56k Mile 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 396 L78


This super clean 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 396 is located in the dry climate of San Clemente, California. Listed here on eBay for $49,900, the auction has 16 days remaining and the seller will consider Best Offers. The seller states that this car is equipped with its original drive train and the odometer reads an ultra low 56,700 miles for a 51 year old car.

The 396 cubic inch V8 engine is backed by a column shifted Turbo 400 automatic transmission. The L78 V8 was factory rated at 375 horsepower in 1969. The interior of the car is said to be original and has new rubber floor mats. Have you priced reproduction factory style floor mats lately? The Nova is equipped with factory soft ray tinted windows, power brakes and AM/FM stereo radio. The Turbo 400 transmission has also been rebuilt and the car has a 12 bolt posi traction rear end.

The engine was rebuilt and balanced to L78 specifications and the car retains its original pulleys, water pump (amazing) and even the alternator. I imagine the owner had the water pump and alternator rebuilt if they are still original. The distributor has been replaced and a new exhaust was installed along with reproduction exhaust manifolds. The factory Holley carburetor and aluminum intake manifold are still in place on the top of the engine.

A factory correct maroon repaint on the car was done a number of years ago and the sheet metal is said to be original and rust free. The Nova rolls on XT14 inch steel rims with new radial redline tires. The dog dish hub caps give the 1969 Chevrolet Nova an old school look. The trunk area looks exceptionally clean and the bottom of the car and undercarriage is said to be comparable to the rest of the car. The Nova is said to run and sound great. The only thing the seller is keeping is the cool blue plate SS L78 license plates.


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  1. Moparman Member

    Wow! I’d have to pony up the additional $$$’s for the American mags, as this car is just PERFECT with them! I like everything about this one! GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. alphasud Member

    When I was in high school the car to have and be seen in was the Nova. Wasn’t my favorite BC I tended to own unusual cars. Right now working on a kids 73 with a 383 stroker and now I’m saying I gotta get me one of these!

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  3. Gunner

    I am a factory stock kind of guy and my cars of choice are Mopar. Having said that, this is one of the coolest Nova’s I have seen in quite some time. I would make room in the garage for this one. Another great musclecar from 1969. Great color combo and stance for this BB. Always been a sucker for dog dish and it compliments this bowtie well. Great write up.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Very similar to my old ’70 Nova SS, a car I dearly wish I had held on to. Mine had buckets and a console with 70 series tires on the front and 60s on the rear. When it was repainted, the body man pulled the rear fenders a little to accommodate the wide tires so they wouldn’t rub. The L78 396 was freshened up and had a mild cam installed with a 780 dual-feed double pumper Holley carb. Mine also had a Turbo 400.

    One week I raced two pretty hot cars; a ’67 4-speed Mustang with a 427 and a ’69 GTO with a 421 and a 4-speed. The Mustang wouldn’t run me from a standing start, he wanted a 50 mph rolling start plus he showed up with slicks. I ran him anyway, pulled him by a car length at first but he pulled me down and got me by a couple of car lengths at the end. The GTO was a near win; I got him out of the hole but lost by 1/2 a fender. I ran that car a good bit on the Berlin Turnpike in Connecticut, a known hotspot for street racing years back. I really miss that car!

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    • Skorzeny

      Thank you for the stories fordguy, it’s nice that you have those memories!

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        Yeah, like a lot of Barnfinders, I had tons of fun back in the day with some hot cars, though some of the automotive memories I made had tickets to go with them!

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    • Charlie C.

      Great memories,Fordguy.(I put some of my own Hemi memories under the green RoadRunner in this same edition of BarnFinders)…Enough about me. I am 67 so I am talking “been there,done that”. A close friend of mine had a 70 Nova L78. I remember the “flat” intake manifold for hood clearance. Anyway,my buddy set up a hood scoop, installed an Edelbrock hi-rise manifold with a 750 double pumper. The engine really came to life. He didn’t touch the exhaust yet and the car was a BEAST. As far as I am concerned the L78 is the ONLY 396 (or 402,if you want to be perfect)…..I loved those days. All the best,FordGuy1972. Nice story !!

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        Thanks, Charlie C.! Speaking of Mopars, my brother had a ’68 Super Bee with a 383/4-speed and a ’70 Challenger with a 383 Auto. They were nice cars but neither could touch my Nova. I’ve had quite a few cars and pickups over the years, mostly Chevys, Fords, a few Cadillacs and even a Rambler but I never had any Mopars until my ’07 Dodge Magnum, which I still have. I envy all the guys like you who experienced owning a Hemi but they were always out of my reach financially. I really enjoy to read all the stories here of “Back in the Day” from guys like you!

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  5. Troy s

    Got some real muscle here lately, this Nova is definitely up there. Very clean looking car, much prefer the American mags which are extra cost.
    With all that power it doesn’t really matter what transmission it has in it, it’s a legitimate thrill ride no matter what. Very nice ride!

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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Sooo a low mileage car needs/or not a rebuild on the motor and a re-paint….I just have to wonder how much other stuff has needed restoring.

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  7. JoeNYWF64

    Odd i just noticed for the 1st time that there are no fender to radiator support connectors even with big block, but cousin ’69 Camaro has ’em, even with grandma’s 6 cyl. I’m stumped.

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  8. Steve Bush Member

    Very nice car. But for the $50k asking, seller is a dofus for not including the nice set of wheels and tires.

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  9. David Bailey

    These cars are fast. A lot like the 3000 lb. Sc/Rambler Rambler. A ton were made but I never see them…

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  10. bikefixr

    Another NOT a barn-find. Why not just cover all the auctions and leave it at that? Pampered cars are NOT barn finds.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Low-mile survivors count. Especially ones with 396s under the hood!

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  11. Morley Member

    This was mine six months after I bought it brand new. and no it is not for sale

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    • Ike Onick

      How much for the mustache?

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    • BigBlocksRock

      I hear ya! I’ve owned 4 Novas in my years.
      68 L-79 4-sp
      70 307 auto
      72 250 powerslide
      Own a 69 with an injected 396 auto now. Have had it almost 30 years. No plans on getting rid of it. Wished I kept that L-79 powered 68 though. Oh well, highschoolers have never been known to be that smart.😆

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  12. ACZ

    Sweet car. I had a it’s equivalent in a 69 Camaro RS/SS L78. These cars were brutal. One amazing ride.

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  13. Morley Member

    Sorry, the moustache is long gone, it got old and gray and may have fallen off. I do not know, or m remember.

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  14. Phlathead Phil.

    Looks exactly like my brothers’ ‘70. Same color. Only 350/Muncie 4 on the floor.

    Did they offer a 396 w/ the shift on the column?

    Looks like it may be an engine swap kinda thing? Original wheels are mom & pop style.

    Tires and their dated receipts are one way to calculate actual miles.

    Price needs to be deFLATED.

  15. Camaro guy

    Back in high school ( way back) one of my buddies had almost this same car, L78 only his was a 4 speed had some good times with that car. later on I had 69 Chevelle SS L78/4speed still my all time favorite BBC motor

  16. Alkemyst

    I’m a Mopar guy and I’d call this one of my Holy Grails. If I had the money (and space) I’d snap it up. Best of luck and joy to whoever gets this gem…

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