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Wimbledon Wreck: 1968 Ford Mustang

1968 Ford Mustang

With its Wimbledon White paint and blue interior, this Mustang looks a lot like our raunchy rally car. The only thing that our car was lacking was V8 power, so this 289 equipped coupe is tempting. It was supposedly kept in service until the 90s when it was parked in a barn. It’s since been pulled out and made to run again so barring the possibility of severe rust, you’d be starting with about the same condition of car we did. Find it here on eBay out of Charleston, South Carolina where it’s listed with no reserve.

AC Equipped 289

Not only does this car have a V8, it has air conditioning! That’s a major plus in my book. It will probably take as much work to get this system working again though than it would to install a whole new aftermarket system in a non-AC car.

1968 Dash

The engine and AC may have been pluses, but there is one big minus here. A manual always makes things more fun unless your knees are bad or you spend most of your time in stop and go traffic. Sure, you could try to swap it out for a Toploader, but that might be more work than it’s worth.

Hood Patina

The seller claims that the engine runs well and that the brakes work, so this might be something you can drive as you restore. You will probably want to do something about the rust before it gets worse though. Wimbledon White has got to be the best looking Mustang color ever applied and it’s amazing what a little polishing can do!


  1. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    “White has got to be the best looking color” is a subjective opinion at best! Anyone who grew up in the southwest in the 60s saw literally NOTHING but white cars, and that wears thin real quick. Add years of plastic model kits molded in white, and you’ll scream for anything with color, like a drug addict wanting more pot. When I see a white car, my first consideration is what color will go with the interior?

    Fie on white cars!

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Some cars look good in white and some don’t, but if you have ever seen an early Mustang in Wimbledon white then I think you would agree that it looks stunning. It’s more of a creamy white and it really brings out the shape of the car. Ford even mixed up a batch of the stuff to spray the 50th anniversary edition of the new Mustang.

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Well I don’t live in the humid South so I haven’t seen a world of white cars, but I did think of white as a dull color…..until I bought a white car as a daily driver. I like it, especially since most cars now are not white. Your experience might differ, and that’s fine with me.

      As for this Mustang, I think it looks good in white, and so did Carrol Shelby since he made all of the 1965 GT350s in Wimbledon white. The only color I’d rather have a GT350 in other than white would be a black ’66 Hertz version. I’m still regretting that I didn’t buy that terrific ’66 Fastback Hertz tribute on Ebay a few years back when it was so affordable. And it was a very black car in Texas!

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    • Avatar photo Nate

      Hi Jason, do you member posting about the Intermeccannica Ghia 81 Mustang back in 09? Can we chat?

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  2. Avatar photo grant

    Like a drug addict wanting more pot” lol. I’m going to guess Texas, then?

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    • Avatar photo Woodie Man

      lol……Arkansas maybe

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  3. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    The humidity in the South is just brutal….look at the dash…maybe the windows were left open too. Too bad….while I like a little color in my life, wimbledon white and the blue interior make for a nice look in my admittedly subject opinion ( isn’t that redundant?)

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    • Avatar photo Lawrence

      The BF Mustang paint is still ‘raunchy”, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. People have descibed it as ‘patina’ and told me never to paint it.
      A year on, and I still love it. It does certainly stand out.

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  4. Avatar photo JW

    Motor has never been rebuilt or touched by evidence of non cracked blue paint on valve covers. Actually that would worry me as why is the air cleaner so faded but the valve covers look like new. Either the air cleaner was removed for a long period of time laying out in the sun or the valve covers were replaced or repainted .

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  5. Avatar photo Mark S

    Why that’s a fine looking southern dashboard.

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  6. Avatar photo piper62j

    It’s been removed..

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      What do you mean it’s been removed? The auction is still running with about a day and a half left to go.

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