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$5,000 Black Beauty! 1975 Chrysler Cordoba


This drop-dead gorgeous creature is a 1975 Chrysler Cordoba and it only has 55,000 original miles on it! It’s in Ankeny, Iowa, where I am right now, and is on Craigslist for $5,000.


This car is ridiculously perfect! And, it’s a coveted round-headlight era Cordoba! I can’t get over how nice this car is! It’s all-original with no rust! It’s black with a maroon interior and, and, and.. ok, I’m going overboard, but man, what a car!


Even the trunk is perfect. Other than a now-rare Cordoba trim package available on the 1970 Chrysler Newport hardtop, the Cordoba that we all know and love was around from 1975 to 1983 with the 1975, 1976, and 1977 models being, by far, my favorite; the round-headlight cars. Stacked, rectangular headlights appeared in 1978 (the Charger kept its round headlights that year), and in 1980 the car went bonkers, using the smaller J-platform and it shared its look with the Dodge Mirada, and, in 1981, the Imperial.


Sadly, there is no (let’s say it together): “soft Corinthian leather” here, but from the lone interior photo included in the ad, the innards of this beauty look as perfect as the outards.. er.. I mean, the exterior does. As always, I’m surprised at the lack of power accessories on vehicles from these days. If you gave a ride to a young person (under 30?) today I wonder if they would even know how to roll the window down? Not that they would when there’s AC because it’s all about being coddled these days and this Cordoba can handle that well, thank you very much. Don’t even ask them to pop an 8-track into the working 8-track player, their eyes will glaze over like when you talk about (insert any pre-2005 thing here)..


Jeez, even the engine looks perfect! This is the two-valve/cylinder, two-barrel, 5.9L, 360 V8 with around 170 hp. That’s not a lot of power for a two-ton car, but you aren’t going to take this car to the track or strip, you’re going to take it downtown, to the theater district, during dusk, with just the parking lights on, while wearing a black tuxedo, with your wife sitting next to you wearing an evening gown and mink stole; duh. If only every “used car” were this nice, what a world it would be! This is a true time capsule, it’s almost as nice as it was when it left the factory. Are there any Cordoba fans out there? You can’t get a used Kia for five-grand, give me this beautiful Cordoba any day of the week!


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Hmmm…and I’ll be in Des Moines Monday night with nothing to do….

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  2. Bingo

    If I remember right, the fins on the wheels where kinda rubbery and flexible. Very unusual.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      They are called polycast wheels. Good article here

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  3. Marty Member

    I thought I was going to add a correction about the “soft” Corinthian leather being “rich” Corinthian leather instead, but they apparently advertised it both ways! “Soft” at first, and then “rich”, later.

    Also interestingly enough, they advertised it as the “Small Chrysler”!


    Beautiful car either way!

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    • Steve

      Can you imagine this was considered the “small” car. LOL

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  4. dirtyharry

    More than 150,000 sold in 1975 and likely just a few like this left. Cordoba is a city in Spain and hiring Ricardo was part of that marketing plan. A personal luxury car that sold very well until the fuel crisis. Someone loved this car and I am surprised it is for sale.

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  5. Another Bob

    What…..no Corinthian Leather??

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  6. Fred W.

    I remember the “Rich Corinthian Leather” ads well but never heard the “Soft” one. Vinyl is fine though when the car looks this good. A friend had an identical car and it held up well which surprised me at the time. I love this car in black and I think this well preserved one will sell quickly.

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    • Scotty G

      I remember “rich”, too, Fred and Marty! The more I researched it I found that it most likely came from Eugene Levy on SCTV doing an over the top spoof of Ricardo, sort of like Dana Carvey’s impression of former president George H.W. Bush on SNL became sort of what people think of now (“Not gaahn duuuh”, for “Not going to do it.”)

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  7. Tim McDonald jr

    I remember seeing the commercials for these cars with Ricardo Montalban 40 years ago. Nice ride in it’s day.

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  8. Kincer Dave Member

    Wow this brings back memories, I had the same car except it was a 76, it had the same wheels, black vinyl top but mine had a white leather interior with bucket’s and a console, power windows,locks,8 track, cruise and a moonroof. Man that car rode and drove nice, it was like a living room on wheels. I always thought they said fine Corinthian leather?

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    • Alan (Michigan )

      “Fine” was my recollection as well.

      Nice car.

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  9. Ray Smith

    Back when we were teenagers my sister had the white twin to this. Hers was a 76 and had a 360 with a 4bbl and true dual exhaust with the cat missing. It was a strong (for the time) running car. At the same time I had a 74 Mercury Cougar that had a 351 Cleveland and similar mods. The crazy kids we were, we raced many times down two lane roads giving those cars all they had. They were pretty evenly matched and the winner was usually the one who didn’t chicken out and lift off the gas. Looking back I guess we are lucky to both be alive. Fun memories of a much simpler time.

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  10. Chris N

    Never been a fan but I have to admit this is an outstanding specimen.

