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Monster Mouse: STI Powered 1957 Fiat 500

1957 Fiat 500

It’s not a barn find, but this little Fiat is so awesome that it deserves a mention. The owner shoved an engine from a Subaru WRX STI into the back and turned what was once an econo-car into a monster! Everything else has been upgraded to in order to cope with all that extra power. It has a roll cage for safety and flares to protect the paint. The best part though? The seller has been using it as their daily driver! It’s located in Englewood, Colorado and is listed here on eBay with bidding starting at $1k.

Roll Cage

That asking price may seem big for such a small car, but it would be hard to replicate this for less. This wasn’t some hacked together contraption either. The seller obvious knew what they were doing and spent a lot of time engineering everything.

Custom Frame

The work looks professional and was all done 5 years ago so that’s proof that it held up. With 300 horsepower and a Porsche 5-speed transaxle, I bet this thing is a blast to drive too!

Wheelie Bar

The seller mentions that it can run sub-12 second quarter miles so maybe that wheelie bar is there for more than just looks! Normally, you would expect to find these running around a tight road course (Think Abarth), but this one is actually more at home on the drag strip.

Drag Strip Action

Just think of the look on all the muscle car guy’s faces when you pull up in this funny looking little car and then proceed to beat the pants off them!


  1. Blindmarc

    I’d love to own this car!

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  2. jimbosidecar

    There’s another Subaru/Fiat 500 on E-Bay. he can’t get the bids up higher than about $15,000 though, so it keeps getting relisted. I believe his reserve is $18,000.

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  3. randy

    I wonder if it gets good gas mileage? ;>)

    This would be a very fun car, especially on the beach.

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  4. saintmike801

    I saw this cool Karmann Ghia 2 different years at the Super Run in Henderson NV. I think the guy that built it lives there. The workmanship was just out of this world.


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  5. steve

    I would have preferred mid engine configuration if it would fit that way. Make it a sleeper! Nice work though.

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  6. BradL

    Early Fiat 500s are starting to go for crazy money ($40k-$60k in excellent condition.) Too bad for this one.

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  7. Cassidy

    this looks like “wheel” fun to drive!

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  8. krash

    It’s wheelie somethin’ but was this wheelie necessary?…..

    Hats off to the builder…

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  9. Tundra/BMW Guy

    No one knows what he started with. Rusted out hulk? Hence building his own frame? Once you go that far, why stop there?
    Not exactly my taste but I respect the talent, creativeness, and passion that went into this build!!! (not to mention the pocket change – lots lots lots of pocket change)
    In reality he did not hack up an American made classic muscle car! He tricked out a Fiat!!! More power to him. I think most people would have, if it was in poor condition, let go it to the crusher.

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  10. brennen tibbetts

    whats the length and with of the enginge compartment

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  11. Aussie Imperial

    A guy and his son down here in S. Australia decided to have some fun with a very early Morris Mini so they put another engine in the back seat driving the rear wheels, no one could catch them at the local hill climb events as the 4 wheel drive European stuff hadn’t arrived back then. It’s still driven today as a road car and gets a lot of interest at car shows.

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