4×4 Short Bed: 1986 Chevrolet C-10

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Talk about checking all of the boxes: this 1986 Chevrolet C-1o pickup features the desirable short-bed bodystyle along with four-wheel drive and a manual transmission. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the body is in beautiful condition and that it also features factory radio and A/C delete. While that may seem like a downgrade, it also makes this an incredibly simple truck to own and operate. Find it here on eBay with bids to $16,800 and no reserve.

Man, look at that stance – just perfect. We see an awful lot of C10s pass through these pages but most of them are two-wheel drive models. The combination of a 4×4 with the short-bed is a great look and the new 31-inch Cooper tires give it some extra attitude. The classic rally wheels are the best look possible for one of these trucks, and I’m digging the rarely-seen dark blue paint.

Mileage is a tick under 80,000 which isn’t exactly low – despite this, the interior is in excellent condition for a driver. The bench seat is in very nice shape with no obvious rips or other damage and the corresponding blue carpets show no signs of major soiling. The door panels aren’t hacked apart for speakers and the dash pad appears to be sound. The overall vibe of this truck is that it belonged to a caretaker that clearly used it carefully.

The 305 under the hood is a tried and true powerplant, and paired with the 4-speed, it should make for a respectable performer even in modern traffic. Other equipment includes power steering and power brakes. When you factor in the equipment not selected with the options the first owner did choose, it gives a clear sense of their goals when ordering it. This is a truck enthusiast’s truck and deserves all the bids it’s getting.

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  1. Bobby

    Matter of fact all C10 trucks left the factory without a front diff! Haha, C10 trucks are 2wd while K10s are 4wd. Same goes for 3/4 ton up. C = 2×4 K = 4×4

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  2. CCFisher

    A/C and a radio were not standard equipment, so they were not deleted, they simply weren’t ordered.

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  3. Tim


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    • Dave

      Tim, I was surprised to learn that when ordering parts for a ’86.

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    • Tyler

      R10 would have been 1987 model 2 wheel drives. 1987 4wheel drives used the V10 designator.

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  4. Big_FunMember

    This one is basic…it doesn’t even have the factory gauges. Carpet wasn’t stardard, just a black floormat, in a Custom Deluxe. My ’81 with this trim had an *optional* lighter. No dome lamp switch in the doors. Just one light below dash, too.
    Somebody added the bright moldings, tail light trim and even the tailgate insert. Looks like a Silverado at first glance.

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    • Bill

      In the early 80’s a rear bumper was an option on most trucks and a lot of them didnt even have a seat that folded forward because that was an option too. things were pretty basic then as opposed to now where the trucks drive themselves and wipe your keister for you.

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  5. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    This takes me back to my first truck. Mine was an ’85 Sierra. Truck was originally set up just like this. 305, 4 speed, same dark blue exterior but grey interior. Mine was upgraded by prior owner with a mild build 350, custom black and purple paint, 6 inches of lift and 35’s, lighted lund visor, custom grille. I swapped out the front bumper for one that had the turn signals in it but installed driving lights where the signals were and put on GTS tail light covers. I miss that one bad. It had the dual tank option too. It’ll be hard to not bid on this one.

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    • DevilDog53

      I would prefer the grey interior. For some reason was never a fan of the medium blue interiors…

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  6. DevilDog53

    That’s pretty ‘low mileage’ on an 86. A little over 2K miles a year…

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  7. mainlymuscle

    $20k now ,about 2/3 of what it will take to buy it

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  8. Travis Jon Powell

    On another site, some people argued me down on this… But it seems like there’s a rather large audience that wants a no frills vehicle. Back to the basics. Let alone a utilitarian truck.. For example, why didn’t Chevrolet offer a basic Camaro with steel wheels, a V8 4.8/5.3 and manual locks and windows, deluxe cloth buckets etc? I DON’T WANT ALL THE ADDED EXTRA GARBAGE!!! Am I alone?

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    • Poncho

      You are not alone Travis. My neighbor told me she wanted an old truck without a computer. She too wanted to keep it simple. That as I was doing light maintenance on my 1987 V10 Shortbed that has been owned by my two brothers and now me…since new. Unfortunately, automakers now are pumping put $70k+ vehicles since they realize there is a vehicle shortage, so if you want one you have to buy something that is available, and the higher priced vehicles proved the manufacturers the highest profit margin. Why build a stripper vehicle and make $2k if you can throw a bunch of doodads, gizmos, and geegaws on it and make $20k profit. It’s all about profit nowadays, not so much about what the customer wants. You can’t even build a truck the way you want it anymore. You have to pick a package.

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  9. theGasHole

    Interesting. I had an 85 C10, Manual trans, 305, gauge package, etc. back in 2019 that was a beautiful truck, 0 rust, and had a very hard time selling it. I think I ended up selling it for about $5k, so it’s interesting to see this one at over $20k already!

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