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  11. Oingo

    Father’s friend had one, chocolate brown ext, tan interior if I recall. Much more luxurious than anything the old man had.

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  12. Luke Fitzgerald

    Wow …..and look where it lives – hardly a ghetto – would nearly make me not negoitiate

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    Beautiful car. Always wanted one but I need a truck. I’m looking for a full size Cherokee 2 door if anyone has one.

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  14. George Fox Firth

    Super , just begging for a Turbo . . . .

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  15. Kieron

    Another reason why I wished I lived in the states and not the UK

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  16. M B

    Worst thing about the 1975s . . . no tilt steering wheel. Loved the 1976s, which was the first time for a tilt steering wheel in a B-chassis-based Chrysler Corp vehicle. The 360-2bbl was a no-cost option, with the 400 4bbl (single exhaust) as standard. When the Lean Burn 400s came out, they were responsive, QUIET running, and acted more like something from 1966 than 1976 (Plus not having to have unleaded fuel–another “period” situation).

    Don’t forget about that 2″ deep carpet!

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  17. Jack Quintrall

    Had a 78 black with red Corinthian ” lather”. Had it for over 200,000 miles til headliner fell down on our heads! Sold it to the gardener for $500. It ate ignition modules.

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  18. Mike

    I bought a silver with burgandy leather new on 75′ $3400 out the door fully loaded. Great riding but it ate front brakes in 4000 miles they replaced 4 times before they came out with a fix, larger vented front disks and finned rear drums. That fixed the problem.

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  19. QB3

    My buddy in high school had one of these. White one white. I’ll bet he wishes he still had it. Frigin cool by today’s standards.

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  20. roselandpete

    The front lights always reminded me of the Camaro RS.

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  21. Chebby

    Dude, if you’re in town, buy this. It’s never going to go down in value from $5k.

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  22. Ck

    From my house this car looks like it just rolled of the show room floor . Over the summer there was a Cordoba for sale on Martha’s Vineyard.I don’t think that car had the fine or the soft Corinthian leather either. It had some kind of funky floral print interior, it was so ugly that it was actually kinda kool.

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  23. Bill Owens Bill O Member

    Ricardo Montalban talks about the Chrysler Cordoba and Corinthian leather to David Letterman:

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  24. HeadMaster1

    My Dad bought a new 75 Cordoba as soon as they came in out. We lived in California so it of course had cats and used unleaded fuel. The problems started the day he drove it home. These cars would built in Canada (which is fine), but the tires were a very thin thread with lots of straight grooves. The freeways in Cali were the EXACT same dimensionally. The tires would drop into the freeway groves and follow them. Problem is, anyone that has ever driven California freeways knows that the groves and the actual lanes are NOT the same. So, brand new car, off to the tire store for, brand new tires. That’s where the mechanic couldn’t get the hubcaps off (previously mentioned polycast wheels. The alternator went out 3 times, always leaving us on the side of the road. the electronic ignition module went out twice. And I remember a road trip to BC, Canada not long after getting the car……turns out unleaded fuel was scarce in many places, my dad would circle a ton just to find gas……Beautiful car, but really a POS. My dad got rid of it after just a year, buying a 77 Buick estate wagon, which he kept until the mid 80’s……If this had power windows i’d probably jump on it

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    • roselandpete

      I’d read in other places that these cars had problems but I also worked with a guy who had a Cordoba–don’t know which year–and he loved it. Personally, I always thought they were nice looking cars but I’ve always been leery of pulling the trigger on a Chrysler product and I still am. I knew too many people who had too many problems with Chrysler products.

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  25. Chris

    I live about 2 hours away, and the wife and I were very close to calling the seller and making a deal. Unfortunately, my son’s ’66 Catalina and my motorcycles have the garage full. I just can’t see spending money we really don’t have to buy a car like this and make it sit outside all winter. It’s so tempting, though.

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  26. Jake

    I’m 19 and I’ll have you know I know how to roll my windows up just fine, thank you. Haha! I’ve actually wanted a round-headlight Cordoba to daily for a little while now but I must confess the red/maroon interior wouldnt be my first choice.

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  27. Gman

    Kool car this one and the montecarlos siimilar bodystyles nice comfy ride love this cars

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  28. Rolf Poncho

    Yip just a cruiser nice look I must say good looking car

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  29. Jack

    I sold Chryslers from 1974-2000 ( same dealership!) and I (we) sold a lot of Cordobas. Never sold one or kept in stock any as stripped as this one appears-always well equipped, usually with leather. BTW, the wheels on the car in the ad were ” urethane coated. Good memories! Jack

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  30. D. Buszmann

    I know this isn’t the car I bought because my seats were black leather. I did a test drive from a dealership in Bloomington, Mn. in ‘75. Stopping several blocks away, I got out of the car to just do a walk around and admire its beauty. I accidentally hit the power door lock with the keys inside! Well, you can guess how the rest of the story goes.I had it for many years, loving the ride it gave me. It was a true chick magnet.I hope it’s available a month from now when I return home. I’d seriously buy it!

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