50K Miles? 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle

The six Chevelle body styles between 1966 and 1971 are very different and went through quite a transformation almost yearly. I’m a big fan of 1968 and ’69. The pointed noses with sloping rear ends are very handsome and are a timeless design. This car is from 1969 and seems like a decent starting point for a cool muscle car project. It is supposedly an SS396 car and can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $13,500. The listing is a classified ad (not an auction), so hopefully, the seller and buyer can reach an agreement on a selling price that both are satisfied with. Located in Orem, Utah, it looks like the paint has seen its fair share of the sun over the years. The seller is Orem Auto Market and you can find the car on their website here. Check it out and see what you think.

Unfortunately, the ad has no information other than the car is supposedly an SS396 automatic with 50,000 miles on the odometer! I would hope if the dealer has a build sheet or other documentation of the car’s authenticity, they would have mentioned it. Neither ad has any photos of the engine either. This is a little confusing considering that a majority of the value of this car comes from the fact that it is an SS396 car. You can see the driver’s side of the front bench seat has seen better days. I wouldn’t be surprised if the car actually has 150K on the odometer. What do you think?

Besides the rough paint and some interior issues, the photos make the car seem pretty decent. A thorough inspection of the undercarriage and frame would be well advised for any prospective buyers. Also, the condition and stamping numbers on the engine will probably tell the real story. If this is a true SS396, the asking price is probably reasonable. Do you think this car is the real deal?


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  1. Classic Steel

    50 k or one million who cares.

    The body looks decent for age with some rust.

    My main complaint is a car dealer with s classic should know collectors want pictures of engine plus underneath and trunk…..

    A shot of the engine block , heads and intake numbers also sells calls 🤔🛎

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  2. Classic Steel

    50 k or one million miles likely unprovable and who cares.

    The body looks decent for age with some rust.

    My main complaint is a car dealer with a classic should know collectors want pictures of engine plus underneath and trunk…..

    A shot of the engine block , heads and intake numbers also sells calls 🤔

    I like the color of the car with black interior. Its dying for a muncie 22 four speed conversion and gear ⚙️ change in rearend 😎

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    • Dave

      If you’re going to restore a car on a budget, it’s important to have a starting point that leaves you room to work with. This car would be made nice again with a 50k budget if you did as much work as you can yourself.
      The higher the starting point, like the recent 440-6 Dodge, the more that car becomes investment material and not a labor of love.

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    • Hans

      Missing from the eBay ad:
      – No engine pics
      – No trim tag pics
      – No rear axle pics
      – No transmission pics
      – No suspension/frame pics
      Why? Could be a decent car. Is there an L78 lurking under there??

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  3. Troy s

    My favorite year of SS396 Chevelles, appearance wise, and there was no shortage of them either. Blue with black interior is spot on. Looks to have been a runner with the extra gauges added.

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  4. James Martin

    Again with the ripped seat option, 50000 butts sat in that seat. And for a mere 13000 you too can put your butt where so many have sat before.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Classic steel, agreed on all points!! I see rust in the first pic under the left quarter window. The back window opening looks like a world of hurt. And no pics of the underbelly or mill?? Come on…. Like classic said, this guy being a dealer should know better. SMFH. the Listing has more advertising for his dealership (!!!) than actual info on the car. Caveat Emptor. Looker over good. Love the idea of an M-22 four speed!

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  6. skibum2

    What a interesting price, No, we are not all that dumb.. another “Rare” car to restore.. Hahahahaha… see the holes for the vinyl top?… and the miles.. Hahahaha… good luck

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  7. Skippy

    This car needs literally everything. Rust repair, bodywork, paint, drivetrain, suspension and interior… Not worth it if it isn’t an original SS396 with the original engine and some history to prove the mileage. (You can scratch build one of these cars with a reproduction body for about $70k, less if you use ebay for some parts.) No engine image? Bench seats? Column shifter? Really? In an SS? Was it left outside for a couple of decades? Now, if you follow the trail to the dealer site, there are a couple of other pretty cool cars there, but the listing for this one is pretty funny. Heads up display? Satellite radio? 3rd row seating? I get that many local dealers don’t know how to web, but wow…

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    • Steve R

      Who makes a 69 Chevelle reproduction body?

      Steve R

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  8. Del

    A dealer that does not give pics of engine or bottom..

    Nope. its Baked.

    What is an SS parts car really worth ?

    Not this much. Bet its no sale. Try again

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  9. Steve H.

    I just sent a message to the seller, complimenting his “awesome” engine pics. If I get a reply I’ll post here. LOL

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  10. TimM

    I would think this would get its price if there were more pictures and more information!! Why is it so vague??? Dose he want to sell the car???

  11. Glenn Schwass Member

    It ended unsold…

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