process” transfer case and transmission.
    2) From the picture of the ID plate it is a ’67 cab
    3) Grille and hood are /were green not blue.
    4) The front axle is an open style not ball style steering knuckles.

    There could be perfectly good explanations for these items. The transmission / transfer case cross member has has been lowered to accept the new process set up. On the video you can see a block of 2x steel welded to the frame to lower the cross member.

    The cab could have been swapped from a newer 69-72 frame which had the correct transmission/transfer case and axles.

    As background, I do know a little about these trucks. I have a 1969 K20 which has the old Rockwell transfer case and matching transmission. From what I was told by a mechanic who specializes in 4 wheel drive vehicles, he said the Rockwell was discontinued in mid 1969 for the “new process” style.
    He showed me how to tell the main difference just by checking which side of the transmission shifter the transfer case shifter sits. Rockwell is on the left, all others are on the right. Also, the input and output shafts are completely different. He told me to change mine out as soon as I can because of the lack of Rockwell replacement parts. As a matter of fact, I had to have a machinist make me a new cover for the secondary output shaft.

    I’m not suggesting the seller is intentionally misleading. Maybe the previous owner swapped these out because of lack of repair parts for the Rockwell.

    I would love to purchase this truck but price is too high for my needs. Sorry for the long winded explanation.

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  6. GPAK

    Patina is a boring buzz word from years ago, picked up, abused and over used by some old man flipping classic cars on a tv show.

    That shiny lacquered look coating on a pile of rust is just wrong.

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  7. DuesenbergDino

    Why do sellers feel the need to use multi color lettering in their ads. I mean is the eBay ad 5 different colors so maybe a 5 year will be interested in buying it?

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    • Mike

      Different fonts and colors! Why? It’s right up there with seller who capitalizes every word and dude who Puts exclamation points after every sentence!!!! Sorry!!! We’re not that excited about your POS car!!!!

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  8. dave

    the 67 had a smaller rear window than later years

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  9. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    67 model year had a small and large rear window, the small window is not an automatic indication of model year.
    Please tell me that isn’t a plastic barbed 90 degree fitting in the 5/8 coolant hose for the heater core…
    Patina shamina, could we band together and think of another 3 syllable word for it?
    Cool truck, I wouldn’t kick it out of my lot for leaving rust flakes or puddles of any sort 😎😇

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