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56k Genuine Miles: 1995 Ford F-350 Dually

Buying a brand new tow vehicle today has a couple of drawbacks. The first is that they aren’t cheap, so the buyer needs to justify a substantial cash outlay. The second is that the depreciation of new vehicles can be seriously depressing. That’s where vehicles like this 1995 Ford F-350 Dually come into their own. The condition of this vehicle is well above average, it features a lot of the comfort and convenience features that would make life pleasant on the road, and the enormous V8 under the hood should make light work of even the heaviest loads. However, its ace up the sleeve is that it will cost its next owner considerably less than a new F-350. If this all sounds too tempting to resist, you will find the Dually located in San Diego, California, and listed for sale here on Barn Finds Classifieds or here on eBay.

This Dually is a big vehicle, which means that it’s no surprise that there’s a lot to unpack with it. The seller is the F-350’s third owner, with its first two being a father-and-son team. That is the first factor worth considering because it means that this is a classic with a known ownership history dating back to Day One. That is always a reassuring characteristic with any classic, regardless of its age. It has also spent around half of its life in sunny California, which helps to explain why the vehicle remains spotlessly clean and rust-free. Even climbing under the F-350 is a pleasure because you aren’t confronted with any nasty surprises. All you see is acres of solid Ford steel. The exterior is equally impressive, with no flaws or issues that would cause lost sleep. The Code YY White paint shines beautifully, while the Blue highlights and pinstripe provide a striking contrast. Virtually every square inch of that paint is original, and it appears to be flawless. The only non-original section is on the tailgate. This panel was missing when the owner purchased the vehicle. He sourced a replacement and had this painted and striped to match the rest of this Ford. The workmanship is impressive, and it appears impossible to differentiate this from the original paint elsewhere. The alloy and chrome trim is in excellent order, while items like the side-steps add an air of practicality. The F-350 features tinted glass all around, and this appears to be spotless. There is a rear hitch receiver, and given the power and torque available to the driver, that makes this Dually an ideal candidate as a tow vehicle.

Lifting the F-350’s hood reveals a monster of a V8. It is the numbers-matching 7.5-liter motor that is bolted to a four-speed overdrive automatic transmission. Naturally, power steering and power brakes are an integral part of this package. With 245hp and 395 ft/lbs of torque, it should make light work of any towing task you can throw at it. It appears that this classic has spent its life in the hands of people who are meticulous about the care and attention to detail that they lavish on their four-wheeled friends. The list of maintenance work performed over the past decade is enormous and is enough to fill a small book. No aspect of this vehicle has escaped the owner’s attention, from keeping all of the vital fluids flushed and fresh to replacing items like the muffler, exhaust, motor mounts, and steering dampers. The list is extensive, but the highlight for me is that it appears that they haven’t cut corners on any of the fluids they’ve used. My racing experience and years of involvement in the classic car scene has taught me that you can not compromise when it comes to the question of oils, coolant, and other lubricants. It is an almost undeniable law that what you save in the short-term by buying cheap products will eventually cost you in the long term. The buyer won’t need to worry on that front because it appears that this F-350 has received nothing but the best. When you consider the bulletproof nature of the drivetrains in these Fords, you would almost consider the 56,000 genuine miles on the clock to be little more than break-in miles. With all that you now know, you’re probably not surprised to learn that this Dually runs and drives well, and the owner says that he would have no hesitation tackling a cross-country journey in it.

Interiors of vehicles of this type can be prone to wear and tear due to the nature of the work that they usually perform to earn a living. Plastic trim and upholstered surfaces can become worn and dirty, but that isn’t the case with this Dually. The blue cloth upholstery on the seats is free from any notable issues, while the remaining cloth and vinyl are in excellent order. The carpet is spotless, the dash is immaculate, and there’s no visible wear on the wheel. The headliner hasn’t developed a sag, and all of the lights and accessories work as they should. Overall, the interior of this classic is probably one of the nicest that you are likely to see and reflects a life of being treated with respect. It might be 26-years-old, but this Dually isn’t short of comfort features. The buyer will be climbing aboard a vehicle equipped with air conditioning, power windows, power locks with keyless entry, power seats, cruise control, and an AM/FM radio/cassette player.

This 1995 Ford F-350 Dually is a stunning classic, and it would make an accomplished tow vehicle. It is a low-mileage survivor that is highly optioned, and its condition reflects an ownership history where it has been treated with care and respect. I previously mentioned the pitfalls of buying a new vehicle with similar specifications to this, which needs to be placed into perspective. A 2021 F-350 Dually can be found today for around $80,000, but the buyer could expect the depreciation to be approximately 30% in the first three years alone. This 1995 Dually will cost its new owner a fraction of that figure, and current market trends suggest that if the buyer continues to treat it with respect, it should actually appreciate in coming years. To me, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. I’d pick this one any day of the week and keep the extra money in my pocket.


  1. alphasud Member

    This is a beautiful truck and having owned a 92 F-250 with the same powertrain I can attest to these being one of the most reliable on the road. Having worked on both the 7.3 and the gasser 7.5 I would say the 7.3 will give you higher operating costs in terms of maintenance than the gas engine. However you will spend more on gasoline to operate the 7.5. I love this body style and I think this is the Ford equivalent to the Chevy square body.

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  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    From my experience, when a seller doesn’t list a price in the sale, it’s usually some ridiculous number and way too much.

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  3. Don Eladio

    Too bad it’s not a 7.3…it would be worth about twice as much or, what the seller is probably thinking this one is worth, lol!!!

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  4. Dean Jarvis

    I have a 1970 ford F350 and a 1997 F250 HD. My best truck is my 1995 F250 4×4 diesel 7.3. We you write the sales article it sounds like you did all the maintenance on the truck. I have over 150,000 miles on my 95 ford and 175,000 miles on my 1997 f250. I use good filters (not Fram) and the correct Walmart oil changed every 3000 miles. The truck with the least miles is the 1970 ford f350, only 100,000 miles on a 300 6 cylinder.

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    • piston poney

      the 300 will last forever, its the ford slant 6.

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Another “Cowboy Continental” for you. Lots of these out west in the Chinook Belt, and still seeing daily use. The vast majority of them are running 7.3 diesels and even a couple of them sporting Cummins 5.9s. Of course, if you travel the rodeo circuit you’re still likely to come across more Dodge/Ram applications. But the Fords could hold their own…

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  6. Tirefriar

    Had a ‘96 F350 CC Dually with 7.5, best truck I owned. Sold it because it was commercially plated which caused my insurance rate to go up $200/mo. 8 mpg didn’t help the matters. Replaced it with ‘89 F150 Supercab with 351 and C6 combo. It’s a cool truck but doesn’t quench my nostalgia for the Dually.

    Looked into ordering a new f350 dually crew cab with diesel, properly ordered it can still be bought for under $65k in a 2WD config

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  7. Gary

    I’ve had three F series, one F150, two F250s, one diesel. With the cost of diesel maintenance compared to gas maintenance and fuel cost differences a gas motor is probably cheaper in the long run. Diesel is .50¢ a gallon higher here in Ohio than regular gas but in line with premium gas. I know of two 7.3 diesels that had 500,000 miles on them with just maintenance and fuel pumps changed. Built Ford Tough back then. My brother in law is a Ford certified master tech and he just bought a Ram 2500, he says Ford motors are junk now. Very nice truck.

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