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52k Mile: 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix LJ

There are certain car designs that just pop. Pontiac produced the Grand Prix model from 1962 to 2008. The third generation Grand Prix that was produced from 1973 to 1977 is one of those designs that just pops. Maybe it was because many of us grew up during that time frame but it had to be something else because the Grand Prix sold 270,000 units in 1977. The car is reported to have 52,000 miles on the odometer and was the last year of this body style. The car is listed here on Craigslist and the seller is asking $23,500. The Grand Prix is located in Port Orange, Florida near Daytona Beach.

Pontiac produced three models of the Grand Prix in 1977 including the base Grand Prix, SJ (sport) and LJ (luxury). This is the top of the line LJ and has a velour deluxe interior with the upgraded steering wheel and it is loaded with options including tilt, air conditioning and 8 track stereo. The car does not have the gauge package that was standard on the SJ. Instead, the dash has idiot lights and a clock where the tach would go. The car is said to run and drive well. Apparently the seller has owned quite a few Grand Prixs over the years. The car has been repainted once and was undercoated early in its life.

A buyer could order four different engines in 1977  including the 301 cubic inch V8, 350 cubic inch V8, 400 cubic inch V8 and 403 cubic inch V8. Several of Pontiac’s V8 engines could not meet California’s emission standards so only the 350 cubic inch V8 and 403 cubic inch V8 were available in that state. This car has the L78 400 cubic inch V8 engine that was standard in the Trans Am in 1977. The engine was rated at 180 horsepower and 320 lb ft of torque. This was the first year that the 301 cubic inch V8 engine was available and, by most accounts, it generated barely enough power (135 hp) to move this large car.

The Grand Prix is riding on 15×7 Pontiac Rally II wheels. The seller states that the car is rust free. The side windows appear to be tinted in this picture but I think that is just the sun. The other pictures show the car to look relatively stock. The seller says that the paint is driver quality and looks good. I personally own a 1977 Grand Prix and it is one of my favorite cars to drive.


  1. Avatar photo Stan

    Love it. What a great ride for 77. Already has a dual exhaust, so this Prix purrs w the 400. Pontiac saddled these w the malaise era special 2.41 gear ⚙️. Swap that for a shorter gear of your choice and cruise.

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    • Avatar photo Randy

      Ah but the 2.41 and 2.56 positrac enabled this Grand Car to cruise 110 mph with ease, if needed.

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      • Avatar photo Stan

        Definitely a hwy specialist Randy

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      • Avatar photo Bill

        True but gutless until you are doing about 70, haha!
        I put a 3:73 posi and 700r4 in my 76….after boring it .030 over, adding ported 6X heads, a hotter roller cam, re-curving the dist. rebuilding & rejetting the orig. Q-Jet, & adding repro. SD long branch manifolds & 2.5 inch duals “etc.” Now it can cruise 120 mi/hr w ease, launches like a GTO and got 22 MPG on my last highway trip…they should have came that way…..Great cars!

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  2. Avatar photo Tony C

    ’77 was the best-looking Prix ever released.

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    • Avatar photo Ashtray

      I have owned two 1977 Gran Prix’s.
      One SJ model, Roman Red/white vinyl top that I bought new and a used one the exact color as this one.
      They are beautiful cars.
      I started buying Gran Prix’s with a 1969 model. I had two different 1970’s. A 1972 SJ model, the two previously mentioned 1977 models and a 1978.
      The 1978 was the only one that I didn’t really care for.
      I never understood the LJ model, especially when the L alludes to luxury? I really don’t understand why GM would even bother to take the extra effort to make a LJ model?
      This LJ listed for sale doesn’t even have guages, that’s not luxury? But the seats are luxurious. What a confusing mixture of cheap and luxury all mixed together in the same vehicle?
      Just my oponion!

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  3. Avatar photo Travis Jon Powell

    This ⬆⬆⬆ car. That one RIGHT THERE 👆. Is the Pontiac to drive 10x’s over a Trans Am. The driving experience is WAY nicer. The ride is more comfortable. Equipped as this will still run 15’s in the quarter. So it doesn’t give anything up to a 6.6 Trans Am. It still has a unique sound all its own. A friend had one in high school that picked it up from his Aunt. It was equally equipped as this LJ except for the full guage package and factory power moonroof. That car was honestly the nicest car I’ve ever drove to this day.

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    • Avatar photo Motorcityman

      But the Trans Am is MUCH more sleeker and sportier, exterior AND interior.
      Anyway you’re comparing apples to oranges.
      The Grand Prix is a Luxury Car that’s a bit sporty.
      The Trans Am was made to be a muscle car, yeah I know not that fast after 74 but still looked the part.

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  4. Avatar photo Ronald Parker

    1977 was the last year for this body and the L78 400 c.i.d. V-8! 1978 began the new downsized Grand Prix with the Std 3.8 V-6 110 h.p or the 301 V-8 135 h.p. This 1977 Grand Prix LJ with the L78 400 c.i.d. V-8 handled very well , whether driving twisty 2- lane or major highways. Passing or on ramp excelleration with the 4 bbl & dual exhaust let others drivers know your authority, watching the speedometer increase and the gas gauge decrease! But light feathered driving or long trips with the cruise control in use, rewarded the driver with a gas gauge that hardly seemed to move! Average every day driving averaged 15 – 16 mpg, long trips 19 -20 mpg and a lot of start and stop driving averaged 12 – 13 mpg. Not bad compared to a lot of the Big 3 competitors averaging must less mpg. The Pontiac Grand Prix SJ Owners who ordered the 455 c.i.d. V-8 may have inched out a few feet lead in the stop light to stop light runs only averaged 10 – 11 m.p.g., even on highway trips. The 400 c.i.d V-8 was the best choice!

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    • Avatar photo Jon

      I still would have opted for the 455 given the choice…😉

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    • Avatar photo Tom

      I own a ‘71 Trans Am with a TH400 and 3.08 gears. Filled it up and drove it to a car show a couple hours away. I was curious to see what we’d get for mileage.
      Took it pretty easy but did get on it a couple times (it’s a Trans Am after all) and it got exactly 13.0 mpg. Diesel like torque, so I think it would do much better with overdrive👍🏻

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  5. Avatar photo Clay

    Always liked the look of these. But that’s a ton of money for a mid 70s barge with no guts. 10K is more like it, but I know it’ll sell.

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  6. Avatar photo Bill

    Rust free ? Check under the vinyl roof.

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  7. Avatar photo Samuel Frazier

    I had a 1976 LJ black, black paded top with red pin stripe, red velour interior with t-tops , 400 ci. Beautiful car..

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  8. Avatar photo Robert Janca

    I drove one with a 400 in it in high-school. Excellent engine. Of course I always thought they were pretty ugly but I bought mine for three hundred dollars so I wasn’t complaining.

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  9. Avatar photo sixone

    I had a 74 in yeller and white interior with a bench seat and white cabrio roof. Perty fugly car. It was fairly new and had low mileage, but I ended up giving it to ex when we broke up. Sad. Not. I then got a 75 LJ very similar to the one here except I THINK it had the dark red velour interior if I remember right. That car I liked. I think I had it for maybe two years give or take.

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